I’m Valentin Cote
and I am the founder of this blog.
In this blog, I review brokers according to the demands of the visitors. I also write useful content for traders. My goal is to share what I know about the forex world
I have been trading in the forex market since 2009. The first years were spent losing my money to scam brokers. Because 10 years ago, regulations were not very active, it was difficult to find information on the Internet.
There were no investigative people writing broker reviews. So unfortunately, people are losing money because of scam brokers. But many things have changed today.
In 2019 it is your fault that you lose money because of scam brokers, not your broker. Because experienced traders like me share everything you need to know about brokers.

About Me

What should you look for when investigating a broker?
Which criteria are important for reliability?
Are there any problems with depositing and withdrawing brokers?
Are there chronic problems about the broker?
And how do you investigate all this?
I love your blog. I've discovered your blog while researching about Forex brokers. I am now reading your reviews before evaluating offers from brokers. Thank you for sharing your information with us.
Hugo Griffith
Newbie Trader and Mechanical Engineer
Valentin, the articles on your blog are very useful for amateur traders like me. I read every day. In the meantime, thank you very much for your detailed answers to my questions.
Christin Roth
Budget Analyst
Firstly, you have a really great site! I've been interested in getting into Forex for a long time, but as you mentioned the information provided online is quite confusing and I have no idea which broker to go with, or what the first step is. I'm looking forward to finish reading all of your reviews.
Yiota Cornelisse
Business Development Executive