Activtrades Review

Regulators: FCA

Cryptocurrencies: NO

Minimum Deposit: $100

Maximum Leverage: 1:30 (1:400 for Bahamas Entitity)

Spreads: Low

My Score: 6.6

Do you wonder about this ActivTrades Forex broker? Well, you are in the right place. Today my article will cover ActivTrades review topic.

If we need to summarize past of the company, ActivTrades Forex was established in 2001 in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Later they relocated their headquarters in London. In

2007, the broker led their customers to meet with Meta Trader 4. Then customers just needed to wait a year to trade with CFDs and Indices.

Later they started to offer in-house platform ActivTrader in 2016. Eventually in 2019, they have got ISO 27001 certificate to prove their information security capabilities.

Is ActivTrades scam or reliable? Which licenses do they have? Which regulation do they have to obey? What are ActivTrades Account types and its specifications? Is ActivTrades Demo account available? How well is their customer service?

You should continue reading the article to get all the answers to these questions.

ActivTrades is one of the NDD (No Dealing Desk) broker. If you haven’t heard this term before or if you want to learn more, you can read my Types of Brokers article.

The website gets a quite good amount of visitors. To be precise, it gets 565k visits per month. So how is the distribution by countries? The website gets its most visitors from Brazil with 23% alone.

However, when we include Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria which makes up total of 65% of their visitors.

Licenses and Regulation

I believe you are reading the most important section of the ActivTrades review article. I deliberately located this section after the basic introduction of the company, because you should definitely read this section.

FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is one of the most reliable watchdogs. It’s also known as strictest among the other regulators. If any broker wants to get a license from FCA, they have to meet many requirements.

For example, how can you know whether a broker is financially stable or not? FCA asks them to prove it with assets that value at least €730,000. Additionally, FCA makes them segregate the company’s own funds and clients funds.

So this is another security requirement that will keep your money in safe. But, how can FCA be sure about these? Of course, with the regular reports of brokers to the commission.

Another important feature of FCA, they have a compensation scheme if the broker goes bankrupt or something else.

But there is an upper limit of this compensation. £50,000 is the maximum amount of money you can ask for as a customer.

FCA also regulates the company of ActivTrades. You can question it by the number of 434413.

ActivTrades Spreads and Account Types

In Foreign exchange, both gaining and losing money is part of the game, so you should be ready for both consequences. If you don’t have any trading experience in Forex, I would strongly recommend the ActivTrades demo account.

Because it will make you understand the market and also realize that you won’t win always.

The real account types of the firm Individual account and professional account.

For the individual account, if you trade with UK entity the leverage is 1:30. However, if you want to take more risk to increase your earnings, you can trade with the Bahamas entity which will enable you to up to 1:400 leverage.

You can reach the spread values from the image below:

Activtrades SpreadsYou need to deposit at least $100 to start trading. I think this is an acceptable value. Olive Markets is another broker that you can open an account with paying $100 initial deposit.

For the professional account, there are many requirements you have to meet to open an account. You can research them on the website of the broker and you can contact their customer service for your specific needs.

However, I should tell you that, the leverage is 1:400 in the professional account even though you still trade with UK entity.

Trading Platforms

Did you know that the broker offers an in-house platform called ActivTraders? The platform has up to 90 indicators that will guide you during the technical analysis.

This isn’t an offer that you can see in every broker. A trading platform exclusively designed for the specific broker is always a good sign.

There are also Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platforms offered by the broker. As you know, MT4 is quite standard in the industry. Thus, you wouldn’t have challenges if you have traded with MT4 before.

Customer Service

Customer service is quite good. They provide 24hours live chat service that you can reach them anytime.

You can communicate with customer service in following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Chinese, Hong Kong dialect of Chinese, Taiwan dialect of Chinese and Portuguese.

This is an amazing service. Because as the nature of Forex, you exchange two different currencies of two different countries. So it requires many people from different backgrounds who may be not competent in English.

So these multilingual customer service and content makes sense to me.

Funding and Withdrawal Methods

This part of the article of ActivTrades review, will show you the ways to ActivTrades deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s important to choose the method and prepare your payment method according to your preference.

There are many funding and withdrawal methods available for ActiveTrades. For depositing your money, you can use bank transfer. Your depositing will be realized in the same working day and you won’t be charged.

You can use E-wallet systems such as NETELLER, SKRILL, SOFORT, PAYPAL and you won’t pay money for transaction.

Credit / Debit card is your other option, but there is an important detail for this type of depositing. If your Credit / Debit card is based in United Kingdom or any country in European Economic Area, you won’t pay any charge.

But, otherwise, you will be charged by 1.5% of your deposit.

When it comes to withdraw your money, it takes longer than depositing. In fact, you won’t be able to withdraw your money if you give order after 12:30 according to the time zone of the United Kingdom.

There are also some charges on some type of withdrawal methods. NON-SEPA and CHAPS of Bank Transfer charged by 15€ or 15£. Also transactions using USD by Bank Transfer also charged as $12.50

ActiveTrades Payment MethodsTrading Instruments Overview


Forex is the biggest market in the world by traded volume. As you know more than $5 Trillion of currency exchanges occur 24hours every weekdays.

Indices & Financials

You can reach the major indices of the world, such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Euronext, FTSE. Moreover, T-Note and German Bund are the fixed income contracts that you can reach.


You can invest in CFDs including metals, energies, grains and softs based on Futures contracts


ActiveTrades broker has many awards. Best online trading services from ADVFN Internation Financial Awards, Best Forex Broker from Le Fonti, Best execution broker and best customer broker from Agence IAT Grand Prize Excellence.

Not finished… Most trusted forex broker from MENA Forex show, Best customer service from DKI & Euro am Sonntag.

Final Thoughts

I write these final thoughts part after finishing all sections of this ActivTrades review. I have an overall opinion about the broker, so it’s time to share with, my valuable readers, you.

ActivTrades has no problem with licenses and regulation. There is no need to question further once you realize that the broker regulated by FCA.

Trading platforms offered by the broker is quite adequate. In-house platform, MT4 and MT5. I mean, what else would you need?

Customer service is quite fast and satisfying. Also unlike many brokers, ActivTrades doesn’t require you to speak English. It’s a big plus if your English isn’t good enough to tell your problems, advices etc.

Deposit & Withdrawal method is quite enough, but you should be aware! You might be charged when depositing or withdrawing your money. So you should choose your methods according to this.

The firm also has many awards. So it can change your view in a positive way.

What are your personal experiences with ActivTrades? Do you have any opinion about the Forex broker? Please share with us by commenting below of this ActivTrades review.

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  • Low Spread
  • Regulated by FCA


  • Deposit & Withdrawal commissions