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Alpari 2024 Review

Alpari forex broker is one of the leading companies in the forex industry. Founded in 1998, the broker was a leading broker known for some time in the industry. It was even one of the first brokers to offer the MetaTrader4 online forex trading platform to clients.

Alpari forex broker has 8 global locations across 3 continents with Specialised help and knowledge to provide you when you need it. The trading options seem to be suitable for almost everyone, including beginner and professional traders.

I reviewed Alpari based on the following criteria.

This Alpari international review is where I’ll inform you that you can use both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, both of which offer great flexibility, charting tools and an easy-to-use interface. Where you can access the trading software at home or on your mobile, or on the free app powered by the broker. All of this enables you to open trading accounts, catch up with financial news, and access real-time quotes, economic calendars and interest rates from all over the world.

However, it is not possible to say that it is in the old power. Still a well-known broker, especially in Asian countries. The website is available in 14 languages including languages such as Arabic and Spanish. Alpari’s owner, Andrey Dashin, is also the founder of FXTM.

After all, this information, is Alpari a reliable broker or a scam? If you are reading this Alpari review, you are probably thinking of opening a forex account with Alpari and trading. Do you know the account types and spreads offered by Alpari? What are the methods of depositing and withdrawing money and are there any known chronic withdrawal problems? Let’s look at it together through this Alpari international review.

Regulation & Client Protection

I can say that Alpari is very weak and insufficient in regulation, so let’s see how that took place in this part of the Alpari review. Under normal circumstances, big brokers with over 3 million visits per month have a large number of licenses. Because these brokers have investors in dozens of countries. Therefore, it is advantageous to have a variety of licenses to offer suitable trading conditions for each investor type.

The main purpose of the regulations and licenses in general is that provide security to the traders and their funds being safe and secured from any risks or financial crisis that can happen. Which, both are common incidents considering the forex market is the world’s biggest market and hence higher liquidity and higher chances for both profits and scams.

Alpari is regulated by The Financial Services Commission (FSC) – Mauritius with license number C113012295 where the objective of the regulator is to position Mauritius as a jurisdiction of substance with the right balance between regulation and business development.

The fact that the broker is having whats around 2M traders from all over the world, normally one would expect a bit bigger name as a regulator when it comes to licenses. A regulator like ASIC in Australia or CySEC in Cyprus or FCA in the UK would have made a greater impact on the trust of the broker than it already has.

Alpari is also having a compensation fund set which is the Financial Commission compensation fund. Which represents an insurance policy by the Commission for Alpari International clients. It is kept in a separate bank account and will be paid out in the event that the Commission member does not observe the Commission’s judgement following a dispute resolution.

This means that as a client of Alpari International, you can be confident via this Alpari international review that you will receive the money that the Commission rules you’re entitled to claim. The fund is covering up to €20,000 per client.

Account Types & Spreads Offered by Alpari

Alpari provides different types of accounts organized into different categories. And this Alpari international review is where I’ll match all the different needs of traders in different trading categories.

The 2 main account categories at Alpari are:

The standard accounts

The Standard Accounts hold 2 different account types that include:

Forex Standard Account

Here where the floating leverage is offered 1:1000 as a maximum amount of leverage. In addition to having $100 as an Alpari minimum deposit to the account. The spreads offered here can start from 1.2 pips and there is no commission added when trading with the standard account. The margin call on the standard account is 60% while the stop-out level is 40%.

The possibility to have a demo account opened with the standard account in Alpari is available as it gives a perfect chance for trades to try out the account and its features along with trying out new techniques with the account without having to risk any funds in the process of testing out.

Forex Micro Account

The option to trade with a fixed leverage of 1:400 is available when trading with the micro account at Alpari. The Alpari minimum deposit here is $5 or equivalent in addition to having a spread level of 1.7 pips. The margin call can reach 50% here. And unlike the standard account, the stop-out level here is 30%. No commissions are applied in the forex micro account within the standard category of account within Alpari. The trading instruments presented here are less than the ones offered in the standard account where there are only 25 pairs of major and minor forex pairs and 2 spot metals. The option to trade with a micro lot is available. But the Micro account cant is used as a demo account.

The option to have a swap-free account on both standard account types is possible to represent the Islamic account to believers who prefer to trade with any swap added to the trades.

The base currencies for the two types of standard account types are USD / EUR / GBP / NGN which are the same in both the forex standard and micro forex account at Alpari.

Both the Forex Standard account and the forex Micro account can be traded on the trading platform MT4, the most popular and demanded platform in the market.

The ECN accounts

The ECN also contains 2 types of accounts which include:

Forex ECN Account

Where floating leverage is offered at 1:1000 and an Alpari minimum deposit of $500 is presented or its equivalents. The spread margin here is 0.4 pips and a commission is applied of $1.5 per lot side. The Forex ECN Account is offering a margin call of 100% where the stop-out level presented is 80% which both are considered a great amount of control over the trades in the account. The option to use the swap-free account within the  Forex ECN Accounts is available only when using the MT4 trading platform but not available on the MT5 trading platform. MT4/MT5 are the 2 trading platforms offered where you can use the Forex ECN Account to carry out trades.

The option to use this account as a demo account is also offered where you can try out all the new strategies you want without jeopardizing your own funds to any sort of risk.

Forex Pro Account

The pro account within the ECN account is carried out on the MT4 trading platform only where the option to trade using the MT5 isn’t quite available here. The leverage presented here is the floating leverage type where you can have a margin of 1:300. The minimum deposit in the Forex ECN Account Is $25000 or equivalent which is quite much in comparison to the minimum deposits of the other accounts. No commission is added to this type of account and the spread is quite convenient at 0.4 pips. The margin call level here is 120% and the stop-out level is 100%. The option to trade with swap free account on the MT4 platform on the Forex Pro Account is available.

The base currencies for the 2 ECN account types are USD / EUR / GBP / NGN.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods at Alpari

Alpari provides a great variety of choices when it comes to funding and withdrawals to make sure to adhere to the great variety of clients from every corner of the world and to meet each and every one’s preferences.

These methods include:

  • Credit and Debit Cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro (All accepted options for depositing into your real account with Alpari)
  • E-Wallet Options:
    • Netteler
    • Skrill
    • Fasapay
    • Perfect Money (No commission on any type of deposit made through any channel offered by the broker)
  • Cryptocurrencies:
    • Crypto wallets
    • Bitcoin (Cryptocurrencies accepted for deposit with a 24-hour processing time and no additional commission)
  • Bank Wire Transfer:
    • Base currencies: GBP, USD, EUR (Bank transfer option with a processing time of 3-5 business days)
  • Local Deposits:
    • Turkish Local Transfers
    • Local Banking in China
    • Online Banking in Malaysia
    • Latin American solutions via Skrill

Whereas the withdrawal methods are of the same variety and great speed to make sure your withdrawals will be in your hands as soon as possible.

Withdrawals have the same channels as the ones used for depositing with Alpari, however, a processing time of an average of 24 hours takes place with almost all different withdrawal methods.

A commission is applied to withdrawals yet the amounts don’t seem to be high, and they are as follows:

  1. For bank transfer withdrawals: 30 EUR is applied as a commission fee with 24hrs processing time.
  2. For E-wallet withdrawals: No commission is applied except when using Perfect money a commission of 0.5% is applied and when using web money a commission of 2% is applied.
  3. For Cryptocurrency withdrawals: no commission is applied, except when using bitcoin as the withdrawal method, a commission is added of 1%. Cryptocurrency withdrawals might take around 24-48 hrs to process with Alpari.
  4. For credit and debit card withdrawals: a commission of $3 is presented or its equivalents.
  5. For local channel withdrawals: the commission presence or absence differed depending on the withdrawal channel used, as well as in case of any commission added, the amount differs depending on the means used. For example, for Fasapay, a commission is added of 0.5%, Online Banking in Malaysia has a 2% commission added, and Latin American solutions via Skrill is a commission-free withdrawal transaction.

Alpari Trading Platforms

With the forex market’s most popular and known platforms presented by Alpari. MT4 and MT5 are available for trade when you choose the trading account you want to trade with.

While MT4 is the most demanded platform to trade in forex and CFDs, came in the next-gen MT5 provides more advanced options than its former platform. Since MT4 is more suitable for traders who are new to the markets, what differentiates MT5 is it includes state-of-the-art features including options for hedging.

MT4 provides :

  • 3 order execution types
  • A fill-or-kill order fill policy
  • No partial order-filling policies
  • 4 pending order types
  • No Netting or market depth offered
  • 30 technical indicators
  • 31 graphical objects
  • 9 timeframes

Whereas, MT5 supports:

  • 4 order execution types
  • The option for partial order-filling policies is available
  • 6 pending order types are present
  • Netting, hedging and market depth are all allowed
  • 38 technical indicators
  • 44 graphical objects
  • 21-time frames
  • An economic calendar option is offered

Alpari Trading Instruments

Different trading products are offered when trading with Alpari which provides the traders with different options. This section of the Alpari review is where I will break down the different trading tools offered by Alpari.

Different means to diversify their trading profiles, as well as the distribution of risk, is the main concept to follow when dealing in forex and CFDs markets. This is due to the high liquidity of the market and hence higher options which increase the risks.

Some of the trading tools offered by the Alpari include:

Forex: you can trade major, minor or even exotic currency pairs with Alpari with competitive spreads.

Spot Metals: Gold and silver are available for trade vs Euro, USD, and GBP. Gold and silver are some of the best tools for hedging that forex traders use and due to their high demand and so they provide high liquidity. Gold and silver within the metal trading CFDs represent a safe haven for traders as their value is always increasing and trading can go long or short positions and profit from both.

Spot Commodities: Oil and natural gas are two of the main commodities offered to trade including UK Brent, US Crude and US Natural Gas.

Stock Trading: stocks of the world’s major companies like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba and more are all available for trade with Alpari.

Spot Indices: indices from all over the globe including Australia 200, FTSE China A 50 Index, Europe 50, France 40, Japan 225 and more are all offered for trade.


After going through this Alpari review, I think its clear now the answer to the most asked question I get is Alpari regulated? is now a clear, yes to be up and clear that the broker is regulated by the FSC of Mauritius with a compensation fund set in place which provides more security to traders that their funds are safe and segregated in separate accounts.

Alpari minimum deposit is quite appealing at $5. With a great variety of choices when it comes to account types almost all kinds and styles of traders are ensured to find what they’re looking for in an account with Alpari account types.

Via this Alpari forex broker review, I’ve concluded that there are many different channels for funding and withdrawals when dealing with a real transaction within the broker account types. As well as the presence of the forex’s best and most known trading platforms that are MT4 and MT5.

The maximum leverage offered is 1:1000 and multiple types of commodities are offered. These commodities, and as I’ve mentioned earlier in this Alpari international review include Gold and silver CFDs. with great trading requirements and competitive spreads on all different sorts of trading products.


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