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2024 ARUM Capital Review

Arum Capital is a Cyprus-based ECN forex broker. My first impressions were very good because their website looks very professional. I have found almost all the information I need on their website and the live chat option is always available.

Arum capital is owned and operated by a company named ArumPro Capital Ltd. They may not be very popular brokers like FXTM or XM but they have many advantages. After reviewing countless scam brokers, I finally found a trustworthy forex broker. In this Arum Capital review, you will find their advantages and disadvantages.

Arum Capital offers a diverse portfolio and regulatory safety, but the lack of a functional website and high account opening fees are notable drawbacks.

Is Arum Capital a scam broker? Or a reliable one? How many different trading instruments they are offering? Which trading platforms are supported by Arum Capital? How can you deposit or withdraw money after opening an account? If you are wondering about answers to these questions, keep reading my review.

Via this Arum capital review, I’ll present the regulation the broker is holding in addition to any red flags or caution points to be taken into consideration before starting your trade with Arum capital.

It’s commonly known within the forex market the importance of regulation and what licences represent to traders and brokers as it secures the funds of trades and makes a name for the broker in the forex market white liquidity is highest and hence the possibility of profits are high as well as losses and scams.

One of the tasks of the licenses given to forex brokers is t force and monitor audits and the performance of the broker and to make sure they’re following the rules and keeping the funds of traders safe and segregated from the operational funds of the broker itself.

Some regulators even go to the extent of forcing a special amount of capital to present within the broker’s capital in order to be granted the license. An example of these regulators is ASIC in Australia, CySec in Cyprus and FCA in the UK. Luckily, Arum capital is regulated by one of these major regulators which is CySec in Cyprus.

ARUM Capital is a brand name owned and operated by ArumPro Capital Ltd., a Cyprus Investment Firm (Reg. No. HE 352 951), regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under CIF license number 323/17.

With the rules of CySEC regulation, Arum Capital is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). ICF protects clients’ funds up to €20.000. There are too many scam brokers all over the world, which is why regulation is the most important thing for me Arum Capital gained my trust with their CySEC license.

Two different account types are offered at arum capital, and I’ll break down the details of each account for you.

The ECN Standard account

The minimum deposit on this account type is $500. The amount is higher than the average of the forex market which is $100, and this, in itself, might be considered a disadvantage for some traders who wouldn’t want to give this amount as a first payment on the account.

You can trade with the ECN Standard account on the MT5 platform. Market depth is unavailable and the possibility of hedging is available on this account type. You can use algorithmic trading in addition to the possibility of using swaps on this account. The spread is floating type from 0 pips. A commission is applied of 0.002% per volume whereas a Volumes commission on Indicies is charged per lot traded. The minimum commission can reach $0.01 which applies for any trades equal to or below the 0.01 of a lot.

The ECN Classic account

The same amount of minimum deposit allowed on the ECN Classic account too is $500. this account can be used on the MT5 trading platform too in which no availability of market depth to take place yet hedging is allowed.

The spreads are floating starting from 0.7 pips. There are no commissions added on transactions made with this account.

Demo accounts are allowed to be used on both the ECN Standard and the ECN Classic account, where they give great merit for traders to test out the broker or even try new trading techniques and strategies within a risk-free environment and without any loss of real funds.

The leverage that is offered on both the ECN Standard and the ECN Classic account is the same amount of 1:30. The trading instruments allowed for both account types are forex, indices, metals, energy and cryptocurrency.

Both the account types share the same level of limits and stop levels which are 0. Market execution is available on both account types. Besides, the minimum order size that can be used is a micro lot which is 0.01 lot of the standard lot. Unlimited position volume is allowed on both accounts. The margin call is 100% and the stop-out level is 80%.

Different types of funding and withdrawal channels are offered at arum capital in which I’ll be breaking them all for you throughout this part of the Arum capital review.

Deposit Method Base currency Processing time Minimum Deposit amount Service fees Minimum commission
Bank Transfer USD2-5 DAYS$500NONNON
Credit and Debit Cards ( Visa and MasterCard)USDINSTANT$103.5%$0.53
Neteller USDINSTANT$103.5%$1
Qiwi Wallet USDINSTANT$106%NON
Withdrawal MethodBase currency Processing time Minimum Withdrawal amount Service fees Minimum commissionMaximum commission
Bank Transfer USDWITHIN 24 HRS$100$40NONNON
Credit and Debit Cards ( Visa and MasterCard)USDWITHIN 24 HRS$102.5%NONNON
Neteller USDWITHIN 24 HRS$102.5%$1$30

Arum capital presents a variety of trading instruments that are presented for traders to choose whichever they want to add to their trading portfolio. These instruments include:

Forex: majors, minors and exotics are available for trade with Arum capital with a spread level that can reach 0 pips and a maximum leverage offered of 1:30.

Metals: Gold and silver are allowed for trade in front of different currencies. Precious metals are used and actually are a favourite for forex traders to add to their trading portfolios since they provide the best chance for hedging. The ability to trade on both the rise and fall of prices and use the movement of the market towards the benefit of the traders is a major advantage to be used.

Indices: UK100, AUS200, STOXX50E, HSI, FCHI and more are examples of the available indices to trade with Arum capital. Fast execution and the ability to speculate price movements make trading indices one of the good trading tools to be used.

Energies: WTI Oil, Brent Crude, and Natural Gas are available to be added to your trading profile when you get to benefit from all the merits trading energies offer as you can benefit from the high liquidity and trading without paying for ownership.

Cryptocurrency: (there is no information on the Arum capital platform on the offered cryptos for trading. which is a disadvantage point as the tunability to find the information makes the broker look in a bad situation or that they have something to hide.)

Throughout this Arum capital review, I’ve broken down the details of trading with the broker and I can say for sure that Arum capital is one of the trustworthy forex brokers in the market even though its not as big as other brokers it provides adequate trading conditions and environment to make it worthwhile.

Arum capital is regulated by one of the biggest regulators in the market which is CySec and that would only indicate the level of trust the broker would get being approved by such a big name in the financial regulatory organizations’ sector.

It was also mentioned through this Arum capital review the types of accounts the broker is offering in which 2 account types are offered called the ECN Standard and the ECN Classic in which the general minimum deposit is $500 and the maximum offered leverage is 1:30.

My take on the minimum deposit is that not all trades would want to trade such a high amount as an initial deposit and that might cause some anxiety to new traders in the market. But for them, I say the presence of the demo account on both account types has made it easier to try out whatever you want in a risk-free environment without risking a penny and then when you get the hang of things you can open a real account.

The spreads and quite competitive that can reach 0 pips and the commissions are low which I find to be a merit point towards Arum capital. This narrow spread level will allow you to cut costs so your profit is more and expenses are less.

Different trading instruments are laid down for traders to choose which ones they’d like to choose to add to their trading portfolio, Yet Arum capital failed to update any information about the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies. MT5 is offered for trade which is a good jump start for the recent updates in the platform sector. However, the absence of MT4 is not a positive point towards Arum capital.

Deposit and withdrawal methods are abundant and with low commissions. Even though it’s not a huge variety of choices like other brokers, I guess they’re quite sufficient for the majority of traders.

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Rating: 6.0