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Axiory is an international forex and CFD broker that offers online trading. The broker was established in 2011. In this Axiory review, I will give you the all information about the forex broker.

Axiory states that it was founded because it wanted to offer investors the transparency and technology they deserve. They provide forex service because they think these capabilities are seriously lacking in the market.


In this Axiory broker review, you will have the answers to questions which wondering about the broker. For instance, Is Axiory scam or legit? What are the account types offered by Axiory?

Also, the traders asking about Axiory minimum deposit. Is Axiory regulated? What are the trading conditions such as leverage and spreads? Which deposit and withdrawal methods does the broker offer?

Let’s start with regulation and investor protection.

One of the important things in the Forex market is regulation and investor protection. And so the answer to the mentioned question, Yes, Axiory is regulated.

Before opening an account with any forex broker, you must verify their legal information. For example its license.

Axiory Global Limited is duly authorised by the Financial Services Commission of Belize (FSC), under License No. 000122/267.

Tradit Limited is duly authorised by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (FSC), under License No. GB21026376. 

The clients’ deposits are segregated from the company’s funds. According to the broker, Globally renowned auditing company PwC issues two reports per year proving a true and complete segregation of accounts.

Thanks to the negative balance protection, you will not encounter a situation like your account going negative or losing more money than you initially deposited. In the event of a significant price movement leading to a negative balance, your additional losses are covered by resetting your balance.

5 Axiory account types are presented to the traders and while I was reviewing the accounts, The variety of trading conditions in each of them was quite satisfactory for all kinds of traders which made me quite relieved about variation when trading the broker.

These account types are:

The Nano account: Axiory minimum deposit for this account type is $10 where you can trade with a leverage of 1:400. You can trade with this account type of both MT4 and cTrader. There is a commission applied of $6 per lot when trading forex with the nano account. A commission with a minimum of $6 is applied on stocks CFDs trading. As well as the spread applied is 0.3 pips.

The Standard account: the spread of the standard account is 1.3 pips whereas the availability to trade on 2 trading platforms -MT4 and cTrader- is available. 1:400 is the maximum leverage offered on the standard account and the Axiory minimum deposit applied here is $10. There is no commission applied on trading forex CFDs however a commission of $0.04 per CFD (min $6 ) is applied on stocks CFDs trading.

The Max account: here, the option to trade with both trading platforms is still available, the MT4 and cTrader as well as spreads of 2 pips are applied. The maximum leverage e offered on the max account is 1:777 and there are no commissions added on forex trading orders. A commission is applied on stocks CFDs trading of $0.06 per CFD (min $8 ). The Axiory minimum deposit for the max account is $10.

The Tera account: being presented only on the MT5 trading platform, the Tera account offers spreads that reach 0.3 pips with maximum leverage offered of 1:40. A commission is applied on forex CFDs of $6 per lot, whereas the commission applied for stocks CFDs is $0.04 per CFD (min $6 ). The Axiory minimum deposit for the Tera account is $10.

The Alpha account: leverage of 1:1 is offered when trading with the alpha account whereas the Axiory minimum deposit is zero here so you can start trading with this account with whichever amount you’d like. MT5 is the trading platform that can be used when trading with an alpha account, as well as the absence of spreads, is quite interesting. A commission is applied of $1.5 per lots when trading with forex CFDs, and no commission is added when trading stocks CFDs.

The Minimum traded volume through all accounts is the micro lot except for the Alpha account where there is no minimum volume for the trade so you can trade whichever volume you’d like in the alpha account. The forex lot size where you can trade with all accounts is 100.000 lot which is the standard lot except for the alpha account where the lot size isn’t defined meaning that you can trade with whichever lot size you want.

The maximum open or pending order you have in any of the accounts is unlimited where all account types share the same characteristic. You can trade with any account type and has as many trading order as you wish.

All account types share the same currency options for trading within the account, EUR, and USD is the base currency for all account types. Negative balance protection and hedging options are obtainable in all accounts except for the Alpha account where neither are applied when using that account.

All account types have the option to trade with an Islamic swap-free account Except for the Alpha account. Where swaps are not applied on the buy or the sell orders. This type of account is convenient for traders with Islamic beliefs and who don’t want to apply any swap amounts to their trades.

Axiory CopyTrade is a feature not offered on any type of account except for the Max account where you can download the system and use it while using the Max trading account.

3 trading platforms are offered as trading platforms within Aiory where they provide great choices for the clients as well as different features for different trading styles.

Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are both provided for trading in which both are considered the most famous and popular trading platforms in the forex market as they offer great tools to the traders.

Features provided by each platform is as follows:

Features provided by MT4 Features provided by MT5Features provided by cTrader
80+ Indicators and tools38+ Indicators50 Indicators
Detachable charts absentDetachable charts presentDetachable charts present
24 Charting tools31 Charting tools21 Charting tools
4 Pending order types6 Pending order types6 Pending order types
9 Chart time frames21 Chart time frames26 Chart time frames
Absence of DoM  (Depth of Market)Presence of DoM  (Depth of Market)Presence of DoM  (Depth of Market)

With Axiory, you can trade different instruments since they provide great variety for the traders to diversify their trading profiles in addidition to distribution of the risk that might occur in case of trading only forex CFDs.

The available trading tools are:

Forex: where you can trade in the world’s most active marketwith the highest liquidity in the world and trade in major, minor and exotic currency pairs with low spreads and zero to no commission. In addition to the ability to trade a declining pair by opening a sell order and profit from the decrase of the pair.

Exchange Stocks: where you can trade the world’s most famous stocks of the biggest companies of the world that include stocks like Amazon, Apple, eBay, Google, Netflix and more. stocks can be traded via the Axiory Alpha account. Where you can become a shareholder in the company you’re trading with.

Exchange EFTs: An ETF automatically tracks the assets held in it, making it a passively managed fund. You can trade a large number of stocks that are held in one ETF, diversifying your portfolio. ETFs are widely popular assets that allow you to trade dozens or hundreds of assets at a time, with one ETF.

CFD Stocks: one of the advantages of trading CFD stock is that your profits aren’t linked to the company’s losses, but rather the trading decisions you make. You can trade on the price movements of your favourite brands without buying shares and being tied to the company’s success. Tesla, Amazon, Google and more are examples of companies you can trade CFD stocks through.

CFD Indices: DAX, NSDQ, CAC, DOW and more are examples of the available indices for a trade where you can trade on price movements without buying shares and tie yourself to the company’s changes. Go for low-cost options that give you more space to grow your success.

Oil and energies: BRENT, CL, NGAS and more are presented for traders’ advantageous trade, in which as the oil and energies markets are highly volatile, they provide many trading opportunities.

Gold and Metals: Metals, especially gold, tend to react positively when other markets are uncertain. So you can use them to diversify your portfolio. Through the years, since the dawn of the financial markets and up to the present day, Gold has always held its financial value against most other assets. You can trade gold and silver with Axiory.

There are a few ways of funding and withdrawals offered by Axiory where they provide the most basic means of funding with pleasant conditions and fast processing times for both transactions. They include bank cards and wire transfers and e-wallets.

The Deposit means offered are:

  • Bank cards: Visa, JCB and Unionpay are available for payments where you can have instant processing time for your transactions and no deposit fees are applied
  • Bank transfer: it would take around 3-10 business days for your bank transfer to process yet no deposit fees would be applied to your operation.
  • E-wallet options: Sticpay, Neteller and Skrill which would apply instantly and no deposit fees applied by the broker however payment fees may be charged by the payment method provider. Sticpay isn’t available for corporate clients so it’s only for personal clients’ usage.
  • PayRedeem: also applied instantly and no deposit fees are applied by the broker however payment fees may be charged by the payment method provider.
  • ThunderXPay: it takes up to 15 mins after confirmation to process your payment via this channel and the deposit fees are not applied by the broker however payment fees may be charged by the payment method provider.

All deposit methods use USD and EUR except for ThunderXPay where it’s only USD.

Withdrawal methods are via the same channels as the funding ones yet the processing time would have some changes as well as the withdrawals fees

  1. Bank cards: no withdrawal fees and it would take 3-10 business days for the withdrawal to process.
  2. Bank transfer: fees from the bank might apply which is the client’s responsibility to cover, and the processing time for the bank transfer withdrawals are 3-10 business days.
  3. Sticpay: no fees applied with instant processing time ( only for personal clients).
  4. Neteller and Skrill: withdrawals fees might be charged with instant processing time.
  5. PayRedeem: no fees and instant timeframe for the process.
  6. ThunderXPay: it takes 1 business day to process in addition to having some fees that might apply to the withdrawal transaction that is applied by the service provider and not the broker.

Via this Axiory Review, the conclusion that was found was that the broker was one to be trusted since it’s regulated by 2 financial regulators in the forex market and the client is making sure to provide the highest possible security to the clients’ funds and accounts where they make sure it’s segregated from the operational funds of the broker itself.

Axiory minimum deposit is extremely appropriate which is $10. The trading conditions are quite suitable for all kinds of traders, where the maximum leverage offered is 1:777 but you can also trade with different amounts of leverage like 1:400 and 1:1 if you want.

Axiory account types are very satisfactory in terms of variety and presented options to the clients. 5 account types are offered in addition to the ability to trade with an Islamic swap-free account as well as a demo account.

Throughout this Axiory broker review, we viewed all the trading instruments the broker is offering and broke down the characteristics of each of them. They include forex, Exchange stocks and CFD stocks, CFD Indices and Exchange EFTs, oil, Energies, gold, and Metals.

3 different trading platforms are offered which are the most famous int he forex industry as well as the traders’ favourite trade platforms which are MT4, MT5 and cTrader. Funding methods seem to be quite satisfactory, However, there is no option to deposit or withdraw via cryptocurrencies as they’re very known in the forex market and the whole world in recent times.

You can find the FAQ in this section. If you want to ask me anything about the broker, you can comment. You also send me an e-mail about anything about forex and investing.

What is the maximum leverage at Axiory?

The maximum leverage is 1:777. But you can also trade with 1:400 leverage and 1:1 leverage.

Which products are available at Axiory?

You can trade forex, Exchange stocks and CFD stocks, CFD indices and exchange EFTs, oil, Energies, gold, and Metals.

Is Axiory offer MetaTrader?

Yes, Axiory MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and cTrader are available for all clients.

What is Axiory minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit offered by Axiory is just 10 USD.


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