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BDSwiss Review

Is BDSwiss a scam or a safe broker? Is BDSwiss regulated? Is BDSwiss ECN or STP? What is the BDSwiss minimum deposit? Is BDSwiss suspended?

The broker’s platform is already provided in different languages from all over the world to attend to the needs of clients from different countries seeking multiple languages. These languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Danish, Arabic, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish and Russian.

In this BDSwiss review, I will introduce all details about the broker. If you are wondering about BDSwiss minimum deposit, BDSwiss account types, regulation, spreads, leverage, BDSwiss minimum withdrawal, platforms and bonuses, you are in the right place to find them all.

I reviewed BDSwiss based on the following criteria.

What is BDSwiss?

BDSwiss as a brand was established in 2012 and has since then been providing award-winning conditions, world-leading platforms, competitive pricing and optimal execution on more than 250 underlying CFD instruments.

BDSwiss has traders from over 180+ countries and that also explained the great variety of language provided on the broker’s interface. In addition, $220 billion is the total for the average quarterly trading volume, 1.5+M registered accounts and 55+M trades executed per year are all the statistics of BDSwiss of their level and volume of trust they have and the position they obtain in the market.

BDSwiss has won many awards over the years in different departments of services with one of their recent awards being the Best Market Research Provider (FXScouts Awards).

Is BDSwiss regulated?

BDSwiss is quite aware of the importance and the weight held on having a financial regulator license obtained since it not only provides trust and reliability to the broker’s name but also makes sure the traders’ accounts are protected and secured in the utmost way possible to make sure its safe from any scams of even financial risks.

And so, BDSwiss here has managed to obtain 2 of the licenses of 2 respectable regulators in the markets which are:

  • BDS Markets is authorised and regulated as an Investment Dealer by the FSC on 06/12/2016 (License No. C116016172)
  • BDS Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Seychelles under license number SD047

BDSwiss Account Types

BDSwiss present 4 different BDSwiss account types for their trades with different trading conditions on each account to match the needs of different strategies of trades.

These BDSwiss account types are:

The Classic account: offers 250+ trading instruments as well as maximum leverage offered of 1:500. The average spread offer on forex pairs is 1.5 pips. No commission is added on forex pairs yet, a commission of $2 is added on trading indices with the classic account and a commission of 0.15%on shares trading per round. BDSwiss minimum deposit on the classic account is $10 with the option to trade with an Islamic account with is a swap-free type of account that suites traders with Islamic beliefs.

The Premium account: here the spread range is 1.1 pips and maximum leverage can reach up to 1:1000. The instruments that can be traded with the premium account is 70+ instruments. There is no commission added to transactions with the premium account. The BDSwiss minimum deposit for the premium account is $100 as well as having the option for an Islamic account to be used as it provides a swap-free option for traders.

The VIP account: in this type of account, the spreads levels offered are 1.1 pips as well as having a maximum leverage of 1:500 is offered, with 250+ trading instruments to be used. No commissions are added when trading with the VIP account. The BDSwiss minimum deposit in the VIP account is $500 with VIP webinars available exclusively for the account trades as well as having the option to open a swap-free account for Islamic believers.

The Raw account: The average spread offered with this account type is a raw spread type that can reach 0.3 pips with 1:500 maximum leverage offered and 250+ traded instruments. A commission added of $5 on forex pairs and $2 on indices and 0.15% on shares trading in the raw account. The BDSwiss minimum deposit is $500. There is no option for the swap-free Islamic account to be opened via the raw account types of accounts.

In addition, the option for having a BDSwiss demo account is offered for free as it provides a risk-free account to trade in and to try out new techniques and strategies along with trials of knowledge and its application for new brokers in the forex market without having to deal with major risks or funds-loss in case of errors. BDSwiss demo account, in fact, is a trial period before trading with real fundings in the forex markets. Think of the BDSwiss demo account as being the incubation period in that case the trial period, yes just like a caterpillar in a cocoon, to prepare you to be the most beautiful butterfly later, in the forex case, the most proficient trader.

What is the Minimum Deposit For BDSwiss?

BDSwiss minimum deposit depends on which account type you trade with. In the Classic account. the minimum deposit is $10. In the Premium account, the minimum deposit is $100. Meanwhile, in the VIP and the Raw accounts, the minimum deposit is $500 in both BDSwiss account types.

What is the difference between ECN and STP BDSwiss Accounts?

The difference between ECN and STP is, on the ECN account, there is a commission per transaction; whereas on a standard account, you will be charged on the spread. Both accounts work out similarly in cost so it is all dependent on what you as a trader prefer.

BDSwiss Trading Platforms

Different types of trading platforms are offered within the broker’s interface to provide their clients with the best choices when it comes to trading and following news and updates of the forex market and CFDs.

These platforms include the most known and used trading platform in the market which is MT4 and its next-gen successor MT5, both developed by the same mother company, MetaQuotes and both include options for hedging and an email system.

What is the Difference between MT4 and MT5?

  • Pending Orders Types: With BDSwiss login MT4 you may have 4 pending order types at most, while it’s 6 at MT5.
  • Technical Indicators: BDSwiss login MT4 has 30 technical indicators for detecting patterns in price dynamics, while MT5 has 38 technical indicators for that.
  • Graphical Objects: MT4 has 31 graphical objects which can detect trends, cycles, support/resistance levels, etc, while MT5 has 44 graphical objects.
  • Timeframes: In BDSwiss login MT4, you can use 9-time intervals, while in MT5 you can use 21 of them.
  • Economic Calendar: MT4 has no such component, while you can use it in MT5
  • Community Chat: Only in MT5 you can chat with other traders on the platform.
  • Email System: In MT5 you can use attachments when sending an email.

In addition, BDSwiss is providing a BDSwiss Mobile App which can be downloaded from the app store and google play and can pretty much work on any device and is used to make sure the trading process would go smoother and faster as well as supply Real-time Quotes, Interactive Charts, with Clean, User-Friendly Interface, Deposit and Withdraw Functionalities and more.

Not just that, a web trader option is present too which does wonders for traders who are always on the move as it allows them to access the platform and their trading accounts from any browser without having the need to download any apps or any platform.

BDSwiss Trading Instruments

BDSwiss introduces different categories of trading instruments that can profit the trades greatly as they provide a trading variety to the portfolios of the investors and so the option to make higher profits as well as provide hedging options and risk distribution choices make a lot of sense for forex and CFDs traders.

Among these products provided by BDSwiss are:

Forex: where here you can trade with over 50+of different types of forex pairs including majors, and minors. and exotic Paris with a minimum spread offer d that can reach 0.0 pips. Flexible leverage and advanced analysis tools are all present and offered when trading forex with BDSwiss.

Commodities: used mainly to diversify the trader’s accounts, commodities can be highly volatile and include Oil (like USOIL and BRENT), gas, and precious metals (like Gold and silver) against major currencies. You can trade long or short positions when trading commodities with BDSwiss in addition to having ultra-low commissions and exceptional execution speeds.

Shares: with the option to trade on the long and short positions which gives the chance for trades to speculate the prices change, as well as having flexible leverage low commissions and high execution speeds. You can trade with the world’s biggest shares of companies in all different industry sectors like Amazon, Meta Platforms, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and more.

Indices: They’re generally used to measure the performance of a specific sector or a group of shares of some of the largest and globally acknowledged companies. S&P500, FTSE, Dow Jones, ESP_35, US30 and more are examples of indices that can be traded with BDSwiss.

Cryptocurrencies: with cryptos taking the world by storm in these recent days they are in fact highly volatile, decentralised and used to diversify portfolios. You can trade with the leading and biggest cryptocurrencies in the market which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum and more. With flexible leverage offered and no commission added.

BDSwiss Bonuses and Promotions

There are 3 different types of promotions and bonuses offered by BDSwiss which represents extra motivation to new traders to join the broker. Not only that, but the chances to increase the open orders and to include different trading instruments also increase accordingly.

Among those Promotions. the first bonus offered is called Refer a friend, where you can get up to $3000 per successful referral done when you invite a friend or a family member and they join the broker’s platform using your invitation after you have verified your BDSwiss account.

The second type of bonus and promotion offered is a 30% First deposit bonus. Where it can reach $/£/€ 500 on your first deposit is done when you choose a classic account type with BDSwiss. This bonus can only be obtained within the first 30 days from the day of your registration and allows for a higher margin boost.

The third bonus type offered by BDSwiss is a 30% First Deposit Bonus Premium, which is applied up to a limit of $/£/€2500 on your first deposit when you open a real account and choose the premium account as your trading account. This type of bonus can also be obtained within the first 30 days of opening the premium account with the broker.

BDSwiss Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

BDSwiss deposit methods are quite varied and provide choices for trades to fund their accounts in whichever way possible and easier for them.

These funding methods include:

Credit and debit cards: this deposit method includes visa, MasterCard and maestro cards where no BDSwiss withdrawal fees are applied with an instant processing time.

Bank wire transfer: EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CHF, SEK, DKK, and NOK are the base currencies to be used in case of funding your account via a bank transfer whereas there are no fees added by BDSwiss to deposit and the processing time takes around 1-4 business days to implement.

E-wallets: Skrill, Neteller, GiroPay, Sofort, eps, iDEAL, and Dotpay are all included in the e-wallets funding channels where the clients can deposit without having any fees added to the transactions and with an immediate processing time.

The BDSwiss withdrawal methods seem to be a bit less of choices in comparison with the deposit methods as they include:

Visa and Mastercard: EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CHF, SEK, DKK, and NOK are the base currencies to be used in case of processing any BDSwiss withdrawal via these methods. In addition to having a 24 hrs processing time for the competition of the withdrawal transaction. No BDSwiss withdrawal fees are added to this type of transaction.

Bank wire transfers: EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CHF, SEK, DKK, and NOK are the accepted currencies to carry out a bank wire transfer BDSwiss withdrawal. Where the processing time is 24 hrs.

Skrill and Neteller: both BDSwiss withdrawal methods are regulated by the FCA and are processed within 24 hrs.

PayPal: with only EUR as the accepted currency. There are no BDSwiss withdrawal fees for using PayPal to withdraw funds and it also takes 24 hrs to process the transaction.

Online Banking: using Local currencies & USD (ARS, BRL, COP, CLP, PAB, SOL, MXN, UYU) as the accepted currencies and no BDSwiss withdrawal fees are applied.

If you want to inquire about the presence of a BDSwiss minimum deposit for any of the funding and withdrawal means I’d advise getting in touch with customer service.

Is BDSwiss Suspended?

No, it’s not suspended.

Customer Services

Customers can call the firm from 7 different local numbers. You can reach them from the following numbers:

  • BDSwiss German Speaking Customer Service: +49 3021446991
  • BDSwiss English Speaking Customer Service: +44 2036705890
  • BDSwiss Italian Speaking Customer Service: +39 0689970124
  • BDSwiss Spanish Speaking Customer Service: +34 910756937
  • BDSwiss French Speaking Customer Service: +33 187211366
  • BDSwiss Greek Speaking Customer Service: +30 2111984082
  • BDSwiss Portuguese Speaking Customer Service: +35 1308810611

If you don’t prefer calling you can also mail them. BDSwiss’s contact email address is or you can start a live chat from their website.

BDSwiss’s registered address is 6th Floor, Nexteracom Building, Ebene, Mauritius


Throughout this BDSwiss review, I’ve covered all the main point about the features of BDSwiss and the trading conditions present that makes it acceptable to trade with the broker. BDSwiss has 4 different BDSwiss account types where the maximum leverage offered is 1:1000 and very competitive spreads are offered which can be raw spreads like what’s offered in the raw account of 0.3 pips.

Adding to that the BDSwiss demo account provides risk-free trials to new and expert traders, as well as swap-free Islamic accounts that are most suitable for Islamic faith believers.

BDSwiss minimum deposit can reach as low as $10 like in the classic account type plus the presence of the forex market’s favourite trading platforms which are the BDSwiss login MT4 and MT5.

5 trading instruments are offered which are used to diversify and hedge the client’s accounts, with flexible leverage offered and low spreads and high execution order speed that make it quite tempting to add as many trading tools as possible to the trading portfolios. My only take is that cryptocurrency funding or withdrawal options are absent from the broker’s platform while it’s being offered in a variety with other brokers.

BDSwiss is regulated by not only one, but 2 financial regulators in the forex and CFD trading markets which are the FSC and FCA. Additionally, the broker is offering 3 types of promotions that would increase the margin for traders and hence increase the profit. These promotions are a refer-a-friend program with $3000 as a maximum bonus, a 30% first deposit bonus on the classic account that can reach up to $500 and a 30% first deposit bonus for a premium account with up to $2500 bonus offered.

BDSwiss deposit methods are various ranging from bank transfers, e-wallets and credit and debit cards. BDSwiss withdrawal fees are zero and no charges are applied on deposits either.

If you wanna try and check them out, you can reach BDSwiss Login Page by clicking the button on the main page of the broker.

BDSwiss Frequently Asked Questions
Is BDSwiss Good?

In my opinion, BDSwiss is a little above-average CFD broker. In my review, I have not found any serious disadvantage. However, I can’t say “go ahead and open an account immediately.” Truthfully, they’re better than most of the other brokers, but I believe there are others which have better trading conditions. If you have lots of free time, you can dive into the internet and find them; but if you don’t have time, BDSwiss might be a right fit for you.

What is the telephone number of BDSwiss’s Customer Service?
  • BDSwiss German Speaking Customer Service: +49 3021446991
  • BDSwiss English Speaking Customer Service: +44 2036705890
  • BDSwiss Italian Speaking Customer Service: +39 0689970124
  • BDSwiss Spanish Speaking Customer Service: +34 910756937
  • BDSwiss French Speaking Customer Service: +33 187211366
  • BDSwiss Greek Speaking Customer Service: +30 2111984082
  • BDSwiss Portuguese Speaking Customer Service: +35 1308810611
Which licenses does BDSwiss have?


Does BDSwiss offer crypto trade?

Yes, BDSwiss gives you the option to trade cryptocurrencies as well; you have 20 different investing options including bitcoin, dash, eos, ethereum, litecoin, iota, etc.

What is the minimum deposit of BDSwiss?

BDSwiss’s minimum deposits depend on which account type you trade with. In the Classic account, the minimum deposit is $100. The VIP account minimum deposit is $3,000. The Raw account minimum deposit is $5,000.

What is the maximum leverage on BDSwiss?

BDSwiss’s Leverage is up to 1:500.

What are the spreads on BDSwiss?

On the STP account, it’s 1.5 pips on EUR/USD; whereas on the ECN account, it’s 0.3 pip + $5 com. per lot.

Which deposit methods does BDSwiss accept?

You can deposit money to BDSwiss using MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, GiroPay, Sofort, EPS, iDEAL, dotpay, Skrill, Neteller, Swift Bank Transfer, and Online Banking.


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