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Blueberry Markets Review 2024

Blueberry Markets review 2024 is at the top of the list my readers have been asking me about. I did my best to give all the details. So keep reading the article to get comprehensive knowledge about blueberry markets.

Based in Australia, Blueberry forex broker makes sure the trader and their need come first. Blueberry markets are passionate about providing traders all over the globe with an innovative platform, tight spreads and 24/7 customer support in place.

Founded in 2016 and since then the broker has managed to be one of the most trusted brokers in Australia with 30k customers dealing and funding their accounts with Blueberry Markets.

Is Blueberry Markets scam or legit? What are the different account types offered by the broker? Is there Blueberry Markets minimum deposit requirement? Is Blueberry Markets regulated? What is the Blueberry markets leverage that you can use?

If you want to get all answers to these questions, please continue reading this Blueberry Markets broker review 2024.

It’s known all over the forex market how important regulation is not only to the broker but also to the trader. The regulation provides both trustability and reliability to the brand and the name of the broker while maintaining the safety of funds and protection of transactions to the trader’s accounts at the same time.

dealing with funding and financial transaction in the world’s most liquid markets makes it very easy for information to be subjected to scams and fraud and this is where the financial regulation licenses come in handy where they provide a protective cape for the accounts and the traders along with compensation schemes.

Blueberry Markets is well aware of that and having such a big name in the forex market, means having a big and trusted regulation set in place. And in that case, Blueberry Markets doesn’t have just one, but three big regulations which provide a great level of reliability to the broker.

Owned by Eightcap Pty Ltd, Blueberry Markets is the trading name for the broker.

  1. Blueberry Markets Group (Blueberry Markets) is a registered business name of Eightcap Pty Ltd (ABN 73 139 495 944), regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (AFSL 391441).
  2. Blueberry Markets Group is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (the “SCB”) (SIA-F220)
  3. Blueberry Markets is authorized by SVG in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

One of the major advantages to be authorized by ASIC over the other two is that it’s not subjected to ESMA, meaning the brokers regulated by ASIC don’t have to limit their maximum leverage with a certain ratio. Therefore ASIC regulated forex brokers are really important among traders.

ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) is the decision-maker for any financial watchdog under their rules are regulations and ESMA had new measures in the summer of 2018 which wasn’t good news for traders.

Because these new measures limited the maximum leverage to 1:30 for major currencies and 1:20 for non-major currencies and gold and major indices. If you want to learn about these new measures, you can read my blog article about the subject.

To be more accurate, ASIC’s license is called AFSL (Australian Financial Services License) and you can check the broker’s license by searching for number 391441.

To ensure the security of financial services, ASIC applies certain rules and requirements to brokers who hold the license. For example, the brokers must hold at least $ 1 million to proof of their financial stability.

In addition, all retail customer funds must keep separate from business funds in separate bank accounts, while the intermediary undertakes additional protection by professional indemnity insurance.

Also, ASIC-regulated forex brokers have to report to the ASIC on a regular time basis. Client funds are held in client-segregated accounts with the National Australia Bank (NAB) as per regulatory requirements.

There are two Blueberry Markets account types and this part of this Blueberry Markets broker review will break down the types and features that include the spreads, blueberry markets leverage and minimum deposit along with any blueberry markets fees etc. Both accounts provide different trading conditions and characteristics to provide for different traders’ techniques and trading methods.

These accounts are:

Blueberry Standard Account

This account type seems to be quite preferred by traders who prefer traditional spread pricing. The spread in this account can range from 1.0 pips yet no blueberry markets fees or commissions are added to the transactions.

Blueberry Direct Account

The direct account has different terms of trading different from the standard account, where here you can have raw spreads with blueberry markets fees applied on each transaction made. Traders who prefer fixed commission and raw spreads seem to be preferring this account. The spread here is 0.0 pips where a commission of $7 is applied.

Both the account types, the standard and the direct account same the same amount of blueberry markets minimum deposit which is $100. In addition to sharing the same amount of maximum blueberry markets leverage offered which is 1:500. The minimum trade size that can be traded with any of the account types is 0.01 lot which is a micro lot. The presence of 300+ tradable instruments available to trade on both accounts provides an excellent opportunity for traders to diversify their trading accounts and profiles.

Both accounts are available on the forex market’s most favourable platforms, Mt4 and MT5. You can also trade with any of the accounts on the web trader.

Demo accounts are also present on the standard and the direct account which provides a chance for both types of traders, the newbies and the professional ones, to trade risk-free and to try out new knowledge, techniques and trading strategies to prepare for the real markets in the real accounts.

Blueberry Markets trading platforms are the forex markets’ most popular and known platforms available for trade which are the MT4, MT5 and Web trader. and the following information in this area in this Blueberry Markets broker review will break each trading platform in further detail.


The most popular platform n the market provides a user-friendly experience along with fast execution and flexible trading conditions. Where you can have a one-click trading option along with thousands of online tools to plug in. VPS hosting is also available with MT4 as well as the platform is fully customizable and provides in-depth charts and the ability to build your own algorithms or import expert advisors ( EAs).


The next-gen successor of the MT4 developed by the e same mother company MetaQuotes is providing more options to the trades that weren’t available before. Here, where you can trade all different sorts of CFDs like forex, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptos and more.

38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects, and 21 timeframes are present with fast order execution and one-click trading. Like Mt4, the platform s customizable in addition to having the economic calendar present to keep up with the global macro-economic news.

The MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are both available for use on different formats of devices including mobile phones whether that was iPhone or Android, and PC systems including iOS and Windows. They can also be downloaded on any of the previously mentioned devices.


The advantage the web trader provides to their trades is that fact that it can be used anywhere without having to download any app on your device and so the possibility to use your account from any browser makes it easy for different traders from all over the world to use the platform however they like.

No software installation is needed and you can trade on Windows, Mac, or even Linux. WebTrader is fast, secure, and superbly easy to use.


Virtual Private Service or VPS provide high-performance servers which allow you to have higher-performance trading connectivity. Not just that, but it also makes sure that your trading platform, the MetaTrader, is working 24 hours a day so downtime would happen due to electrical or computer issues.

Manage your trades in 1-3 ms or less using Blueberry Market’s free Forex VPS. Your system will be hosted in a data centre close to Blueberry Markets’ main trading servers, so your order will always be loaded before the rest.

For example, assume that you live in a location where electricity shortages are common or your devices break down often. Then you might think of using VPS.

There are different types of trading tools offered by Blueberry Markets which provide a great chance for trades to benefit from different tools and distribution of assets over the different types of tools presented, the following breakdown in this section of Blueberry Markets broker review will explain with examples the presented trading instruments by Blueberry Markets.

These trading instruments are:


With Blueberry Markets you can trade majors like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD, crosses to include EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF and GBP/JPY, as well as commodity currencies like the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar which provides you with different choices to trade in addition to having higher leverage offered and fast execution speed plus tight spreads that can reach 0.0 pips and blueberry markets leverage of 1:500.

Share CFDs

Where you can trade the shares of major companies of the world with high execution and the ability to go long or short positions which allows the chance to speculate the prices and take action based on them. Fixed leverage to use while trading shares is offered by Blueberry Markets is 1:5. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and more are available for shares trading within Blueberry Markets.

Crypto CFDs

With the fast advancements of cryptos and being a virtual replacement for real money. the crypto markets became a great attraction to trades to invest more in the different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market. Blueberry Markets introduces Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and more are options to trade using cryptocurrencies CFDs.

The chance to go long or short position as you speculate the prices movements allows you to make profits on both the rise and fall of prices. In addition to the presence of a fixed leverage of 1:10 on your trades.

Commodities and Metals

Metals including Gold, Silver, and Platinum, are quite the goods to be traded with as they’re facing higher demand in recent times. Now, trades use these precious metals for trading portfolio diversification purposes as it also minimizes the risk if there is any.

Commodities like Brent and Crude Oil are also available with tight spreads, fast execution, and flexible trading conditions.


30+ global indices are present to trade with Blueberry Markets. The ability to go long or short positions with zero commission and a great chance to improve the exposure of your trading experience. ASX200, EUSTX50, FRA40, GER30, and more are examples of indices presented by the broker for trading.

Blueberry forex funding methods supply traders with various choices to pick from when it to comes to depositing real accounts or even withdrawing funds and profits. This funding section in this Blueberry Markets broker review is dedicated to the breakage of the information about the channels to deposit and withdraw funds from real accounts when trading with Blueberry Markets.

Deposits are provided fee-free in addition to the majority of deposit means are done instantly. Options like credit and debit cards are available where both MasterCard and visa can be used without any commission fees applying.

Bank transfers are also supported with a 2 business day time frame for international transactions to be complete.

E-wallet options like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller Poli, and more are present with instant processing time.

Cryptocurrencies are also one way to deposit your account, by using bitcoin or Tether. The deposit currency using cryptocurrencies is USD and it takes around 30 minutes to process.

Blueberry markets withdrawal options are the same variety like the funding means yet, the processing time of each method might carry according to the chosen method of withdrawal.

If you choose to withdraw with Visa or MasterCard, you’d expect 1-3 business days of processing time which is applied t all other withdrawal methods, while it may increase to reach 2-7 business days in case the used method for withdrawal was via bank transfer for international transactions.

No fees are applied on the blueberry markets withdrawal methods except for 3% fees that can be imposed by Skrill when using this e-wallet option to withdraw funds. And any bank fees that can be applied through the used bank should also be taken into consideration yet they’re not related to blueberry markets.

An important aspect to consider when reading this Blueberry markets broker review is the level of support and the availability of customer service and its quality as it’d definitely have an impact on your overall trading experience with the broker.

However, Blueberry Markets provides one of the best customer services in the market. A 24/7 customer support where you can get answers to all your question and get support whenever needed. Several channels are present for contact whether you’d prefer through calling, the numbers of the support team are present and you can call anytime you like.

In case of call wasn’t an option for you, you can send an email and the support team can get in touch with you. The live chat service makes it very easy to ask for support and they’re quite efficient in that regard.

Blueberry markets broker provides all contact details clearly on their website whether that was their offices in Australia or the Bahamas, both details are stated.

Different languages are supported too to make sure you won’t have to hassle asking customer service for help. Languages like English, Vietnamese, Thai and more are examples of the languages supported by the broker.

BlueberryMarkets isn’t just regulated by one, but 3 major financial regulations including Australia’s strictest ASIC.

Throughout this Blueberry markets review, it’s no wonder now that the blueberry forex is providing some of the tightest spreads that can reach 0.0 pips. Trading conditions seem to be quite fair and adequate to the needs of the traders.

Whereas the Blueberry Markets minimum deposit is the same as the average amount of the forex market which is $100. Two different account types are also offered with suitable trading requirements and a Blueberry markets leverage of 1:500.

This Blueberry Markets broker review has shown that MT4, MT5 and Webtrader are all available for the trading platform option to include several trading instruments that supply diversification to traders’ portfolios and allow the change for hedging and risk distribution.

Customer service is excellent and payment methods that include the deposit and blueberry markets withdrawal both are quite good.

And as always, if you have any comments or want to share your experience with the broker, feel free to leave your comment down below in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.


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