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CM Trading Review 2024

Today’s topic is all about CM Trading. Where it is the Brand name of Global Capital Markets Trading and BLACKSTONE Marketing SA(PTY)LTD (GCMT SA).

In this CM Trading review 2024, I will give you all information about the broker’s spreads, leverage, minimum deposit, and account types.

I reviewed CM Trading based on the following criteria.

You can also take the answers to these questions: Is CM Trading a scam or reliable? What are the trading conditions such as leverage, spreads, and CM Trading minimum deposit?

What are the account types offered by the broker? Is CM Trading regulated or not? You are going to find the answers in relevant sections in this CM Trading review. Let’s start with regulation and investor protection.

Regulation and Investor Protection

This part of the CM trading review represents the main important part where I’ll break down the regulation and licenses the broker is holding to make it trusted and reliable for brokerage work in the forex CFDs market.

CM Trading is a South African forex and CFD broker that stands on the 14th Floor of Sandton City Office Tower 9, Corner Rivonia Road and 5th Street, Sandton, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa.

Providing a safe and secure trading environment is one of the most important things that investors need when they choose a forex broker.

GCMT Limited Trading as CMTrading, is a Securities Dealer registered in Seychelles with company registration number 8425982-1,l and is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles with license number SD070

So the question ‘is cm trading legit‘ has now been answered with a certain yes in this CM trading review.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is one of the regulatory institutions in Seychelles and is often the main regulator of the forex broker in that area. Even though the FSA isn’t the strongest regulator in the market, it’s also not a very weak one. Yet if we happen to speak about the differences between the strong and the medium regulations and licenses we can find that strong regulations apply strict audits and rules on the brokers to be followed in order to obtain the license, Yet the medium regulators don’t have such strict rules make it easy for any broker to obtain the license.

CM trading though promises that all clients’ funds are kept in segregated bank accounts in top-tier banks, including Barclays Bank PLC and Nedbank. These funds are fully separated from the company’s funds. The objective of the separation is to ensure that the client’s funds cannot be used for any other purposes.

Account Types and Spreads

CM Trading presents 4 types of accounts in addition to adding the Islamic swap-free account on top of all that. Let me break them down for you in this CM trading review.

The Bronze account

With $100 as a CM trading minimum deposit used to open this type of account, the bronze account provides features like market reviews and webinars. The spread level is regular. Video on demand is given in an introduction form.

The Silver account

Where the CMtrading minimum deposit on this account is $1000 where spreads can reach as low as 1.2 pips. Live trading signals and market analysis is introduced to clients using this account. Besides, 1 risk-free trade is offered and a market analyst to help you with the news of the market how you’d like. The video on demand presented here is the intro and advanced level.

The Gold account

The CMtrading minimum deposit here is $10000 where the spreads applied are 0.9 pips. In addition, the VOD introduced- professional nature. in addition to the live trading signals and the market analysis that are offered, 3 risk-free trades are presented plus a market analyst, cash back rebate and an ECN account.

The Premium account

The CMtrading minimum deposit here is the highest of all the accounts where it reaches $100.000+ and the spread introduced here is 0.9 pips. The VOD offered is of intro-professional nature. Besides, The ability to access a trading room, customize your account and receive top news, analysis and special offers are all features presented on this account type exclusively. Of course in addition to the same features and more that were discussed in the other accounts.

All account types have the option of a CM trading demo account to be used with any account type to allow trials and risk-free testing of knowledge and strategies before investing with real money in the real market of forex. The CM trading demo account gives the chance to both new beginners in forex and professionals in trading to test their knowledge, strategies and techniques plus the features of the broker without risking real money for trials.

The Islamic account provides a swap-free trading option to traders from Islamic countries or those following Islamic beliefs.

Trading Instruments

Miscellaneous trading instruments are offered when trading with CM Trading which I’ll show them all in this CM trading review 2024.

These trading instruments include:

Forex: you can trade with majors. minors and exotics of the currency pairs in forex. With leverage trades and 24/7 operations. With forex being the biggest market in the world, it’s only natural to have an unlimited amount of transactions on the buy and sell positions daily.

CFDs trading: 200+ products such as currencies, metals, commodities and indices, are giving the traders the chance to profit from the underlying asset price movements. The option to trade on the rise and fall of prices in addition to the ability of traders to use both technical and fundamental analysis to determine whether prices will rise or fall. Stocks like Amazon, Google, Apple and more and offered. Commodities such as gold, oil, and coffee, Indices such as Nasdaq, S&P500, and FTSE 100, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are presented.

Commodities trading: energy, food, or metals are all available and included in the commodities trading with CM trading. Energy includes oil and natural gas, metals include precious metals like Gold and other metals, besides, Agricultural food materials include coffee, sugar and more. The reasons that traders prefer to add commodities trading into their portfolio are the diversity they add to traders as well as protection against inflation and providing options for hedging and the low commissions added to trading commodities.

Indices trading: FTSE., S&P 500, DAX, Nikkei, Nasdaq, Dow Dow 30, and more are examples of the present indices available for trade which will help you to explore different investment strategies. The advantage you can take of the rise and fall of prices makes it favourable to trades to add indices into their trading profiles. Adobe, Adidas, Amazon, Nike, and Olympus along with others are examples of the presented stocks that are offered by the broker for a trade where traders enjoy exposure to the wide variety of assets included in the index, in a single transaction. Furthermore, trading CFDs based on indices is an easy field to enter, compared to investing in stocks. Indices tend to be a more balanced avenue for trading since it is less affected by the fluctuation of a single stock, but their value is based on the collective performance of a large number of stocks. 

Stocks trading: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tesla amongst others are available for trading with CM trading. In order to benefit fully from stock trading you’ll need to avoid the ups and downs of stock trading, choose your broker wisely and ensure you receive up-to-date market analysis. You’ll also be required to engage in extensive research and risk analysis to understand the underlying risks before engaging in any contract for difference. You might also want to arm yourself with unbiased information from trustworthy sources to keep abreast of market trends, and more importantly fluctuations in the stock market.

Cryptocurrencies: the most popular and known cryptos for trade in the market now include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dogecoin along with other currencies. Some of the benefits of trading cryptos are the low transaction fees that are present, and the full access to your money since cryptocurrencies are not limited by any entity. The decentralized trade options also allow traders to make transactions easily and fast.

Trading Platforms

This section of the CM trading review is where I’ll break down the details and features of the trading platforms CM trading is offering their clients for trade and what are the ways you can get the platforms to start seeing your account.

CM Trading provides a user-friendly web and mobile MetaTrader 4 apps, award-winning trading platforms, an MT4 user manual, a CopyKat system, an economic calendar, technical analysis and much more.

There is also the Sirix platform. It is a web platform that can be used without having to install it. It can be used in also Sirix mobile application.

Like many forex brokers, CM Trading offers the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4. It is the most popular platform among traders; it provides a wide variety of useful information, fully customizable and automated.

The MetaTrader 4 program has a built-in convenient and user-friendly format and contains all advanced tools for trading including technical analysis tools, advanced trading orders and many possibilities for customizing charts. In addition, you may add custom-made automatic trading strategies (EAs) and indicators.

Payment Methods

Through this CM trading review, I’ll be showing the different methods f funding and withdrawal that the broker is presenting to their clients. Due to the presence of different clients from multiple African countries and due to the big presence in the African market, the broker has different deals with major banks to allow bank transfers in the local banks.

There is also an option to pay via credit or debit card that has a minimum deposit of $100.

  • Bank transfer is also available where a minimum deposit of $100. Examples of the banks that can be used are Standard bank of south Africa,
  • Crypto payments can take place too using Finrax, Binance, Let know and more with a minimum amount of deposit of $100.
  • E-wallets include Neteller skrill and other e-wallet channels depending on the court you’re sending the funds from.
  • Local solutions like Ozow, EFT pay and Swiffy of South Africa, Zota pay in Ghana, Virtual pay in Tanzania and more depending on the country. The minimum amount to use when dealing with

The withdrawal methods vary and they’re quite diverse the same way the depositing methods are. You can use the same methods I mentioned in the deposit means in the withdrawal transactions and they include Bank card and bank wire transfers, E-wallets and cryptocurrencies, in addition to the local solutions methods used to process withdrawals.

Conclusion of CM trading review 2024

CM Trading is a regulated broker that offers an average CMtrading minimum deposit throughout its different types of offered accounts. Besides offering live accounts, a demo account option is also available to be used on all account types in addition to a swap-free Islamic account offered to Muslim traders.

Various trading instruments that are offered by CM trading that I’ve broken down in this CM trading review 2024 where you can the options given for trade are quite appropriate. cm trading reviews

Many funding and withdrawal methods are presented in the addition to the high-speed transaction, Also a good variety of trading platforms makes it easy to use the features offered by CM trading.

It looks like a reliable company. It offers the most used trading platform MetaTrader 4. It offers a wide range of trading products and payment methods, and I believe this CM trading review has shown you the way that it’s okay to invest in a real account with CM trading.

CM Trading
Rating: 6.2