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CoinTree Review

An Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade with some coins. Established in 2013, CoinTree underwent a rebranding and launched a new trading platform in June 2018.

The broker allows their clients to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ripple with local money since the exchange market is quite popular on that side of the world. Throughout this CoinTree Review, the fees, trading instruments and introduction about the broker will take place so you can make sure when taking the decision to trade with Cointree, that’s the right choice for you and what you’re looking for.

The digital currency has historically been a good investment for many investors, including institutions, SMSFs, and individuals. In fact, between 2011 and 2021, crypto was the best-performing asset class of the decade. Even a small investment led to outsized returns for investors.

Yet, past performance does not guarantee future performance and I recommend reading this Cointree Review and to ask a financial services licensee before purchasing a digital currency.

In this CoinTree review, you will get the answers to these questions. What is CoinTree? Is CoinTree safe? What are the CoinTree fees? What are the CoinTree withdrawal limits? Which cryptocurrencies are available in CoinTree?

With the aim to empower traders to invest in cryptocurrencies and grow their trading portfolio. CoinTree allows you to expand your knowledge about cryptocurrencies and investing so you can get to apply that knowledge in growing your portfolio.

CoinTree is a crypto service provider that offers the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Sprung up in Melbourne in 2013 at, they believe that amazing technologies should be made more accessible and more understandable to the everyday person.

You can purchase crypto with Australian Dollars (AUD) when trading with CoinTree. You can instantaneously deposit AUD into your trading account using PayID so you can start trading cryptocurrencies right away. You can also use online and mobile banking to deposit funds, along with cash deposits.

At Cointree, they take their security very seriously. They are committed to protecting your information. Their security measures include, but are not limited to:

  • They use a hot/cold wallet system
  • 2-Step verification is required for any fiat or digital currency withdrawal
  • Their website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (HTTPS)
  • All passwords are hashed and salted in the database
  • Application credentials are kept separate from the database and code base
  • All Cointree employees must pass a criminal background check as part of the hiring process
  • Secure server and closed network environments
  • Management of access privileges, to ensure that only those who really need it can see your personal information
  • Ongoing training and security reviews

CoinTree says it encrypted all website traffic by using SSL. All the important user details are encrypted using the latest encryption technology. And the Bitcoin wallet they produce for you is encrypted several times with different encryption methods.

User Bitcoin wallets are protected with a salted encrypted passphrase per user, and then the encrypted wallet is encrypted again before being stored.

User verification is handled by a trusted identity verification provider that is 100% compliant with Australian laws and regulations.

Two-factor authentication is a great way to ensure your account cannot be compromised. An application on your phone is used to generate a unique code every 30 seconds.

At Cointree, security is prioritized and they have a number of Fund Protection Features that go above and beyond the industry standard. When you sign up and verify your account, it is recommend that you add two-factor authentication to further protect your account. 

 Cointree is the best platform to buy bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and 280+ digital currencies. You can easily make trades on our exchange website and securely store your coins in your free crypto wallet. You can access real-time market prices and all of the best tokens on our digital currency exchange.

Cointree offers one of the lowest fees in the market, globally. Their tiered approach will suit different levels of investors, the more you trade, the better the Reward Tiers you unlock!

To unlock each reward tier, you’ll only need to meet one of the unlock goals, either trade volume or referrals in a 30-day period.

TiersBenefits  Unlocked by 
 Buy/Sell CoinCoin-to-Coin TradesReferral CommissionTrade Volume (AUD)Referrals

There are some purchasing limits if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies and start trading with CoinTree. The minimum purchase amount is AU$20. However, purchase limits are generally up to AU$10,000 per day, and AU$20,000 per week (varies by customer). If you want to ask for higher you can submit a request by contacting the support team.

Deposit fees

As the broker provides different channels with proper convenience for fiat depositing the wallets, CoinTree doesn’t charge any fees for fiat deposits, however, some payment providers may charge a fee. There are no fees for cryptocurrency deposits.

Withdrawal Fees

 There are no fees to withdraw AUD from your Cointree account to your Australian bank account. Yet, in case you were processing your withdrawal using cryptocurrencies, withdrawals may have a standard transaction (mining) fee. The fee is dynamic based on the network conditions of the respective blockchain. The fee will be listed on the cost breakdown found on the withdrawal coin page.

This is a referral promotion programme offered by CoinTree to their clients when they introduce friends, family, colleagues, or new customers to the broker’s platform. And so the referral and the referee would both gain AU$50 on their next trade.

CoinTree offers one of the best referral reward programs globally. When someone clicks your referral link to buy crypto, you can effectively earn crypto. You earn a commission by inviting any acquaintances to trade bitcoin and cryptocurrency on Cointree platforms.

You can receive 30-70% of the commission taken on each trade, depending on your current reward tier. The more members you refer, the greater your reward.

3 Important steps are to be taken in case you wanted to  begin the crypto and bitcoin referral program, which are:

  1. Get your referral URL ( Sign up, verify your account, and go to your Referrals area to find your unique referral URL. That link is how we know to pay you a commission.)
  2. Invite new users ( Invite people to Cointree using your referral link which is your Cointree referral code in articles, content or ads on your website. Invite them to trade crypto on our platform.)
  3. Earn commissions ( When a new member joins Cointree to buy crypto using your Cointree referral code URL, the broker will pay you a commission so you can earn crypto.)

Different assets and trading tools are available for trade with CoinTree and they include:

Bitcoin: where a decentralised peer-to-peer payment network is used powered by the users without any central authority or middleman. Bitcoin isn’t owned by anyone and therefore has no central command. This means that no one, including banks or governments, can block you from sending or receiving payments with anyone else.

Ethereum: another type of the world’s most known and used cryptocurrency. Where it’s accessible to everyone as well as runs via a decentralized global computer. A smart contract takes place with Ethereum which means that it operates with applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, or third-party interference.

Solana: it’s a high-performance proof of stake (PoS) blockchain designed to scale to 50,000+ transactions per second (TPS) and support high-throughput Dapps serving hundreds of millions of users. It aims to overcome the scaling and throughput bottlenecks faced by other layer-1 blockchains, with its innovative proof of history architecture. Solana trading is popular in Cointree because we offer the best current price, low fees, and a safe and secure trading platform.

Cardano: a proof-of-stake blockchain built for smart contracts. Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, a mathematician and programmer who was also a co-founder of Ethereum. Its long-term vision is to empower those who need it most with a more inclusive, secure, scientific-based technology standard. 

Dogecoin: money that you can spend on the world wide web. You can send it to anyone else on the Dogecoin network and receive it from them too. It creates a peer-to-peer form of currency that doesn’t rely on a central authority like a bank. It’s a decentralised digital currency that enables you to easily send DOGE across the internet. 

Gold Bullion: AKA Rush Gold. When purchasing Rush Gold, you are purchasing the direct title to investment-grade gold. Many members buy and hold their Gold Bullion (Rush Gold) as a long-term investment. You can hold your Gold Bullion (Rush Gold) in your Cointree wallet alongside your crypto.

Cointree allows you to trade the following cryptocurrencies:

There are a few payment options at CoinTree. These are:

Bank wire transfers: take around 1-2 business days

Cash deposits: takes instant processing time as Cointree has collaborated with Blueshyft which provides 1200 retail outlets all over Australia.

Poli Payments: with instant processing time. Poli is very suitable for bitcoin payments.

PayID: short for payment identification. Processes immediately and the deposits are funded into the Cointree wallet.

Excellence in customer support from a dedicated team of Australian crypto experts helps make CooinTree one of the best Australian crypto exchanges for digital currencies. Support is available 24/7 via the helpdesk, and seven days a week via live chat, phone, and email.

Cointree is easy, fast and safe. With over 280 coins, multiple payment methods and low fees, Cointree is the best place to buy, sell and trade bitcoin, alt-coins and all of your favourite digital currencies.

The broker has served tens of thousands of Australians and that number is growing every day. As they continue to upgrade their exchange and improve their learning hub, the satisfaction of CoinTree clients continues to rise.

You can monitor your daily performance and download detailed data to help you fine-tune your affiliate strategy. Your Referrals area gives you everything you need.

Different instruments for trade and few means of depositing make the broker a good name among crypto traders. My take is that in case wanting to deposit your crypto wallet it has to be in one fiat currency which is the AUD.

Unfortunately, the website isn’t cover much information and reaching the details isn’t the easiest way which might represent a challenge to new traders. And this would lie on the con side of CoinTree. That’s why the broker is rated average.