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Cryptocurrencies: YES

Minimum Deposit: –

Maximum Leverage: 1:1

Fees: Low

My Score: 5

Are you exited to learn about this new cryptocurrency exchange firm, Crex24 exchange? If your answer is yes, let’s begin!

Crex24 was established in 2017. We can say that it’s a new in cryptocurrency trading. It’s totally focused on Cryptocurrencies, so there is no other trading instruments.

The company Based in Estonia with registration number of 14419665.

Is Crex24 is scam or not? What are the pros and cons of trading with Crex24. How much the fees? I will try to explain these in this Crex24 exchange review.

Crex24 provides trading option for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more cryptocurrencies that’s not popular yet.

The website of the firm gets 1.6 million visitors every month! If we distinguish these visitors by country, Brazil makes up 26% of total visitors alone. Other countries take part in top 5 are Russia, United States, Ukraine and Indonesia, respectively.

The company provides you to change the fiat money to cryptocurrency and vice versa. In this part of article, I guess I have to define the fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Fiat Money vs Cryptocurrency

Fiat money is the money of a government, printed to be legal tender. The value determined by supply and demand instead of physical value of the money.

Cryptocurrency is differs fiat money by many ways. Firstly, it’s not government controlled, anarchist in nature. Secondly it’s digital thanks to technology of cryptography.

Security & Regulation

The more people interest in cryptocurrency, the more hackers attack to this sector. There is clearly increasing incidents. In order to ensure safety, Crex24 has two types of security.

Data Security

They have 2FA protection that will provide blockade to third persons to access your account. 2FA or Two-factor authentication is an extra security application that knowing username and password won’t be adequate others to reach your account.

Crex24 also has The SSL Certificate that protects data.

DDoS mitigation ensures your access to trading exchange without interrupting.

Assets Security

You can withdraw your money only after verification of ID. Crypto assets stored in well maintained areas with good temperature adjustment.

Also if you change your personal information like password, you won’t be able to withdraw money for next 72 hours.

Account Types and Fees

Standard account is the only one account offered by Crex24. But the features vary in this account according to your Crex24 volume in the last 30. Every day the firm recalculates your trading value to arrange commission amount. You can decrease commission rates as few as %0.06.

Before diving into fees, I need to explain to you relationship with market makers and market takers.

Market makers send trading orders as buying or selling before the trading operation realized. However, it’s not necessarily realized instantly. Market takers have to pay a fee for each trading operation.

Crex24 FeesThe maximum leverage is 1:1. In other word, there is no leverage.

Trading Tools

Cryptocurrency trading is relatively on exchange market. So analyzing the trends become harder. However, Crex24 offers you some tools to understand the market and decide your execution.

You can change the interface with 40 parameters. You can select among various graph types.

Moreover you can adjust time limits and use over 70 indicators.

You can make your trading executions from ‘Markets’ section of the website. Sadly, there is no mobile applications. But, Crex24 is developing these apps currently.

Customer Service

At their homepage, they show you like there is Twenty-four hours service but in fact they commit answering you in 24 hours. That’s huge amount time compared to Forex brokers.

The website offers to surfing in 21 languages: Arabic, Czech, German, English, Spanish, Persian, French, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

But their customer service employees can only answer question in English and Russian

Deposit Withdrawal

Unfortunately, you can’t use your bank cards of United States for deposit nor withdrawal. MasterCard issued in Russia isn’t available either.

Minimum commission for deposit or withdrawal is 1%.

You can use many fiat currencies to deposit or withdraw. They are US Dollar, Chinese Yuan (CNY), euros, yen, or ruble.  There isn’t any limit or restriction. You can use Bank cards, E-wallet or Payment systems.

Crex24 DepositConclusion


Crex24 can be still considered new and small compared to others like Binance, Huobi or OKEX. Since they provide customer service in Russian besides English, we can conclude that they target the countries where Russian is widely spoken.

Crex24 cryptocurrency exchange firm has no regulation. Although some other firms got licenses from EU Electronic Money Directive or special licenses from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), rest of firms don’t have any form of licenses and they are the majority.

I hope this Crex24 review was helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

If you have any experience with the firm or any idea without trading experience, don’t hesitate to comment below. So our other readers can also benefit from your precious comment.

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Commissions and fees


Customer Service


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  • Low Fees
  • Various cryptocurrencies


  • Customer service isn't very good
  • No regulation

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