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easyMarkets Review 2024

Established in 2003, easyMarkets has focused on innovation and serving its clients in the best way possible. Striving to offer the best trading products along with a great investment experience. This easyMarkets review 2024 carries all the detailed information you need to know before deciding to open a real account with the broker so make sure to carry on reading.

EasyMarkets is regulated by, not only 1 regulatory organization but by 4 different regulators from 4 different continents around the globe which only proves the level of trust given to easyMarkets. Having one of those licenses from ASIC proves a great certainty in the broker’s ability to prove a good trading transaction to their clients.

I reviewed easyMarkets based on the following criteria.

Along with exclusive risk management tools to help protect your trade and your funds when investing in the forex market.

The broker also offers a mobile application where you can trade on any software, was it IOS or Android, and it works on both. As it gives you access to the markets.

EasyMarkets is an award-winning broker along with being an official partner of Real Madrid football club.

There is also a wide variety of trading instruments in the broker, which also serves cryptocurrency trading. You can trade as CFD on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple. With bitcoin trade, you can make a profit from both the rise and the fall.

In this Easymarkets review 2024, I’ll tell you that the official website is offered to clients in so many different languages including English, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Is easyMarkets safe or scam? What are the account types, spreads, bonuses and withdrawal methods of easy Markets? In this easyMarkets review, you will find answers to these questions.

Regulation and Client Protection

EasyMarkets has regulations in different parts of the world which only proves the higher level of reliability and trust of the broker from different regulators. This is one of the most important topics to discuss in this easyMarkets review and so, you need to make sure to continue reading to make sure that the trading conditions provided are matching your needs.

These licenses are :

  • In Cyprus, easyMarkets is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission “CySEC” (Easy Forex Trading Ltd – License Number 079/07)
  • In Australia by the Australia Securities and Investments Commission “ASIC” (Easy Markets Pty Ltd – AFS License Number 246566) 
  • In the Republic of Seychelles by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles “FSA” (EF Worldwide Ltd – License Number SD056)
  • In the British Virgin Islands by the Financial Services Commission “FSC” (EF Worldwide Ltd – License Number SIBA/L/20/1135)

Having these regulations allows the clients to trade with absolute safety that their funds are being ensured and deposited in the big names of the global banks where they’re kept segregated and separated from the operational accounts and funds from the broker itself.

In addition to all that, a compensation scheme would be in place for any type of financial risk that occurs to the broker or to your funds all to ensure the safety of your investment process and having your funds extremely secure.

These are well-respected regulators that hold high standing among investors around the world. Moreover, obtaining a license from these regulators is a very difficult process. The rules are quite rigid and require a strong financial structure.

It’s one thing to obtain the licenses, however maintaining them, among the ever-changing and updated rules and terms might be a bit challenging for the broker. But in easyMarkets case, maintaining the regulations with its solid base wasn’t too hard.

For example; CySEC regulated brokers are obliged to hold at least 730,000 euros in net capital from bank accounts. This capital must be kept separate from the customer’s funds. In addition, all CySEC-regulated brokers also offer an extra guarantee to their investors as a member of the Investor Compensation Fund.

If the company goes bankrupt, up to 20,000 euros of investors’ money is under guarantee by IFC. Similarly, ASIC-regulated brokers have to keep $1,000,000 in net capital in their accounts.

In addition to the regulation, easyMarkets also focuses on client protection. Like XM Forex, the services it offers are very efficient and useful. So you can trade with a healthy investment psychology. easyMarkets offers tight fixed spreads.

Thus, you will not encounter the problem of spread widening. Especially when important news is released, there is a problem of spread widening in many forex brokers. easy Markets has negative balance protection. At this point, it is not possible to lose more than you have invested. There is also no slippage guarantee.

easyMarkets Account Types

There are 3 different account types offered that I will break down for you through this easyMarkets review, which includes standard, premium, and VIP accounts. You can trade with a VIP account on the MT4 trading platform which is offered on all devices.

The Standard Account

The minimum deposit is AUD$200, which might seem a bit more than the average of the market yet I’d say it’s suitable considering the features and the offers presented by easyMarkets in that regard.

No slippage and a stop loss are also offered with negative balance protection as well as fundamental analysis and technical analysis by trading central.

The Premium Account

The minimum deposit goes up to AUD$ 3,000 with a bit more features on this type of account than those on the standard account. For example, in addition to over-the-phone support, market SMS notifications, a personal account manager, and live chat trading 24/5 are available for use.

The VIP Account

This is the last account type offered by easyMarkets. Here, where the minimum deposit is at its highest as it reaches AUD$ 10,000 and features similar to those of the premium account with the exception that the VIP account can be used on MT4. But in that case, using a VIP account on the MT4 platform will prevent your ability to have no slippage and you also won’t have any guaranteed stop loss.

All account types some shares features that are applied through all the account types and these features include:

  • No commission is added
  • Fixed spreads
  • Over-the-phone customer support
  • The maximum leverage offered is 1:30
  • Slippage, stop loss and negative balance protection
  • Fundamental analysis and technical analysis

However, there is no trading central indicator on any of the accounts.

easyMarkets also offers a Bitcoin Account Base Currency for the trades who trade with cryptocurrencies. Where you can trade with 275+ instruments, all without swapping your Bitcoin for currencies.

Demo account options are available where trades can try out the broker first before deciding to open a real account and invest real money. The main purpose of the demo account is to allow newbie traders or even expert ones to try out new techniques and test their knowledge before going into the world of real forex trading.

easyMarkets Trading Platforms

EasyMarkets offers the best trading platforms in the market. At that point, it’s a no-brainer. Since the broker has already proved its worthiness of trust from its clients. And through this section of this easyMarkets review, I’ll break down the details of the available trading platforms that are offered by easyMarkets.

MT4 is the world’s most famous trading platform also known as the Metatrader4. Not only popular amount professional traders but also among newbie investors seeking the presence of all tools on one platform. The platform is highly customizable which provides options for individuality which separates standard traders from professional ones.

The platform also allows clients with advanced trading knowledge to customize their terminals and display multiple live charts while using technical indicator overlays.

Some of the main features of MT4 are:

  • One-click trading
  • Analysis tools and indicators
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets and PC

MT5 is also presented for use with EasyMarkets as it’s the upgraded version of MT4 yet with different features and higher performance. Including faster processing speeds, more advanced chart indicators and a built-in economic calendar.

In addition to the world’s best and most used platforms, easyMarkets offers its trading platform called easyMarkets web platform where you can trade all from your PC device as it offers tools like deal Cancellation, Freeze Rate, and Inside Viewer.

easyMarkets Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

EasyMarkets offers a fair amount of options for funding the accounts. These options include credit and debit cards, online banking, bank wire transfers, and E-wallet options.

Credit or debit cards include options like VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and AstroPay where you can instantly deposit and withdraw money.

E-wallet systems such as Neteller, Skrill Fasapay, and more are also available and they can be instant or take up to 1 business day to process depending on the chosen e-wallet option.

There are some funding options restricted to certain countries only like FasaPay for Indonesia only, Local deposit for Egypt only, Bitwallet for japan only, and Unionpay for china only.

There are no commission fees applied to any of the deposit methods.

easyMarkets Trading Instruments

The choice to provide versatility and bring your trade g profile different colours through trading in different products is one of the main ideas of trading as it follows the social rule that states to not put all your candy in one basket. And who says it can’t apply to Forex trading too? And so you will find in this easyMarkets review all the information you need to add different trading instruments to your trading portofolio.

The variety of trading products and instruments is a major factor that determines whether the broker is worth trading with or not and in the case of easyMarkets, I’d say the versatility of the trading products makes it a good option for trading.

Forex: You can trade all different types of pairs with easyMarkets including major, minor and exotic pairs too with fixed spreads negative balance protection, and free guaranteed stop loss to stop your deal when reaching the level that you decide.

Shares: unique and exciting CFDs that offer traders a wealth of information including company earning reports and news coverage. Trading shares with easyMarkets gives you a selection of the world’s most popular shares including Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, and more.

Cryptocurrencies: where you can Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more. Maximum Leverage 1:30 without any hidden fees or commissions. Also, you can profit from the rise and fall of the process to make profits.

Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and copper are considered the world’s highly demanded metals. These metals have multiple applications from electronics to jewellery – even your car’s catalytic converter has platinum and palladium in it.

Commodities: Oil, natural gas, and copper along with agricultural products including wheat, sugar, soybean, and more are suitable for trade with easyMarkets.

Indices: you can trade world-known indices from all over the globe including S&P 500, FTSE, NIKKEI, DAX, and NASDAQ. the reason indices are so famous is due to the fact they balance the volatility because they quote the price of different stocks.

easyMarkets Contact and Customer Support

One of the most important factors affecting the relationship between the broker and the trader is communication. And through the detailed data, you will find in this easyMarkets review, you can make sure that you have all the needed knowledge about easyMarkets. In that case, it is the link that attaches the investor to the broker house terms, and rules and finds support when needed.

Here is the exact role of client support to which easyMarkets pays great attention as they’ve always been seeking the provision of the best customer experience in trading.

There is more than just one or two ways to get support and service that can be through sending them emails with your queries the Customer Support mail Not just that, you can also send emails to the affiliates and their compliance teams in case support in those areas were needed. And those emails are stated clearly on the broker’s website.

If emails were a hassle for you, you can always refer to the live chat it provides instant assistance with any topic, and even that can be done through different channels including Facebook messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp.

You can also get in touch via calling customer service on 1300 303 908. Don’t forget to add the country code of Australia where the headquarters is when making a call to client support which is +61.

easyMarkets Contact and Customer Support

easyMarkets provides multiple methods to deliver educational material to beginner traders still new to forex. The options from free e-books to free educational videos and seminars along with articles and webinars are all available for free.

A trading glossary and an FAQ section to answer any pending question in your mind or to help you build a trading technique or a strategy aspired.

You can also participate in a sustainability test where you can find all the needed materials for that test in the knowledge base section at easyMarkets.


In this easyMarkets review, we’ve seen proof that the broker is one of the trusted ones in the market with 4 different licenses from major regulators including ASIC, CySEC, FSA, and FSC. Where easyMarkets guarantees your accounts are segregated and deposited in the big banks safely separate from the broker’s operational funds.

EasyMarkets minimum deposit varies from account to account type. There are 3 easyMarkets account types including the standard account with easyMarkets minimum deposit of AUD$200. The premium account has an easyMarkets minimum deposit of AUD$ 3,000. And the VIP account has an easyMarkets minimum deposit of AUD$ 10,000.

Fixed spreads on all account types and leverage that reaches 1:30. Multiple trading instruments are provided for the most versatile trading profiles for the clients.

Good customer service with always ready to give support, not in just one language, but multiple languages so you don’t need to stress out about communication.

Educational materials were provided in different formats to match your desired one whether that was a video, a seminar, or an article. E-books are also available for free download. Along with exams and tests you can participate in. A glossary to make finding the information easier.

Different funding methods include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, online banking, and e-wallets. MT4 and MT5 and easyMarkets web platforms are all options for the trading platforms that I mentioned in this easyMarkets review 2024, which you can use to trade.

In my opinion, easyMarkets has good requirements for trade, my only comment is funding options didn’t seem to be quite enough. And I couldn’t enter the withdrawal section as I needed to log into the broker. A surprising feature that didn’t find a pleasant place in my easyMarkets review 2024.


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  1. I got ripped off by a scam broker recently it was very difficult to get a withdrawal after several failed attempts. I had to hire a recovery solution firm to get my funds back. Glad I got a refund. ronjacque0atgmaildotcom

  2. I started trading via my live account with Easy Markets for these main reasons:

    1) Their trading platform is basic and clear to trade.

    2) Their assistance is incredibly effective. Call or chat vie live chat from web site with them and they reply to your questions quickly and solve your problems.

    I can truthfully recommend easymarkets based on their professionalism and trust.


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