Regulators: LOFSA

Cryptocurrencies: YES

Minimum Deposit: $100

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Spreads: Medium

My Score: 2.3

FinFX Global is one of the brokers established in 2017. It offers online forex and CFD trading services. I can say a pretty new broker. There is a similarity between FinFX Global and FinFX-Pro. But I should mention that they are not the same company.

The official website of the broker was quite amateur-designed. Since it is one of the newly established brokers, I don’t expect very good design, but obviously I would expect a more professional image.

In this FinFX Global review, you’ll be able to find in-depth information about the broker and trading conditions it offers. What are the account types offered by the broker and their spread and leverage ratio? What are the deposit and withdrawal methods? You will find all answers to these and similar topics in this review. You can also write a comment on the comment tab if you have a problem with this broker.

If you’re ready, let’s start.


The broker is owned and operated by FinFX Global Limited and this company is registered in Malaysia. The company is regulated by LOFSA, local authority in the Malaysia. So I can say FinFX Global is a regulated broker. However, this regulation is not too safe.

Obtaining license from reputable regulators like FCA or ASIC is a challenging process for newly launched brokers. Therefore, these brokers prefer less reputable regulators. This is reasonable but I would expect to see it with more reliable licenses after the process as long as 2 years.

Account Types and Trading Conditions Offered by FinFX Global

FinFX offers 3 different types of accounts: Micro, Pro and FIX. You can see the features of these account types in detail in the table below.

Account type Minimum deposit  Maximum leverageSpreads on EURUSD
Micro $1001:5001.6 pips (No commission)
PRO$1.0001:2000.7 pips + Commission of $5.50 / lot (round turn)
Fix$10.0001:100 1 pips + commission of $5.50 / 1 lot (round turn)

The Micro account type is similar to the standard account type found on other brokers. The maximum leverage offered in this account type is 1: 500. Spreads is the average of forex industry with 1.6 pips. In other types of accounts, there is a commission cost as a round turn as well as spreads. The minimum trade size in this account type is 0.01 lot, which is equal to 1000 units so this is not a kind of nano account. Nano lots which are equals to 0.001 lot are not offered by the broker.

The minimum deposit amount depends on the account type. In Micro account, this amount is 100 dollars while is $ 1000 in Pro Account. There are minimum deposit limit which is higher in Fix account as much as 10.000 dollars. But in Fix account type, I don’t see a good offer worth it.

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