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You’ve been reading everything about forex on this blog (FBL – ForexBrokersLab) for a long time. The purpose of opening the blog was to share my knowledge and experience in the forex market. Because many years ago when I first stepped into the forex market I could not have found enough information about forex trading. I’m writing this blog to tell you about forex and to give my views on brokers so that everyone can understand. Now the number of visitors to my blog is over 100k per month.

In particular, I didn’t expect my broker reviews to get so much attention. Most of the e-mails that come to me are questions about broker reviews. I try to answer each one in detail.

After all these experiences I understood that investors want to choose the best when choosing brokers. I decided to choose the best among forex brokers by evaluating the suggestions. Feedback and voting from you was also very important in terms of evaluation process. So I decided to launch a survey.

Survey of Best Forex Broker Rated by Traders

During the past 3 months a survey has been published in my blog. This survey was about the criteria that the investors cared about the most when selecting a broker to open account at. In addition, the following questions were asked to investors: which 5 brokers do you think that meet these criteria?

114.359 traders participated in the survey. According to the answers, the most important issue for investors was the withdrawal. Traders were also asked questions about regulation, customer support and spreads.

Based on the outcome of this extensive project, the best forex broker was chosen by investors.

Best Forex Broker Award to IPT Markets

Dozens of criteria were considered when choosing the best forex broker. Order execution speed, withdrawal speed, trading platforms, payment methods, spreads and commissions, customer service quality and more. All of these criteria were carefully examined and reliability, withdrawal speed, and withdrawal procedures were also given extra importance. Thus, it was aimed to overcome the problem of choosing reliable brokers, which is the most important problem among investors today.

IPT Markets was undoubtedly one of the most trended brokers in 2018. I can say that the quality of the service in overall is very high. Also 50% welcome bonus is offered for the initial funding. This bonus is also very useful for investors who want to try IPT Markets. The withdrawal process is quite fast and the withdrawal procedures are quite easy.

In addition, IPT Markets is very active in sponsorships for sports competitions. For example, the Company is main sponsor of Asian Sailing Competition Hong Kong. The company also offers support for a number of other local and international sports events.

For all these reasons, I genuinely believe that IPT Markets deserves the award for the Best Forex Broker in 2019.


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