Best Forex No Deposit Bonus 2020 and Other Bonuses

I am going to show you forex bonus opportunities of top 20 forex brokers according to Top Forex Broker List I made. If the name of the company doesn’t appear in the article although it finds a place in top 20, this means the broker hasn’t any bonus or promotion available. Note that many bonuses and promotions have a time limit. So this type of article requires updating regularly. That’s exactly what I am going to do.

Every forex trader, regardless of trading experience and strategy, wonders about forex bonus promotions offered by the brokers. Some brokers offer a certain amount of credit under the name of the bonus after their investors open an account and fund their forex trading account.

Which no deposit bonus forex 2020 is available? Is there a forex free bonus no deposit 2020? How much a forex brokers bonus can give an edge to you? I updated the list of best brokers with the no deposit forex broker. Continue reading for learning about the best bonuses and promotions. Let’s look at the forex no deposit bonus 2020 together.

There are even forex brokers that give you a bonus without making a deposit. This bonus is not allowed to be withdrawn but it allows you to trade with a larger account in addition to the original deposit. In another meaning, it is additional leverage. That’s why the free bonus issue is considered important by some investors.

Forex companies that give bonuses without depositing money call this situation “no deposit bonus”. If you get a no deposit bonus, you will not be able to withdraw this money. Otherwise, everyone will open an account and withdraw the bonus without making any deposits or making any transactions/trade. After all, in order for the system to work fairly, there must be a deposit limit in addition to this bonus, and an obligation to make a certain volume of trades.

Assume that you opened a new account, they can grant you $30 bonus immediately and then a 100% bonus up to a $5,000 deposit. For example, when you open an account with $5,000, you will get another $5,000 as a credit. And total, you will have $10.000. With this, you double your leverage. In fact, the correct use of bonuses should be like this. Bonuses are not like free money. With bonuses, you will increase your leverage without taking any risk from the trades you have opened.

Let’s say you deposited $ 100 to your account. The broker you are working with also gave you a 30%bonus. Now you got $ 130 in total right? You can’t withdraw this $ 30 but you can withdraw its profit. If you are allowed to withdraw $30, then you have to trade a certain number of lots.

I see complaints from investors who think otherwise. They’re saying “I deposited $ 100 and they added my bonus. Next day, when I want to withdraw all of my money, they don’t allow me to do it.” It must be like this because it’s pointless to abuse that bonus. When receiving a bonus, investment psychology should be like this: “I deposited $ 100 but I can trade like I have $ 130.”

In addition to these, there are also a bunch of forex companies that provide bonuses. But most of them are unregulated. They are doing it because they can’t find other sources of attraction. And in this way they are trying to attract investors. But I think this is a short-term solution because they promise too many bonuses and they can’t give them to their investors. They hide sentences between the lines which leads the forex bonus campaigns ineffective. Because of this, forex brokers that giving too much bonus could be a problem. Instead of this it would be wise to choose forex bonus campaigns that are modest and trustworthy.

Free bonus is very important for investors but I think finding a trustable broker is more important than factors like spread, bonus and leverage. Choosing a broker just because it offers a higher bonus might be the wrong choice. I warn investors about this situation almost with every blog post I write. Because like I said, security of your investments should come first. Bonus shouldn’t be the only criteria while choosing a forex company to invest.

Also please comment below for your previous experiences with bonuses and promotions.

BrokerBonusSpreadsMax LeverageRegulationMy ScoreAction

XM Forex

$30 no deposit bonus
bonus after traded 500 lots






10% for $300 account (The Middle East)
30% for $100 account (Greater China & South Asia)
30% for $300 account (Africa & Southeastern Asia)






$30 welcome bonus
 Trader of the month $1000
NFP Machine contest $500






10x points for Qantas Airline for every $1 initial deposit






deposit $250, get $2 rebate for every lot traded
 30% Rescue Program for $50 deposit & more






10% equity bonus for new account
20% discount for trading commissions
 100% equity bonus for 11th Anniversary bonus 






Refer a friend and earn CHF 100 credit each






Refer a friend and earn up to $750







$50 welcome bonus 
%100 deposit bonus 
deposit $5000 and trade 500 lots, get iPhone X








$25 welcome bonus
 for initial deposit of $100 







10% credit bonus for every $100 deposit






CMC Markets

Refer a friend and earn $250 each







$30 welcome bonus for $10 initial deposit 
Coupons for MQL5 Signals
after deposit $300 



CySEC, IFSC Belize



FP Markets

10% Credit bonus for $200 - $50,000 deposit
Trade 10 lots
with standard FX account get VPS service reimbursement 
Refer a friend 
and earn depending on deposit





Categories of Forex Bonuses

After all this information, we can group the bonuses as follows. This grouping will allow you to better understand the bonus types and choose the one that suits you. Thus you can take advantage of the advantages of the bonus you have used.

Welcome Bonus

Forex welcome bonus is the type of bonus given for initial investments. Usually, it is higher than the deposit bonus. Similar to the deposit bonus, usually presented as a percentage. So when you trade for the first time in a broker, you will be protected a little from adverse effects. If you are satisfied, then it is an important factor in choosing this institution. Therefore, this bonus is paid attention by brokers. It is important that it is the moment of the first meeting with the investor.

No Deposit Bonus

There is no need to deposit money to win a no deposit forex bonus. Brokers offering this bonus usually offer a bonus of around $ 30. The purpose of investors’ use of no deposit bonus is not to make money or trade without risk.

The main purpose here in forex bonus no deposit is to examine the trading conditions in the broker. So you can have an idea about the broker and test the trading platforms. In fact, this bonus goal is similar to the purpose of a demo account. While using a demo account, the goal is to test yourself.

However, this is not realistic because there is no real money in the demo account. Both the demo account and the no deposit bonus are no risk however you have the opportunity in one. In the type of deposit bonus, if you trade successfully, you will be able to withdraw money after you have achieved a certain amount of your winnings. No deposit bonus forex is that you are testing both yourself and the broker. Here I listed no deposit bonus forex brokers of top 20 brokers by my score given in the reviews I made.

Another issue that investors wonder is forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit 2020. Every customer wants to withdraw broker bonus no deposit.

XM Forex No Deposit Bonus

XM Forex bonus provides $30 for a real account without depositing any money. Although the campaign is only available for new clients, I believe XM Forex is one of the most generous brokers. Also, there is no restraint for withdrawal. You can get all the money you earn from this bonus.

When you have a verified account and you can get 100% bonus up to $5,000 with trading 500 lots. But if you withdraw the profit you make, your bonus will be eliminated according to your withdrawal. But you must trade at least 500 lots to get 100% of the bonus and also you have only 30 days to reach this number. After 30 days, you have three months to redeem your bonus.

XM No Deposit Bonus

FBS New Customer Campaign

FBS gives two different options. One is $50 Bonus for new customers. After your membership is approved, $50 will be transmitted to your account. You can withdraw your profits after trading operations of 2 lots and after you profited $25. $123 bonus is another forex no deposit bonus. You have to benefit from this bonus in 7 days. Then your bonus will be abolished and your profit will be loaded to your account. But, you will only withdraw the profit on the first day of every month and there is a limit to that. You can only withdraw ‘traded lots of last month *3’. For example, if you traded 20 lots you will be able to withdraw $60.


Tickmill bonus offers $30 welcome bonus for new clients without depositing money. After all the profits are yours.

Finq Free Bonus

Finq bonus will let you gain $25 welcome bonus if you have a verified account in Finq. But, you have to claim your bonus in three months. Also, you can’t withdraw all the money. For example, $200 is your deposit money and $25 is your bonus money. If you make $10 profit, you are able to withdraw $210 which is sum of your deposit money and profit. Unfortunately, many countries can’t take advantage of this forex free bonus. Canada, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Russian Federation, Turkey and the United States are the countries are unlucky enough to be in the list.

Even if you are a professional forex trader. There is always something to learn from talented traders. You can also gain webinar bonuses which are the online version of seminars. You can read my Finq review for more detail. 

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is usually offered as a percentage by forex brokers. If you make a deposit, you will earn a bonus at certain times. For example; If a forex broker offers a 20% deposit bonus, you will get $ 200 when you invest $ 1000. Other conditions may vary by company. Some companies are constantly giving deposit bonus, while some companies only issue bonus campaigns in some periods. Generally, the bonus can’t be withdrawn as money. This may vary from one firm to another, and some companies are putting a limit on trading a particular lot. For example; The company says you that when you trade 500 lots, you can withdraw this bonus as money. There are brokers who rarely make this a no deposit bonus type. This type of bonus is usually applied when the economic calendar is to disclose important data. Thus, investors will be able to better evaluate this period, as well as brokers.

FXTM Deposit Bonus

When it comes to ForexTime has an interesting way to hand out bonuses. The broker has various bonus options depending on your region. For the Middle Eastern Region, they offer 10% deposit bonus if you have an account that values $300 or more. However, for customers from the Greater China region and South Asia, there are better options: 30% forex bonus deposit for people who fund $100.

FXTM bonus also provides a similar option for Africans and Southeastern Asians, but they have to open an account of more than $300. If you want to learn more about the broker, you can read my FXTM review

Pepperstone Bonus

If you are a new client, Pepperstone deposit bonus offers you something impressive. For every $1 of your initial deposit, you will earn 10 points from Australia’s flag carrier Qantas Airline. But, there is a maximum limit to earn: 50,000. There is more than that in Pepperstone bonus. For every lot you trade on Forex trading, you will earn extra ten points. Many of our readers wonder whether pepperstone no deposit bonus or pepperstone welcome bonus exist But unfortunately, I have to say no, it doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, keep in touch with this article or subscribe to our notifications to not miss best forex bonus.

HotForex Supercharged Bonus

Hot Forex brokers bonus provides many opportunities and they explain the conditions thoroughly.

One of them is Supercharged Bonus and it’s for every client. It doesn’t matter whether an initial $250 deposit or further deposits of $250. You can rebate $2 for every lot traded. But, a maximum limit applied for rebates. Totally you can withdraw $8,000. Also, there is the maximum amount of bonus which is $50,000.

The other HotForex bonus one is 30% Rescue Program. The program is for all customers. But, if customers have multiple accounts, they can use this program for only one of them. Also, the program is available for deposits which exceed $50. The total amount of bonus is $7,000.

Finally, I will explain Credit Bonus. There isn’t a time limit, but the volume requirement. You need an initial deposit that values at least $100 or equivalent in other currency. The bonus is only available for FIX account, Premium, Micro and Islamic accounts.

Dukascopy Equity Bonus

There are abundances of bonuses offered by the Swiss firm Dukascopy. But, I can’t continue without mentioning that they are clearly declared on their website.

Equity Bonus provides you to get 10% bonus for equity of account. But, you need to apply for the bonus in 30 days after crediting your account lastly.

Another Dukascopy bonus is Volume trading commission discount program, you can get 20% discount for trading commissions. But, you have to reach the required trading volume in one year.

For 11th anniversary of Dukascopy, you can apply for Anniversary bonus if you deposited more money than your withdrawal in the last 30 days. If you are eligible, you would enjoy a notable offer which is 100% bonus of the account equity.

Refer your friend zeroes your trading commission fee until the sum of discounts reaches $100. You have to find someone who will open a live account from Dukascopy Bank.

easyMarkets New Client Bonus

For new clients, if you deposit more than $100, you deserve to earn easyMarkets bonus. The bonus rate depends on your deposit amount, but the maximum amount is limited with $2,000.

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus

Do you want your account to be two times more effective? FBS Bonus offers you 100% deposit bonus.

Finq First-time Bonus

After trading with your first deposit, first-time deposit bonus of Finq will be automatically transferred to your account. Minimum deposit is $100 and that amount will make you gain $20 bonus. However, if you deposit $25,000, you would earn $4,000 bonus.

HYCM 10% Credit Bonus

HYCM bonus offers 10% bonus as credit for every $100 fund you make. Also, you can get $5,000 at most. But, this bonus is only available for HYCM Limited which is licensed under Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Unfortunately, customers of Henyep Capital Markets Limited of UK and HYCM Limited of Europe can’t benefit from this bonus opportunity. Also, the company has the rule to get you continuing bonus. After you earn $1,000 bonus, you have to trade thirty lots in sixty days to continue getting bonuses.

RoboForex $30 Welcome Bonus

You need to have a verified account and deposit your first $10 to benefit from this RoboForex bonus. For your initial fund, the firm will grant you $30 welcome bonus.

Also, the firm provides protection bonus up to 50% and there isn’t a deposit amount requirement. You just need to deposit to get the bonus. 25% bonus for up to $300, 50% for more than $300 deposit.

You can earn the classic bonus for your initial and other deposits. 50% bonus for up to $300 , 100% bonus after $300, 115% bonus after $500. However, the maximum value of the bonus is $50,000.

FP Markets Credit Bonus

Get your 10% Credit bonus for your amount $200 – $50,000 deposit if you are a new client. This FP Markets bonus is valid only for MT4 users.


The main aim of forex trading companies’ promotions is to making trading more exciting. They offer you smartphones, coupons for signals, trader of the month award or partnering bonus.

Tickmill Trader of the month

Well, if you trust yourself, you can be Trader of the month. The company will check your skills like how much profits you made, how do you manage your money and how do you deal with risks. Assuming that you were really best in these areas in last month, you will receive $1,000 prize. But demo accounts don’t count. Since emotions play the minimum role on demo accounts, it’s easier to decide rationally on your demo account. You need to realize this success when you have a real account.

FBS Partner bonus

After your deposited $5000 and traded 500 lots, FBS presents you iPhone X with 256 GB.

Also, would you like to earn $3000 with partnering FBS? Partner bonus is for you. It’s up to you by finding clients for FBS. If their total amount of turnover in a month reaches $100,000 and total traded lots reach 1000, you can earn three grands. However, if you can’t reach this point, don’t be sorry. There are two non-ambitious options more: $50,000 turnover and 500 lots would make you gain $1,000 or $25,000 turnover and 250 lots will let you earn $500.

RoboForex Coupon Promotion

To get RoboForex Coupons for MQL5 Signals, you have to deposit $300 after opening a verified account with filling all the required personal information. Then you should apply for the coupon by sending a request.

FP Markets Reimbursement

If you trade at least 10 lots with your standard FX account or 20 lots with your RAW FX account, the broker is willing you to give the money you paid for VPS service. But there is a maximum limit for your reimbursement.

Forex Contests

Would you like to have fun while earning money? Then, forex contests are for you. Assuming you won a forex contest, there are two possibilities. The firm can grant you money that you can withdraw or credit for trading. You can join competition of trading, live trading performance, market analysis or guessing the price of an asset. Before, many forex firms were granting special bonus also. But, currently, this is quite rare.

Tickmill’s NFP machine

Let’s play a game! Tickmill’s NFP machine is kind of a game that will test guessing skills. Expansion of NFP is Nonfarm Payroll. Every month the markets highly affected by United States’s NFP statement. After thirty minutes of this statement, Tickmill will pick a trading instrument and will ask you to guess its price. If you guess the exact price, you will get $500. If no one is able to guess right, owner of closest guess will get $200.

Tickmill's Nonfarm Payroll Game

Refer a Friend


If you have already an account in Swissquote, I have good news for you. Find someone interested in trading and sponsor him/her for a live account. This will make both of you earn CHF 100 Credits. The good thing is there is no limit for a number of your friends. You will get the same amount of money for a new account you sponsored.


You can refer your friends to easyMarkets and earn up to $750.


Find someone to open an account in CMC Markets then gets $250 bonus each for yourself and your friend. Good thing is, there is no limit for this bonus.

FP Markets

They want you to tell your friend about the firm if you are satisfied with their service. There are two different bonus types by platforms: standard IRESS account referral bonus and standard MT4/MT5 referral bonus. In standard IRESS account, you and your friend will receive $100 each. But for standard MT4/MT5 account, the broker only grants money to you depending on your friend’s initial deposit. Between $500 – $999 deposit, you will get $50 bonus. The firm will give you $100 for $1000 – $2499, $200 for $2500 – $9999 and $300 for more than $10,000 initial deposit.

What is Forex No Deposit Bonus?

Forex no deposit bonus is a type of bonus that can be benefit without requiring any deposit. It is a tradable bonus in live forex accounts.

What is the best no deposit bonus forex 2020?

There are so many no deposit bonus forex offered by the forex brokers. You can find all in this article. It includes the best forex bonuses.

Is it possible to withdraw forex no deposit bonus profit?

Yes some brokers let withdraw no deposit bonus profit. For example XM Forex. But if you withdraw the profit you make, your bonus will be eliminated according to your withdrawal.

What is Deposit Bonus?

The deposit bonus is the type of bonus given by the forex brokers as a percentage usually. It varies from broker to broker. This article has also the deposit bonuses.

What is Welcome Bonus in Forex?

The welcome bonus is the type of bonus given in the initial deposit. When you work with a new broker, you can benefit from this first investment bonus.

How to claim Pepperstone Bonus?

If you refer someone to Pepperstone and they fund their account with more than USD1,000 (or equivalent) plus trade at least five standard FX lots, Pepperstone will deposit USD100 (or equivalent) into your trading account to say thanks.

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