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Best Forex Bonuses in 2024

The best forex bonus is usually the one established by reputable forex brokers and you’d see them in the Top Forex Broker List I made. However, if one of the brokers on that list doesn’t make it to this article, it’d mean they simply don’t offer any kind of forex bonuses on their websites. You can find information like best forex deposit bonus, no deposit forex bonus and more. Make sure to read along to get all the information in details that will benifit you in your trade.

Notice: normally the bonuses and promotions offered by a forex broker are usually under a time limit. And hence I highly recommend frequent information updates from the investors’ side.

What is a Forex Bonus and What Should You Understand?

The basic concept behind any forex bonus offers is to make the investors gain more money and hence attract more clients to whichever broker house provides a better bonus. And so, Forex Bonuses are those kinds of offers made by brokers to their clients and new ones to encourage more investments and more income.

Forex bonuses and promotions benefit investors regardless of their trading style or strategy.

There’s a type of forex bonus offers which is called forex deposit bonus which offers credit to newly joined investors to start trading in their newly opened accounts.

Some forex brokers go as far as even to present a bonus for new accounts without making a deposit yet, that bonus isn’t allowed to be withdrawn. the whole purpose of it is to start the trading transactions and gain profit only then you can withdraw the gained profit. In other words, it represents additional leverage to the traders. And that whole bonus type is called a no-deposit bonus.

Technically, 2 types of bonuses are divided to deposit and no deposit forex bonus. which represent the main types of forex bonus offers. yet, some new types of forex bonuses are emerging like welcome bonuses, forex contests, and other promotions. With that being said allow me to stress the point that not all forex broker with bonus is offering the bonus you’re looking for or to be trusted in that sense. make sure to check all the information about the brokers before deciding to deal with them.

And here, in this article, I broke down the forex bonus types of reputable forex brokers and brokers with no deposit bonus and all about the included features, so here we have the best forex bonuses in 2024.

Best Forex Bonuses in 2024

In this article, I have found and listed the“best forex bonus” in 2024.

  • Categories of Forex Bonus Offers:
    • Consideration of Important Terms and Conditions for Each Bonus Type
    • Explanation of Bonus Types
      • Specify the types of bonuses offered
  • Ranking Criteria:
    • Evaluation of the Most Reliable Brokers
    • Assessment of Advantages Offered by Bonuses

I hope you make great profits after reading this article.

1. XM Forex – $50 No Deposit Bonus and 50%+20% Deposit Bonus

Since XM is one of the most preferred brokers in the forex market, considering also presenting one of the most favourable bonus types to traders which is no deposit forex bonus, it makes sense that XM is holding a great place in the forex market. And in return, XM offers its investors both no deposit and deposit bonuses.

$50 no deposit bonus offered by XM Forex. For this type of bonus, you don’t really need to make any deposit to claim it. No wonder it’s one of the “best forex bonus” in the market.

All you need to do for this bonus is to open an account and confirm it. After using the bonus to trade, you can easily withdraw the profit afterwards.

Then we have the second type of forex bonus provided by XM which is the deposit bonus. A two-tier type of deposit bonus offers a 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and a 20% deposit bonus up to $4500 or currency equivalent, in which both are combined to give you a considerable $5000 on top of your investment to start trading with more capital.

Note that: “Clients registered under the EU-regulated entity of the Group are not eligible for the bonus”

2. FXTM – Loyalty Program

FXTM is also one of the most preferred forex brokers in the market. It continues to attract investors with various forex bonuses.

This bonus type offered by FXTM is called the loyalty program. If you get more out of trading with real, withdrawable cash. The more you trade, the more you get paid. With that being said, the title “best forex bonus” can be easily said in association with this type of bonus.

FXTM bonus promotion offers you to get $2-$5 cashback per every completed lot as it also gives you the chance to win up to $10,000 at level 5 of trading as you can trade through five loyalty levels with larger rewards at every stage.

to claim your bonus you should:

  • sign up for a new account, or log in to MyFXTM.
  • Register for the FXTM Loyalty program after you read and accept the T&Cs.
  • Trade and receive your weekly cashback.

3. Tickmill – $30 No Deposit Bonus

The $30 welcome account is the same as the $30 no-deposit bonus offered by Tickmill. This no deposit forex bonus is offered to newly joined investors and it can only be claimed once. It’s the type of bonus that would allow you to only withdraw the profits.

Generally, new beginners in the forex market refer to call the no deposit forex bonus as to be the “best forex bonus” for their needs, especially if the trader wants to try out the market without risking real funds or having a demo account.

Another type of bonus offered by Tickmill is the trader of the month bonus and it’s rewarded to the best investor among the broker’s skilled clients which is a $1000 prize. And this bonus type won’t is present in the automated system and so you’ll need to contact the account manager for a claim.

4. Pepperstone – Active Trader Rebate Program

Even though Pepperstone does not offer a forex welcome deposit nor a Pepperstone no deposit bonus. It has a one-of-a-kind program presented to its investors based on earning discounts and getting daily refunds. This program goes under the name Active trader program.

In the Active Trader Program, the discount will depend on the number of lots you trade every month. The more you trade the higher the commission discount would be. There are 3 tiers within the program depending on the loot volume.

You can earn a 10% cash refund per lot for less than 200 forex lots per month. If you have a volume of 200-1500 lots per month, you can earn % a 20 discount per lot.

Pepperstone offers the refer-a-friend program which can allow you and your friend to earn up to $1000 when your friend opens a new account under your referral and meet the deposit and trade requirements. Yet the absence of Pepperstone no deposit bonus is making it a matter of second thoughts to traders.

5. HotForex – 50% welcome bonus, 100% Credit Bonus and more

Hot forex is one of the brokers with deposit bonus that goes under the name of a welcome bonus or also known as a deposit forex bonus between traders where 50% is added automatically once you open an account with a $50 deposit. And so, Hotforex’s clients seem to be calling this the “best forex bonus” they can use with the broker.

Another type of bonus by Hotforex is a 100% supercharged bonus where you can earn daily cash refunds of $2 per lot directly to your account. That bonus applies to every deposit of $250 or more. That type of bonus, like the welcome bonus, is also automatically triggered and calculated.

Forex bonus offers are many, and the third type of bonus here is the 30% rescue bonus, which applies to deposits over $50 and can also contain additional (stop-out bonus)for qualifying accounts. This type of rescue bonus contains a maximum cumulative bonus of $7k.

The last type of bonus offered by Hotforex is the 100% credit bonus which can be withdrawn if the volume requirements are met. This bonus type also increases the account leverage and makes the stop level on the cash balance zero successfully.

6. FBS – 100% Deposit Bonus

FBS offers a 100% deposit bonus that helps its investors to double their funds and hence double their profit.

A good thing about this bonus is that it doesn’t have any expiry date. So you can apply any time you decide to open an account and deposit your funds and then you can get this bonus.

Since the bonus amount is 100% of the deposited amount. It practically doubles the funds you deposit but the same amount. Which helps in more investments and hence more profit. This can be considered the best forex deposit bonus in the market or one of them for sure, offering 100% is a great advantage for traders dealing with FBS.

This deposit bonus is credited automatically upon request. Using the above link, register your account and then verify it. Then make sure to request forex bonus offers from the broker upon opening an account and funding it. This bonus type might be included in the “best forex bonus” category for traders who prioritize having a deposit bonus on their accounts.

7. Dukascopy – Bonus Programs

Dukascopy is one of the forex brokers that offer many options for forex bonus offers promotions as it allows its investors to choose the best match for their account conditions.

The first type of bonus is the Equity bonus and which offers the opportunity to get a 10% bonus of the account equity for self-trading accounts. The investors can apply for the equity bonus within 30 days of their last account funding. But there must be no withdrawals after the deposit is made.

The second bonus type is called the Volume trading commission discount program in which the broker’s self-trading investors can get up to 20% discount on volume trading commissions. This type of bonus can also be applied within 30 days from the last deposit. And the deposit should be the last operation on the account.

The third bonus is called the Anniversary bonus. Dukascopy celebrates its 10th anniversary and it offers its clients an opportunity to get a %100 bonus of the account equity. The bonus amount is 100% of the client’s current equity in the account when the client claims a bonus.

The last bonus offered by Dukascopy is Refer your friend bonus. if a friend you refer started trading with Dukascopy, you will have a 100% discount for your future trading commission till the total amount of the discount which is $100 has reached.

8. EasyMarkets – Deposit Bonus

EasyMarkets provide 4 types of forex bonus offers to its investors which vary in amount and situation and so it can help different traders at different points in time while trading which makes it easy and more profitable to trade with EasyMarkets.

The first bonus offered by EasyMarkets is the first deposit bonus. And it mainly contains 3 categories based on different amounts of deposits.

  • If you deposit $100-$199: you can get a 30% bonus with minimum credit provided of $30 and a maximum credit of $60.
  • If you deposit $200-$1000: you can get a 50% bonus with minimum credit provided of $100 and a maximum credit of $500.
  • If you deposit $1001-$5000: you can get a 40% bonus with minimum credit provided of $400 and a maximum credit of $2000.

There is also a partnership program, refer a friend, and no swap fees bonus offered by EasyMarkets you can find all the details if you click the link above and log into the company’s website.

Unfortunately, the broker here doesn’t offer a no-deposit forex bonus. Bonuses are for trading purposes only. They cannot be withdrawn, they are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you don’t complete any trade after 30 days from the day that you get the bonus, EasyMarkets will debit the Bonus amount.

9. HYCM – 10% Credit Bonus

HYCM offers its clients a %10 Credit Bonus on every deposit that they make over $100. The maximum amount of bonus that clients get is $5,000. Being a credit bonus puts it in the best forex deposit bonus category.

Profits can be withdrawn but the bonus can’t. For every $1,000 bonus, the client will be required to trade 30 standard lots within 60 days, otherwise HYCM reserves the right to reverse the bonus given to clients.

This bonus offer is only applicable to clients of HYCM Limited, regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

10. InstaForex – 100% deposit Bonus and Other Bonuses

InstaForex offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit made after opening an account which also goes by the name of the welcome bonus. You can withdraw the profit but can’t withdraw the reward itself. This bonus is offered to investors only once when they open their accounts with InstaForex. Unfortunately, Instaforex doesn’t offer a no-deposit forex bonus within its list of bonuses offered.

There are 2 other types of forex bonus offers on every deposit that can be obtained more than once: the 55% bonus and the 30% bonus. Even though both bonuses are offered on every deposit, the one major difference noticed was that the maximum leverage offered, where max. The leverage in the 55% bonus was 1:200, while in the 30% bonus was 1:1000.

Also, the stop-out levels were noticed to be different in both types of bonuses, it was 100% in the 55% bonus and it reached 10% in the 30% bonus.

The last type of bonus offered by the broker is the InstaForex club bonus which can be obtained for every deposit, hence adding it to the best forex deposit bonus category. With a maximum leverage of 1:100 and a stop out of 10%, this bonus can be provided up to 40%.

11. Finq – Welcome and First Deposit Bonus

Finq offers a welcome bonus of $50 that’s available for clients who open an account and complete the verification and compliance. This bonus is available for immediate trading and isn’t restricted to deposits or their amounts. In other words, this type of promotion goes under the name no deposit forex bonus, which seems to be favourable to new traders and beginners in the forex market.

For example, you deposit $100 and you get a bonus of $50 so you make a $12.5 profit. and so you can withdraw $112.5 as the amount of the bonus isn’t withdrawable.

Another bonus offered by Finq is the first-time deposit bonus which is available when you’re fully registered your account and have deposited the minimum amount. You can withdraw the bonus only in case you have reached the trading volume required for the whole amount of the bonus granted ($20k in volume round trip for every dollar of the bonus) all of this must take place within 30 days.

The last type of bonus offered by Finq is the pending bonus, which isn’t always available except when you reached the exact amount of points in a predefined period of time.

12. RoboForex – Deposit Bonus

Roboforex offers a deposit bonus to its investors with the freedom to choose the amount of the bonus they want from a variety of forex bonus offers amounts of 20%- 50%- 100% and 120%. Yet a no-deposit forex bonus doesn’t seem to be offered at Roboforex.

The percentage of the deposited sum can be received when investors make deposits via an automatic depositing system in the member’s area after opening an account. And that’s the only way of depositing that enables the investor to be receptible to the bonus.

Make sure you apply for the deposit bonus when filling out the depositing form upon opening an account so the bonus would be added automatically.

13. CMC Markets – $150 refer a friend Bonus

CMC Markets offers $150 when you refer your friend to trade with CMC Markets. And so both you and your friend would get a chance to win the amount of the bonus.

All you need to do is send your code to a friend and once they start opening an account, making a deposit, and trading with CMC Markets, the bonus will be added directly to both of the accounts.

Despite the presence of a refer-your-friend bonus, a no-deposit forex bonus isn’t offered at CMC markets.

14. Grand Capital – 40% Every Deposit Bonus

Grand Capital offers a $40 deposit bonus to its investors on their live accounts to enable more profit.

The bonus has been going on for several years within the broker’s accounts it has deserved the ultimate trust of the clients that have been trading with the company since its foundation in 2006.

The profits done after the bonus is added to the accounts are for sure withdrawable. Yet the amount of the bonus itself isn’t.

The bonus is available for currency trading, stock, and trading signals.

Client reviews on the broker and the offered bonus are very reassuring and all very positive reviews of better profits made after the addition of the bonus.

The bonus term can be extended every 6 months and it can be claimed by receiving a $3/ 1 lot traded. The minimum deposit to obtain that bonus is $100. However, the presence of no deposit forex bonus doesnt seem to be offered via Grand Capital.

15. OctaFX – 50% Deposit Bonus

OctaFX offers a 50% bonus on each deposit made to the live accounts where you can withdraw the bonus profits and obtain the bonus instantly after trading the required volume.

Once you open your MT4 account with OctaFX and deposit funds using the various payment options that are presented by the broker, with a minimum deposit of $50, you automatically activate your 50% bonus on the account.

Conditions might vary depending on the level of professionalism of the traders.

In the case of continuous trading, you might be able to withdraw the amount of the bonus. But, you’ll need to trade a specific number of lots to withdraw the bonus. The number of lots needed is calculated as follows:

Standard lot number= Bonus amount in USD/ 2.

Understanding Forex Bonuses

The main reason any forex broker would offer forex bonus offers in any shape, form, or even amount is basically to reach more investors and hence increase profit and reputability. And so trading for the investors becomes way more profitable than it would have been with only the deposited funds. Additionally, when investors want to try a new forex broker and minimize the risk they tend to add the offered bonuses to their accounts.

Some forex brokers offer no deposit bonuses which are given to newly opened accounts to encourage investments and new traders to try out the broker. Normally that type of bonus isn’t withdrawable yet it’s tradable. So you can use it to invest in forex or CFDs and withdraw the profits later. And to make it fair for all trades, it’s only logical to make some deposit limit and a certain volume for trades.

Some brokers would grant $30 directly after opening an account and then a 100% bonus after the first deposit of up to $5k.

So, let’s say you’ll open an account with $5k, you’d get another %5k as a credit. So in total, you’d have $10k to trade with. Through this, you’re doubling the leverage. And here lies the trick, in fact, this is the right way to use the bonuses. Remember they’re not free money, using bonuses will increase the leverage and minimize the risk from the trades you opened.

A general rule of the bonuses is that they’re non-withdrawable. So in case, you want to withdraw the bonus amount, the rule is to trade a certain volume of lots or it won’t happen.

The complaints from newbies in investment about their inability to withdraw the bonus seem to be a lack of information. As the main purpose of the bonuses, as we mentioned earlier, is to allow higher investments and hence higher profits which can be withdrawn.

Please note the list above of bonus-providing brokers are not the only brokers offering bonuses yet the ones provided here are the most reputable worldwide and more importantly regulated by world-renowned regulators. Basically, the unregulated brokers use the bonus to attract investors as they don’t have many options available. However, the bonus promises aren’t even kept at some broker houses, and that leads to a bad investing experience and hence withdrawn investments.

Finding a trustable forex broker is more important than spreads, leverage, or bonus. But since free bonuses are important to investors, so it only makes sense to find a dependable forex broker house to trade with. Choosing the broker based on the number of bonuses they offer isn’t the right way, as investments’ security should be placed at the top of the priorities list of the trades.

What are the Pros of forex bonuses:

  • A risk-free test before opening a real account.
  • No deposit bonuses allow the mentality of real and not demo account trades.
  • Increasing leverage by deposit bonuses.
  • Thanks to the Rebate programs, you can reduce the cost by getting back some of the commissions you have paid.

What are the Cons of forex bonuses:

  • Scam brokers can attract your attention by offering generous bonuses.
  • Terms and conditions should be well controlled.

Forex Bonuses

Categories of Forex Bonuses

With all the forex bonus offers provided by the forex brokers in the market, it’s possible to have them all confused, which is normal, given all those types and rates and categories. Remember that each type of forex bonus offer might be the “best forex bonus” category for different groups and traders in the forex market.

But let me help to make things a bit organized in your mind.

No Deposit Bonus

It’s the type of bonus offered to try out the forex broker without risking your own money.

Deposit Bonus

It’s the type of bonus offered by the forex broker when you deposit in your account to encourage deposits.

Rebate Programs

In the Rebate program, you will earn cash rebates per lot according to your trading volume.

Promotions and Others

You can find various awards, forex contests and other types of bonuses in this forex bonus category.

No Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit forex bonus is pretty much self-explanatory. You don’t need to make any deposits to get this type of bonus as it’s mainly used to trade without risk and to experiment with the conditions of the broker house.

The amount of this forex bonus is usually $30 so it’s quite enough to start trading. The main goal of a forex bonus no deposit is somehow similar to the one of a demo account with the difference that here, real money is used, while in demo accounts nothing is tangible.

Another difference between the no-deposit bonus forex and the demo accounts in forex is usage. Demo accounts are used to test the investor’s knowledge and tactics, while the no-deposit forex bonus is used to test the broker’s terms, trading conditions, and reliability.

in the list above you’ll find no deposit bonus forex brokers and not just any brokers, they’re basically the forex brokers with bonus and promotions

Another issue that investors wonder about is forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit 2024. Every customer wants to withdraw the broker bonus with no deposit.

Deposit Bonus

A forex deposit bonus is usually given as a percentage after a deposit has been made to the account to increase the total funds and so increase the amount used in trading.

For example; If a forex broker offers a 20% deposit bonus, you will get $200 when you invest $1000. Other conditions may vary by the broker.

Some companies are constantly giving deposit bonuses, while some companies only issue bonus campaigns for some periods. Generally, the bonus can’t be withdrawn as money. This may vary from one broker to another and some might put a limit on trading a particular lot.

Welcome Bonus

Forex welcome bonus is the bonus given at the beginning of investment so basically at the first trades.

Generally, it’s higher in amount than the deposit bonus yet quite similar in terms of being presented as a percentage. So when you trade for the first time in a broker, you will be protected a little from adverse effects.

If you are satisfied, then it is an important factor in choosing this institution. and so, broker houses pay attention to this bonus. It is important that it is the moment of the first meeting with the investor.


The main aim of forex trading companies’ promotions is to make trading more exciting. They offer you smartphones, coupons for signals, trader of the month award or partnering bonuses.

Tickmill Trader of the month

Well, if you trust yourself, you can be the Trader of the month.

Tickmill checks the investors’ skills, money management, and risk control, and based on your actions through these times it can determine whether you can be the trader of the month or not.

If you managed all these areas last month, for example, but not as much for this month, you still get a $1000 gift.

However, demo accounts are not included in such promotions. Since they’re for experiments and knowledge of the market, so it makes sense that it would have rational tactics.

RoboForex Coupon Promotion

roboforex review

Opening a verified account and depositing $300, registering the required personal information and then sending a request to apply for the coupon is the way to get RoboForex Coupons for MQL5 Signals.

FP Markets Reimbursement

fpmarkets review

If you trade at least 10 lots with your standard FX account or 20 lots with your RAW FX account, the broker is willing you to give the money you paid for VPS service. But there is a maximum limit for your reimbursement.

Forex Contests

Forex contests are for those investors who seek a bit of fun while trading. Assuming you won a forex contest, there are two possibilities. The broker can grant you money that you can withdraw or credit for trading. You can join the competition of trading, live trading performance, market analysis or guessing the price of an asset. Before, many forex brokers were granting special bonuses also. But, currently, this is quite rare.

Refer a Friend


Swissquote offers a refer-your-friend promotion through its live accounts. All you need to do to win a credit of CHF100 is to invite a friend to join the company with a live account and both of you will be able to win the same amount of credit in both your accounts. there’s no limit on the number of friends you can invite.


When referring a friend to EasyMarkets, you can win up to $750 in your live forex account.

CMC Markets

If you want to win $250 offered through CMC Markets by the refer your friend promotions, all you need to do is invite your friends and whoever is interested in trading in a live account with CMC and you can both with the same amount as credit in your live forex accounts. There’s also no limit to this promotion so you can invite as many friends as you want.

FP Markets

Initiated from the company’s care to spread the word of mouth and encourage its investors to invite their friends based on their level of satisfaction with the services of FB Markets, it came out with 2 different types of promotions in that regard.

Standard IRESS account referral bonus and Standard MT4/MT5 referral bonus.

In a standard IRESS account: you and your friend will receive $100 each.

In a standard MT4/MT5 account: FB Markets only grants the amount of the promotion after your friend makes their first deposit to the account. Between $500 – a $999 deposit, you will get a $50 bonus. The broker will give you $100 for $1000 – $2499, $200 for $2500 – $9999 and $300 for more than $10,000 initial deposit.


What is no deposit forex bonus?

A no-deposit bonus forex is a bonus given by the forex brokers to newly opened live accounts before depositing any funds, to allow new investors to get familiar with the broker house along with its terms, trading conditions, and overall products and services. It can also be called forex free bonus.

What is the forex welcome bonus?

The Forex welcome bonus is the bonus added to the newly opened live forex accounts for the initial investments. The forex welcome bonus is presented in the form of a percentage and it’s higher in amount than the first deposit bonus.

What is a forex deposit bonus?

The forex deposit bonus is the bonus given after depositing into the live forex accounts. It’s generally offered as a percentage and the main purpose of the forex deposit bonus is to increase the amount of the total funds in the account and hence allow higher trades and profits too.

Is there any withdrawable no-deposit bonus for 2024?

The generally known rule of the no deposit bonus is that it’s non-withdrawable, yet some forex brokers offer the option of withdrawable a no deposit bonus on specific terms and rules including the need to trade a specific volume of lots in case the investor wants to withdraw the bonus amount.

Q1: What’s this No Deposit Forex Bonus I keep hearing about?

A: Hey there! So, a no deposit bonus forex is like a little welcome gift from brokers. It’s given to folks who open new live accounts without having to deposit any cash right away. This way, new investors can check out the broker, understand the terms, and explore the whole trading scene. Sometimes, people call it a forex free bonus too.

Q2: Tell me more about the Forex Welcome Bonus. What’s the deal?

A: Ah, the forex welcome bonus is like a warm hug for your newly opened live forex account. Unlike the first deposit bonus, this one is a percentage of your initial investment and tends to be a bit juicier. It’s the broker’s way of saying, “Welcome aboard, let’s kick off your trading journey with a boost!”

Q3: Okay, what about this Forex Deposit Bonus everyone’s talking about?

A: Right, the forex deposit bonus is a sweet treat after you’ve put some moolah into your live forex account. Usually given as a percentage, its main gig is to pump up the total funds in your account. More funds mean you can make bigger trades and potentially snag more profits. Nice, huh?

Q4: Can I actually withdraw a No Deposit Bonus in 2022?

A: So, here’s the scoop. Generally, no deposit bonuses are like that stubborn cookie jar on the high shelf—they’re non-withdrawable. But hey, some brokers spice things up. They might let you withdraw the bonus, but there’s usually a catch. You might need to dance through some specific terms, like trading a certain volume of lots to unlock that bonus cash.

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