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Free Forex VPS by Forex Brokers

Which companies provide free Forex VPS server? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Forex VPS servers? In this article, I will answer questions about Forex VPS servers.

Investors who are newbie to Forex are first introduced to platforms called trading platforms. The most widespread of these is undoubtedly MetaTrader. MetaTrader4 & 5 are offered by almost all forex brokers. Most of the investors prefer this platform. Also platforms like cTrader, SirixTrader are used.

After you open an account with a forex broker, you are given a user number and password. You can log on to the platform with this information and start the trading. For example; If you prefer to use MetaTrader, you can trade via this platform after you have installed your computer or smartphone.

free forex vps hosting - free metatrader4 vps

There are mobile app versions of these platforms, but they do not have as much advanced features as the pc version. The biggest advantage of using these platforms on PC is to customize and automated trading. MetaTrader has forex robots called expert advisor. Expert advisors can be downloaded as a file and uploaded to the MetaTrader platform installed on your computer. So even when you are asleep, Expert Advisor trades for you when certain predefined conditions are met.

That is to say, during all these operations, MetaTrader must be turned on in your computer and a trade order must be applied when the conditions that the expert advisor programmed are fulfilled.

What if your computer is shut down? Or if there is power outage? When you wake up, you may experience a huge loss due to your trades.

For all these situations, VPSs are saviors. What does VPS stand for?

what is vps hosting

VPS stands for virtual private servers. Definition of VPS according to Wikipedia: it is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A hosting company has several physical servers. These physical servers include virtual servers in partitions. Each virtual server can be leased by a client. As a result, Virtual Private Servers emerge. Each VPS has its own CPU, bandwith and operating system.

You can choose from the best VPS hosting and rent a VPS. Now you can run the program you want in this VPS and control it remotely. You can connect to this VPS at any time from your phone or other computers. What you do with VPS is up to you.

VPSs are also preferred by Forex traders. Because people are investing in forex and trying to make money from these investments. No investor would like to meet with unwanted situations such as the loss of Internet connection, electricity interruption. VPS is used for such cases. In addition, investors who use forex robots prefer VPS solution for continuous operation of this robot.

There are a number of criteria that you need to look into forex brokers that provide free Forex VPS. Priority criteria; stability, speed, security and flexibility. If the VPS you are using is not stabilized, it can hurt you. You do not know when it will be a connection problem. Speed and safety are also important criteria. If you are an investor using a forex robot, speed is very important. Because forex robots have to trade quickly. Flexibility is also important for: you may want to install several extra trading tools. These issues should be noted.

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