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GMI Edge Review 2024

GMI Edge, now known as GMI markets, is an ECN online broker house that’s proud to be offering 0.0 pips spreads on the different account types presented by the broker. A big name established in china exactly in Shanghai in 2009, the broker didn’t just settle with having its headquarters in China but expanded to open operational branches in New Zealand and the UK.

On the official website of GMIedge,, you can find the services and the offers that the broker provides to ensure a smooth trading experience as well as to provide information for their clients. The website can also be presented in different languages like English Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish.

The broker deals with the world’s top banks to maximize the safety of their client’s funds. GMI Markets’ most popular trading instruments and ultra-low-cost trading solutions provide their clients with a greater opportunity to succeed in investing in the financial markets.

I reviewed GMI edge based on the following criteria.

The question of whether GMI Edge scam or a reliable broker rises within the broker houses in the market and hence clients stay in an unsettled state seeking the answers to such an important question. Putting together this GMI Edge Review 2024; I kept in mind that such an important issue must be on the top of the list of topics to be covered regarding the broker. Along with account types, deposit and withdrawal methods, minimum deposit, maximum leverage, and bonuses.

And so I recommend reading this GMI forex review first before opening an account with the broker.

GMI Edge Regulation

The number 1 issue to be considered when choosing a broker house to trade with is regulation. Regulation is the main shaper of the brokers where they need to comply with certain rules and conditions in order to carry out their activities in the market. In this section of the GMI broker review, I’ll discuss the first and foremost factors to check before opening any forex account.

Within the forex market, regulation has other roles to carry out which is, to me and any investor, the most important role of them all, which is to keep the client’s funds safe and secure from financial risks or crises. Which, in a global market like the forex market, isn’t a far prospect.

Getting a license from reputable regulators like FCA, ASIC, and CySEC is a very challenging process. Because these regulators have strict requirements and the brokers must maintain these requirements. For this reason, new brokers tend to regulators that are relatively easy to obtain licenses. One of these is VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) from Vanuatu Island.

Global Market Index Limited is a regulated and licensed Dealer in Securities by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission with registration number 14646. The registered address is at Govant Building, BP 1276 Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The GMI Group of companies includes:

  • Global Market Index Limited (UK), authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 677530)
  • Global Market Index Limited (VN) (GMIVN), a company regulated and registered in Vanuatu, company number 14646
  • GMI Edge Limited with the registration number 2665994, (registered in Kowloon, Hong Kong) is the entity responsible for the processing settlements for Global Prime Limited.

Account Types in GMI Edge

GMI edge is one of the forex market’s brokers that provide an adequate variety of account types to their clients which include various trading terms and conditions embedded in each account to match all different types of styles of traders.

3 account types are offered which are broken down in this part of the GMI broker review as follows:

The Cent account: with $15 only as a minimum deposit and a maximum leverage offered of 1:1000, you can trade with different trading instruments and you can open up to 200 positions whether that was a buy or sell position. The contract size offered here is 1000. No commission is added when trading with the cent accounts and you can have 150 as the maximum lot per trade.

The Standard account: The minimum deposit here is $25 and the maximum leverage offered by GMI edge on this account type is 1:2000. No commission is added and the maximum order to take place on the standard account is 500 which is more than the available amount on the cent account. The maximum lot per trade allowed here is 50 and 100000 is the available contract size presented. A branched account from the standard account is The Standard Bonus account where you get all the same characteristics that can be found in the standard account but with the standard bonus account, you can be eligible for bonus campaigns.

The ECN account: the maximum amount of lower deposit is presented on this account type which is $100. The contract size allowed here is 100.000 in addition to a commission added of $4 per lot. The maximum leverage presented is 1:500 and you can have a maximum order amount of 500 open and pending orders allowed.

The base currency for all account types is USD and they all are including Expert advisors, all account types are suitable for social trading.

All account types are supporting the swap-free Islamic accounts where you get to trade buy and sell positions without having any amount of swap added to the trades. Islamic accounts are quite convenient for traders following Islamic beliefs or from Islamic countries.

GMI edge offers the option to trade with a demo account. One of the main uses traders use the demo account though, is to try out new techniques and trading styles as well as test out new information and knowledge, all in a safe risk-free environment where no risk of real money is carried and you can still trade in the market. The funds offered are just virtual money presented by GMIedge.

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Trading Products

GMIedge offers some trading instruments but not as much for their clients. In my opinion, they’re not enough in comparison to other brokers in the market who are providing endless trading instruments for trades since it’s already well-known how important their instruments are and the role they carry in diversifying the trading portfolios.

These trading Products are:

Forex: with tight spreads offered that can reach as low as 0.0 pips, GMIedge is offering forex majors, minors and exotic to trade. With 24/5 access to the markets and the ability to trade from anywhere on the MT4 trading platform.

Indices: Dow Jones and the FTSE 100 are examples of the available indices for trade and other world indices that can be added to your trading portfolio as well.

Gold, Silver, and Oil: called the safe havens of traders in the forex market, when trading precious metals and oil in the forex industry you can make a profit on the rise and fall of the price. They also give you the chance to speculate the price and open positions how you see fit. Traders will typically invest during times of market volatility to protect their funds.

These are all the trading instruments offered by GMI edge in which throughout this GMI broker review I find them to be very lacking in terms of diversity and variety which means GMIedge isn’t supplying enough trading products in comparison to other brokers in the market.

Trading Platforms

GMI edge supports the MetaTrader4 platform which is well-known by forex traders and brokers. all accounts are supported by MT4 which is available on Windows, IOS, macOS, Android, and the web.

which on MT4 you can:

  • Use expert advisors by creating your own algorithms or follow other traders and automate your trades through customizable EAs.
  • MT4 users can seamlessly connect to the trading platform through the GMI Edge app with perfect sync.
  • Use MT4 analytical tools.

GMI also provides MAM which is a multi-account manager and here

  • A money manager can automate performance fee billing.
  • allocate your trade types by using lot size, equity, or balance.
  • you can trade multiple accounts with 1 click with MAM.

Educational Materials

Unfortunately, there is no training material available on the GMI Edge website. It would be great for investors to have e-books, educational videos, and blog posts on their websites. These are absolutely crucial resources, especially for beginner investors.

Customer Service

There is no doubt about the importance of customer support and service that any broker offers their clients and the impact it makes on the shape and name any brokerage company will hold in the market. This section of the GMI broker review will break down the attributes of the customer support offered by

You can get in touch with GMI edge via the “Contact Us” section on their website. E-mail addresses and contact forms are available. Or if you want you can have a live chat with one of the advisors on the main page of the official website of GMI edge with 24/7 multi-lingual customer support, that’s also possible.

In addition, the GMIedge website is provided in different languages to make it easy for traders to surf the platform. These languages are: English, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic and Thai.

GMI Edge Bonuses

In this section of the GMI broker review where I’ll take you on a journey to know all the information in detail for the promotions campaigns, GMI broker is offering their clients so you can find what matches you and obtain this bonus on your live account.

There’s a 30% welcome bonus offered by GMI Markets where you can trade forex and CFDs with an extra 30%. In order to collect the bonus all you need to do is:

  1. Register your account
  2. Deposit the minimum deposit amount depending on your chosen account type
  3. Get the bonus added to your account
  4. Start trading

Make sure to follow the terms and conditions applied by the broker to get the bonus correctly, and you can find more information about the bonus here.

Payment Methods of GMI Edge

Payment methods with GMIedge aren’t the most variable ones. The methods used for funding and withdrawals are the same yet the limit is very tight that it only includes 2 options for international traders and 3 for local traders.

International traders can deposit their accounts via only e-wallet options including Neteller and skrill with zero deposit fees and a minimum of $10 as a deposit to be made.

While local channels are only open around Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more, and they have an added deposit and withdrawal method being a local bank transfer in addition to the same e-wallet options presented for international traders.

Another negative point through this GMI broker review is the limitations of the funding and withdrawal means since only 2 channels are not in any way enough, while other brokers in the market are presenting endless means and channels for their traders and also including cryptocurrency depositing and withdrawal.

Conclusion of GMI Edge Review

GMI edge has been in business since 2009 and is considered one of the largest Forex and CFD brokers in the world. Their superior technology solutions and stable and safe trading environments which are based on our 7 trading centres located around the world have made GMI world famous.

Regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and provides trustable service to its multinational customer base. GMI forex offers 3 types of accounts with a minimum deposit of $15 in the cent account.

The maximum leverage within the broker is 1:2000 offered on the standard accounts that are more suitable for professional trades due to the risk that’s included due to the high leverage.

Throughout this GMI broker review, I’ve reviewed the trading instruments and came to the conclusion that they’re quite a few products in comparison to another broker, and the vast options the forex market gives to the forex and CFDs traders. No educational materials were added and payment methods are only 2 which are in no way sufficient for the constant upgrades and advancements in the forex market.

There were all reasons that put GMI edge in the average category on my brokers’ list.

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments tab and I’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP.


Many questions might revolve around the updated information to be mentioned about GMI edge. Through this part of GMI Edge Review 2024, I’ll break down the most asked questions by my readers and their answers from my first-hand experience along with all the searches I’ve done looking for all the information about GMI edge.

Is GMI edge regulated? Is GMI market legit?

Yes, GMI edge is regulated via several organizations which are the Financial Conduct Authority ( with license number FRN: 677530), and VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).

Is GMI edge a good brand?

Since GMI edge is a regulated broker, providing good trading conditions with 3 different account types in which one of which is a cent account with a $15 minimum deposit. Offering good trading conditions with 1:2000 as the maximum offered leverage and an Islamic and demo account, Good customer service and plenty of methods to fund and withdraw from the real accounts. This is all information to prove via this GMI Edge Review 2024 that the broker is a good brokerage house for trading forex and CFDs.

Is GMI edge regulated? Is GMI market legit?

Yes, GMI edge is regulated via several organizations which are the Financial Conduct Authority (with license number FRN: 677530), and VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).

Is GMI edge a good brand?

Since GMI edge is a regulated broker, providing good trading conditions with 3 different account types in which one of which is a cent account with a $15 minimum deposit. Offering good trading conditions with 1:2000 as the maximum offered leverage and an Islamic and demo account, Good customer service and plenty of methods to fund and withdraw from the real accounts. This is all information to prove via this GMI Edge Review 2024 that the broker is a good brokerage house for trading forex and CFDs.

GMI Edge review
Rating: 4.0