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Go Markets

GO Markets was established in Australia in 2006 as a provider of online CFD trading services.

For over a decade, as the industry and clients’ expectations keep evolving, they have positioned themselves firmly as a trusted and leading Australian regulated broker.

An award-winning broker in almost every aspect of trading within the forex and CFDs market. Where the following picture shows some of the most recent awards in addition to being awarded the Best Forex Fintech Broker Global, Most Trusted Broker EU and Best Trading Support Asia in 2022. The broker has won in accordance with their performance in the market and the trading conditions offered to their clients.

The broker is also in a premier partnership with Chelsea football club which only shows the high level of trustability given to the broker as well as the solid capital that the broker holds.

In this Go Markets review, you will have all information about the broker. Here are the questions that you will find the answers in this review.

Is Go Markets scam or reliable forex broker? How good are the trading conditions such as spreads, leverage, minimum deposit offered by the broker?

What kind of account types does Go Markets offer? Is Go Markets regulated or not? You will able to find the answers in relevant sections.

It goes without saying how important regulation is when it comes to any broker in the forex and CFDs markets. It is also very well known how regulations carried out by reputable financial organizations carry a big weight in the level of trust and reliability the broker holds. And so it’s quite normal for forex brokers to haste to obtain and maintain regulations from highly ranked financial watchdogs.

The regulation doesn’t only provide trustworthiness to Go Markets, but it also ensures the safety of the traders’ funds and that their transactions and investments are safe and secure being monitored as well as kept separated from any operational funds of the broker itself so that in case of any financial crises to the broker, the trader would be secured and not impacted by any of these crises that are represented in the form of bankruptcy or scams.

Go Markets is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius as an Investment Dealer with license No. GB 19024896.

It’s not quite easy to obtain the FSC regulation as it forces the brokers to follow designated rules and terms in order not only to obtain but also to maintain the licenses.

Two Go markets account types are offered by the broker which both provides different and variable trading conditions along with features to match different types of trades with different styles and approaches.

These accounts are:

Go Plus Account: ultra-low spreads are offered in this type of account where it can reach as low as 0.0 pips. AUD$3 commission is applied per side when trading with a standard lot. As well as the maximum leverage offered here is 1:500. The Go Plus Account is finding higher registry rates with traders who invest in higher volumes and EA traders. AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, SGD, CHF, and HKD are offered as base currencies for the Go Plus account as well as having the option to trade with 24/5 support and customer service available for your service.

Standard account: these accounts are offering fast execution for trades as well as tight spreads. Unlike the Go Plus account, the standard account doesn’t have any commission fees applied. Yet the spreads offered here are 1.0 pips and the maximum leverage given is 1:500 which resembles the same amount offered by the Go Plus account. The base currencies of the standard account are the same as the Go Plus account.

Go markets minimum deposit suggested for both account types is the same amount of AUD$200. Both accounts share the availability of trading tools, EAs and scalping allowed, free VPS and a dedicated account manager.

The trading products offered by Go markets seem to be varied to include diversity in the trading portfolios of traders and allow different types of risk distribution and so a new face of experience in the forex and CFDs market trading.

These tools include:

Forex: you can trade forex certainly with Go markets where you can get a wide range of currency pairs to include major, minor, and exotic pairs as well as having flexible leverage that can reach 1:500. All in addition to having low-cost deals and commission-free accounts. Tight spreads and 24/5 hour trading are also one of the main points to be looked into when dealing with forex CFD trading. As well as access to expert advisors and market analysis tools.

Shares: Dow Inc CFD, Apple Inc. CFD, Amazon Inc. CFD, Nasdaq Inc CFD and way more are available for trade within the share CFDs trading section where traders enjoy speculations price changes and the option to trade long and short. Also. Providing the option of 1:20 leverage. You can trade shares CFD on the MT5 platform.

Indices: here you would have access to the whole stock market which represent one of the most popular trading instrument. Cash and futures CFDs are offered from all over the globe. DAX30, STOXX50, US500, NDX100 and more of the cash indices and CHINA 50 and USDOLLAR of the future index are examples of the trading indices available with Go Markets. Where the leverage presented is 1:100 with the option to trade long and short as well as fast execution for the transactions.

Metals: a fast-moving global market where you can trade with gold and silver on price movements as well as allowing risk limitation and portfolio diversification. Both Gold and metal CFDs are available for trade on both MT4 and MT5. Leverage is offered when trading metals with a maximum of 1:500.

Commodities: Spot Brent Crude Oil, WTI Crude Oil, UK Oil Futures, Spot Silver, Spot Gold, Soybean Futures and more are all present to trade within the commodities CFD trading where fast order execution apples as well as trading long and short positions. 1:500 is the leverage amount offered in addition to tight and competitive spreads.

Treasury CFDs: here you can trade with Bonds like US T-Note 10YR Futures, EURO BUND Futures, Japanese Government Bond (JGB) Futures and more are examples of bonds you can trade with Go markets. The bonds can be bought and sold on secondary markets.

All different sorts of trading instruments offered by Go Markets are available for trade on a demo account which is a great advantage so it’d allow a risk-free trial of trading tools and see strategy testing to make sure you won’t lose funds trying out new techniques.

Go Markets offers the forex markets’ most popular and used trading platforms in addition to the web trader option.

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform has long been considered the industry standard for Forex traders across the globe. MT4 can be used on Mac and Windows, mobile devices and Web browsers.

Combining simplicity with speed and a full range of features to help you gain an edge with your trading, our MetaTrader 4 Mac and Windows software includes:

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement to its full extent and stay active while trading from smartphones and tablets. By choosing the most convenient way from a variety of options, you can trade 24 hours a day.

GO Markets MT5 Trading Platform Features:

Go web trader is a web-based MT4 and MT5 version that lets you open transactions and monitors them without having any apps downloaded on your device. This option seems to be quite suited for manual traders and when the traders are on the move continuously. With an easy-to-use interface, the Go web trader is Suitable for both beginner and advanced traders.

Go Markets deposit and withdrawal methods and quite variable which makes funding the real accounts quite an easy process. Cards like credit and debit cards are available for depositing funds into your account whether that is a visa or master card. With no commission and instant processing, no wonder card funding is one of the most popular and preferred funding options.

Wire bank transfers are also available yet this one doesn’t seem to be instant like the cards mean. Wire transfers take around 1-3 business days to process due to the different regulations of each bank and the other.

E-wallets are also an option where you can choose between different means like Skrill. Neteller, and Fasapay where processing time is instant and no commission is applied.

Withdrawals are quite easy with Go Markets where all you need to do when a withdrawal is needed, is fill in a form from the client portal and choose your preferred method of withdrawal then specify the amount then confirm. Go markets will process your withdrawal within 1-2 business days.

GO Markets doesn’t charge any internal fees for withdrawals, however, fund withdrawals to Non-Mauritius banking institutions may be subject to bank fees from any intermediary bank involved in the transaction and may attract a receiving fee from your bank/institution. You should account for these fees when making withdrawals of a small amount.

In this Go Markets review, it’s pretty clear that the broker is one of the trusted ones with reputable regulations and good feedback from their traders. Go Markets offers great trading conditions starting with their trading instruments that involve all sorts of CFDs available in the forex market to make sure their traders have the most diverse trading portfolios.

My only take is that cryptocurrency trading isn’t available within the trading instruments, considering the great impact cryptos are making on the market nowadays, as almost every broker is directing a great force of their instruments towards cryptocurrency trading.

Two Gomarkets account types are available to trade with, good trading terms and spread that can go as low as 0.0 pips in the Go Plus account and can reach 1.0 pips in the standard accounts. 1:500 is the maximum leverage offered with Gomarkets minimum deposit in both account types of AUD$200.

The thing is when you compare the account types with Go markets with other brokers, it’s very clear that the variety of accounts here isn’t quite sufficient to the multiple options offered by the brokers and the high demand and always changing vast forex market.

The market’s most in-demand and known platforms are offered which are the MT4 and its updated successor which is MT5. Both are offered in different formats including app, and web trader which can be worked through mobile phones ( iPhone or Android), and web browsers ( IOS or Windows) and it makes it easier to trade anytime, anywhere.

Go Markets is similar to Infinox in many features. You can also read my Infinox review to compare these two forex brokers.