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Hantec Global Review 2024

A global broker that has been in the market for many many years. Good reputation and customer base from all over the world. Hantec Markets review 2024 is all about the details that made Hantec Global one of the best in the market today. Its trading name is Hantec Global LTD. It is also a part of the Hantec Group. So, let’s see what will you learn about this broker.

Who is Hantec Global? What are the account types offered by the Hantec broker? Is Hantec Global scam or reliable? What are the trading conditions such as Hantec global minimum deposit, Hantec spreads, and Hantec leverage? Is Hantec Global regulated? These are all questions we’re going to cover in this article.

I reviewed Hantec Global based on the following criteria.

Make sure to hold on opening an account before reading all the details and information listed in this Hantec fx review.

Who is Hantec Global?

Part of the Hantec Group that was established in 1990, Hantec Markets is 30+ years of experienced forex and CFDs trader that has been carrying on their services for customers from all over the world, with branches in the UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia, NewZealand, Nigeria, Ghana, and Mauritius.

By 2008, Hantec Markets was established in Sydney, Australia. Then in 2010 a flagship office in London, United Kingdom was opened. The launch of the London office signalled the beginning of a period of rapid growth, expanding the group’s operations across seven regulated entities and eighteen offices helped position Hantec Global as one of the world’s most entrusted brokers.

Now they serve in many countries around the world and they guarantee that your money is held in a segregated bank account, at a regulated institution.

With awards in Africa and Asia, Hantec broker has been rewarded the global forex awards in 2021 as well.

License and Regulation of Hantec Global

Since the Forex market is global, it is very prone to fraud, scams or crises. Some governments and independent organizations audit the forex market according to certain criteria.

And based on these criteria, the broker houses must be able to carry them out and always keep up with the update of rules and conditions in order to prove reliability and their ability to carry out a trusted business within the market. The financial markets would have more intense rules as it includes huge sums of customers fund who invest in multiple trading instruments from all over the world.

Being registered with the regulatory agency and having a license, passing audits, informing customers about service changes, etc. are some of these criteria. That’s why it’s safer to work with licensed forex brokers to protect yourself from fraud. These brokers are subject to constant audits and reviews to meet the requirements.

And so, forex and CFDs brokers make sure they’re always trustworthy not only for the regulators but more importantly for their clients. And here with Hantec Global, having 30+ experienced years in the market, there’s no question about the licenses obtained by Hantec Group in order to prove they’re the best who provides services in the forex industry.

  • Hantec broker is regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK with registration no: FRN 502635).
  • Hantec Markets Limited Jordan is authorized and regulated by JSC ( the Jordan Securities Commission) as an Intermediary Financial Broker  (License no: 51905).
  • Hantec broker is managed by FSC (The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius) as an Investment Dealer (License no: C114013940).
  • Hantecglobal regulation in Australia is by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • And is regulated in Japan by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA)
  • In Hong Kong, Hantec Markets is licensed by the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange (CGSE)

Hantec Global focuses on providing clients with security and confidence while delivering a competitive product offering.

Hantec Global Account Types and Spreads

Opening an account is free in Hantec Global and they’re proud to provide an easy method to trade with Hantec Global. All you need to do is register your information, wait for approval on your chosen account, fund your account with the Hantec minimum deposit and then start trading with all available instruments Hantec broker is offering.

There’re 2 account types provided by Hantec Global which are:

The Cent account

Where you can have Hantec markets spread of 1.2 pips and the maximum leverage offered is 1:1000 and a Hantec minimum deposit of $10. There’s no Hantec demo account in the cent accounts.

The Standard account

Here the Hantec spread is quite competitive and you can see the difference in amount between here and the cent account where the Hantec global spread is as low as 0.1 pips and maximum leverage of 1:500. The Hantec demo account is present within the standard account while the Hantec minimum deposit is $100.

Central Trading is available in both accounts. And you can log into both account types on MT4 Hantec markets and MT5 trading platforms.

The main difference between a Cent account and a Standard trading account that Hantec global is offering is the lot size for a Cent account is one-hundredth of the lot size for a Standard account. Or, In other words, a Cent account uses 100 times the monetary unit of the base currency, when compared to the Standard trading account.

While the Cent account lacks the options of a demo account, social trading (Hantec Connect), Equity CFDs or Commodity trading with a Hantec Markets Cent Account.

Swap-Free Account Features

You can open a Swap-free account. Swap Free Accounts can trade the following products without Swap charges EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/CAD, GBP/CAD, EUR/GBP, CHF/JPY, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, AUD/NZD, USD/CAD, GBP/JPY, CAD/JPY, CAD/CHF, GBP/CHF, XAG/USD, XAU/USD.

  • No interest/swap charges on overnight position.
  • No spread widening.
  • No extra commissions.
  • Positions can be held with no time limit.
  • Leverage up to 1:500.
  • 100% real-time market execution.
  • 24/5 dedicated support from your Client Account Manager.

Demo Accounts and Educational Material

Are you new in the Forex world? don’t worry because Hantec Markets got you covered. Hantec Global delivers the Hantec demo accounts on their websites within the standard account types which represents a simulated market environment where you can recreate the experience of real trading without exposure to actual losses as it represents virtual trading to learn the techniques step-by-step without risking your own money.

Once you open a Hantec demo trading account with Hantec Global, you can download MT4 or MT5 and start trading within minutes with a virtual balance of £10,000 to practice with.

For those interested in more information about the forex and CFDs trading in case you were a professional or intermediate trader, interested in macroeconomics or whether you were a newbie trader still looking for the Meaning of Lot or What is spread in forex, you’ll find all your answers in the educational section provided by Hantec global which will lead you afterwards towards the Hantec demo account to open it and start implementing the information that you gained via the educational section.

How to manage your risk and to plan and make a strategic step while trading, are all provided in the educational library built by Hantec Markets, with other resources of information like trading guides, a glossary of terms, and free webinars.

Hantec Markets’ Customer Service

The live chat is available on the Hantec Global web page 24/7 with a fast and ready-to-help customer support team. There’s also the option to get support by filling out the contact us form so the service team would get in touch with you via email.

English, Portuguese, Thai and Chinese are the languages provided on the official website of Hantec broker in which support can be given. If you want to call their local offices, you can contact the London office at the address: 12-14 Wilfred St, London, Greater London SW1E 6PL, GB. Or call on +41225510215.

You can find all details for all the office branches and their contact information here.

Hantec Markets does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions including the USA, Iran and North Korea.

Trading Platforms on Hantec Markets

Hantec Global offers the industry-leading trading platform MetaTrader4 AKA MT4. With an always-improving interface developed to handle all types of clients’ needs. MT4 is the absolute tool for any trader in forex whether that was a professional or a beginner.

This is another good feature from Hantec broker. Because most of the traders know and use MT4 and they have another option too. You can use MT4 on your computer or on your phone. They also have mobile applications to trade.

Also, MetaTrader4 is still the most used trading platform and it is not a surprise. It has a user-friendly interface, tight Hantec spread, market execution, 50+ currency pairs to trade, access to a wide range of asset classes, free daily and weekly market reports, free indicators, Forex tools charts and tutorials, full access to comprehensive market research in addition to speciality analysis and an economic calendar.

To carry out the process of Hantec markets MT4 download, all you need to do is get the MT4 on your desktop (windows or Mac) or your phone ( Android or IOS) and you can manage your trades anywhere, anytime. And from there you can easily start the Hantec markets download of the platform.

MetaTrader 5, or MT5 for short, is another platform offered via Hantec Global which is the next-gen successor of the MT4, both platforms were developed by the same mother company, Metaquotes. Where it represents the latest and most powerful online trading platform developed for retail financial traders. 

Some of the features offered by Metatrader 5 Hantec are:

  • 2,650+ available symbols
  • Desktop, mobile and web browser applications
  • Copy trading compatible
  • 38 Technical indicators
  • 21 Time frames
  • 44 Graphical objects
  • Strategy tester
  • Hedging
  • In-built Economic Calendar
  • 6 Pending order types
  • Netting account available on request

If the installation is not supported on your desktop operating system or mobile, MT4 and Metatrader 5 Hantec Web Trader is the perfect solution for you. Maintaining reliable data protection and real-time quotes equal to the application forms of MT4 and which are supported through Hantec markets download

MT4 and Metatrader 5 Hantec Web Trader still allow you to perform comprehensive market analysis using a broad range of technical indicators, graphical objects, and market depth as well as 3 chart types and 9-time frames. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options of Hantec Global

Hantec Global doesn’t apply any commissions on deposit or withdrawal methods and it accepts wire transfers, Debit/Credit cards, Skrill, and Neteller.

Hantec Markets are making sure to secure the funds of the clients by ensuring segregated accounts from the operational ones of Hantec global.

Since Hantec Markets is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), It brings the additional protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), meaning that the equity in your account is protected up to £85,000.

Withdrawal can also be made using the same methods. An important note on Hantec global‘s website is that Hantec Markets cannot accept payment from third parties. In the event that we receive funds from a third party, the funds will be returned immediately.


In this Hantec markets review 2024, we have checked the regulation, the account types and all the details from the start of your trade to the methods of withdrawing your profits.

Hantec Global is a part of Hantec Group was established with more than 30+ years of experience in the financial markets and with a growing customer database from all over the globe.

Trading conditions are superb. And Hantec Global offers MT4 and Metatrader 5 Hantec as trading platforms which are the leading in the market, where you can start the process of Hantec markets download on any device you’re using whether that an android, iOS, Mac or even web trader. Maximum leverage is high at 1:500 on the standard accounts and 1:1000 on the cent account which was made especially for newcomers in forex. Hantec spread rate is quite competitive here it can reach as low as 0.1 pips as is the case in the standard account. The option for Hantec demo accounts to be initiated with the same conditions as the real accounts but with virtual money is also an option to take place in Hantec Global that represents great value to newly joined traders in the market or even forex professionals for trials and testing out purposes.

Hantec markets minimum deposit requirements are as low as $10 on the cent account. With swap-free and demo accounts, good deposit and withdrawal options, educational materials, and free webinars for all types of traders from beginners to experts are also present.

I’d recommend trying out the demo account and seeing how the conditions of Hantec global would match your trading style if you need more suggestions you can check my top forex brokers list, contact me or leave a comment below.


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