hybrid reserve review

Regulators: NO

Cryptocurrencies: YES

Minimum Deposit: $1

Maximum Leverage: 1:10

Spreads: Low

My Score: 1.0

Today I want to tell you about Hybrid Reserve. Are you excited to learn the detailed information about the broker? Let’s begin!

Hybrid Reserve is a relatively new CFD broker. The broker was established in June 2018. Its headquarters are in republic of Marshall Islands.

If you are reading this Hybrid Reserve review, you are doing a research on the broker. Is Hybrid Reserve scam or a reliable broker?

What are account types and spreads? Does broker have any license from regulators? You can also find answers to these and similar questions in this review.

Although Hybrid Reserve Trading is a newcomer to the forex market, most of the comments made about it are negative.

One of the main reasons for having such a negative comment is that there is a fairly limited number of information about the broker. Because official websites are dysfunctional and far from user friendly. It is very difficult to get any information from the official web site, www.hybridreserve.com.

Another nonsense of the website is when you try for hybrid reserve login. There are two blank boxes. It is not clear whether I should enter username, nickname or e-mail address to upper box.

For beginners, even it could be hard to guess that they should enter their password to lower box. Indeed a good website (!)

Furthermore, the website claims that it was established 2013. But, it’s so easy to disprove this claim using certain internet services. They are active since 2018. It’s one of the tricks that brokers use to get impression that they make trade operations for a long time.

hybrid reserve broker trading

I have written many brokers reviews so far. I also made deposit and traded in all of these brokers, with keeping in mind the wishes of my visitors. Then I wrote my experiences and observations in an impartial manner.

When I examined these brokers, we could see the account types, deposit and withdrawal methods, fees and commissions on the website. But the Hybrid Reserve’s official website, Hybridreserve.com, is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

I can call it a very limited and amateurish web site for information purposes. It’s almost even worse than my blog where I tell you about my experiences.

I was expecting that the website of a company that was going to offer an online trading service to forex investors would be even better. However, they are at the beginning of time; I am criticizing them, hoping that they will correct this negativity.

Let’s talk about top 5 visitor countries to the website. Almost half of the visitors of HybridReserve comes from Germany with 48%. The others are Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden which totally makes up 87% of their visitors with inclusion of Germany.

So I can say the broker heavily focused on particular countries to get customers.

Their customer profile seems to be really interested in bitcoins. The website gets the most referring from bitcoin sites. Hybrid Reserve itself featured bitcoin, too. There is a giant image about bitcoin on their home page. It’s really hard to miss it.

Regulation at Hybrid Reserve

Regulation is one of the most important criteria when choosing a broker. Because trust in forex market is the most important issue. To ensure this trust, brokers are licensed from different regulators.

If you are going to view the brokers in my top 5 list at the section of forex brokers reviews, you can see that they are all licensed.

I can understand that a broker is licensed from relatively low reputable regulators to offer better bidding, better campaigns and bonuses to investors. However, it is not understandable that a broker is not licensed and regulated.

As far as we are concerned HybridResserve is an unlicensed broker. There is no information about it in the official website as we can’t reach the license information.

I have not received any license information from Broker’s parent company, Single Bell LTD. Therefore, the broker has a lack of regulation. If you open an account and encounter any problems after trading, there is no authority to apply.

Regulation is one of the most important issues for forex traders. One of the first criteria to be considered when measuring the reliability of a broker is regulation.

If you do some research on the internet, you can see thousands of complaints about unregulated brokers. Hybrid Reserve and KontoFX are among them

The focus of these complaints is the withdrawal problems. Because when an investor loses, there is no problem with any broker.

Moreover, customers aren’t under guarantee of compensatory scheme. For example Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) of CySEC. If brokers bankrupted this scheme gives assurance customers to get back their money.

Of course there is a maximum limit for that. However, if you are an average trader, your money would be in safe.

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Account Types & Spreads

It is unfortunately not possible to get any information for the account types offered by Hybrid Reserve. Because there is no information on official website.

This is also an important negativity. Because a broker should be as transparent as possible against investors. This makes the trust relationship easier to establish.

Similarly, there is no information about leverage and spreads. However, it is possible to reach online trading platform on the website. (Because HybridReserve do not offer MT4 ot MT5 as online trading platform but own platform.)

This way we can see leverage and spreads. Leverage for EURUSD 1:10. That’s a pretty low leverage. If you look at the other brokers in my list, you can see that many brokers licensed from reputable regulators like FCA or ASIC offers higher leverage as 1:500.

Spreads are 0.4 pips on EUR/USD. I think the most positive feature we can see is spreads. Very low spreads are offered by Hybrid Reserve. I can say below the average in the forex brokerage industry.

If spread is an important criterion for you, you can browse a reputable forex broker offering low spread by clicking the button below.

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Trading Platforms

Hybrid Reserve Trading Platform is one of the important factors that will prevent investors from choosing Hybrid Reserve. The broker does not offer MetaTrader from popular trading platforms. Instead, the company has its own in-house platform.


Therefore, MT4 or MT5, preferred by 80% of investors in the forex market, is not available. I can say that this is also a major disadvantage. Because many professional investors use forex robots called the expert advisor.


In addition, advanced trading platforms can be customized according to the investor. Investors can combine the indicators they want to use through these platforms. So they can back-test their new strategies.


When you use the Hybrid Reserve Trading Platform you are deprived of all these features. Below you can see the image of this platform.


Customer Service

Well, I have to be honest with you. Their customer service is awful. It seems like there is something they hide. Not only they don’t show account type details on their website, they don’t give you information on live chat either. In fact, they even stopped answering me. God help their clients!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Although the payment methods offered by Hybrid Reserve are not very extensive, I can say enough. The fastest method, of course, is to fund or withdraw with the credit/debit card such as MasterCard and VISA, as well as other brokers.

You can also use popular e-wallet systems such as Skrill, Paypal, Webmoney and CashU. However, there is no information about fees charged by Hybrid reserve.

hybrid reserve payment options

Trading Instruments

Hybrid Reserve focused on CFD trading. However, it has wide range of opportunities for their customers. CFDs of currency pairs, stock exchange, gold and silver as commodities.

This year’s prominent trading instrument is bitcoin and you can trade with it in this broker as a cryptocurrency. Indices and futures are also available.


My final thoughts about Hybrid Reserve broker isn’t very good. The company isn’t regulated by any watchdog. ‘Why would you trade with a broker which has no license by any regulator?’ This is the question you need to ask yourself before start trading.

In this broker review, I tried to give you a summary. ‘Is this company a scam broker?’ I can’t answer this question before I trade with this broker. But, most probably yes it is scam broker. The company can’t give assurance to me at all.

Although the spreads and minimum deposit requirements are quite low, the firm can’t offer a high leverage for average forex trader.

There are many trading instruments. I believe this is one of the advantages of the firm.

I am sorry to not being able to give you information about account types. But as I declared above, it wasn’t my fault.

As for hybrid reserve trading platform, hybrid reserve is also one of the worst! Any broker that doesn’t offer the market standard Meta Trader 4 is over for me.

Among all these negative things, their customer service employees don’t help either. So I personally don’t recommend this broker but the choice is up to you.

if this broker isn’t for you after reading this review, you can check other reviews by my top forex brokers list.

Also don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any experience with the broker!

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Hybrid Reserve




Commissions and fees


Customer Service


Platform & Tools


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  • Unregulated broker
  • There is no any info about account types

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  1. I was scammed by hybridereserve $250 and when I asked for the refund I was not given back. I don’t know whether they still exist or not.

  2. SCAM!!!! These guys need to be stopped! They can ruin your life when you fall into their tricks!

    I’ve been so stupid to trade with them for a high amount. Lost everything, lost my future. So stupid of me.

    They don’t respond any more after that. Of course they tell you this site is from their competitors. Don’t fall into their tricks and nice talk! They are not regulated. they tell you nothing to worry because of European laws. This is BULLSHIT talking!

  3. If you want to lose all your money, go trade with Hybrid Reserve, they will guarantee that fact without hesitation
    There must be a trading authority in the country they operate in that can apply pressure on Hybrid Trading to honour withdrawals. This rogue trader along with many others has bought the industry into disrepute affecting both honest and rogue dealers. it would be in there interest to take action. Any ideas on this approach?

  4. Hybrid Reserve are completely illegitimate. They are out to scam you, i lost 9k and they will not give my money back. The man who was managing my money by the scam name of ‘Bill Schnizer’ has avoided me constantly. All was going well with my money reaching 50k, then when he found out i was not going to invest more thank 9k until i saw some return he went silent and lossed all the ‘fake’ profits he made for me. They are not licensed, most comments of people retrieving their money with a contact you can reach out to are fake. I am still in the process of seeing what is possible, right now it is really important to get that company shut down so more people don’t suffer from their heartless greed.

  5. I lost a sum of $89,450 to a trading firm, i tried making withdrawals from my balance in my account but probed unsuccessful. My colleague recommended a certified recovery expert to me who helped her out on a similar issue some months back. He helped me to recover my invested money.
    i hope this helps someone.

  6. Its not a new story again that this company is been squandering people’s money I was also a scam victim months ago I was scammed $42,000,I tried calling and emailing their customer service but all to no avail.

    • i was a victim like you were i believe we can do something about this. together we can take action against these fraudsters and et our money back in our rightful pockets! write to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more instructions

  7. DO NOT USE THIS SO CALLED COMPANY! they are a joke after speaking with someone named Ben who was very good at talking just not so good at keeping to his word of calling back the following week, we have not heard from anyone since our first call! I wish my husband had not decided to contact this company and in actual fact was not the one we thought we were contacting it is as though they pushed in on the company we were trying to contact! if I knew how dodgy this hybrid reserve was I would have cancelled the pending transaction that my husband agreed on $ ASAP! however I did not so good on you guys you got usand our money, even the website is so dodgy you cannot even login your account even after resetting the password it just has no one at home!!!!!! and is a front!! even after contacting them by email and detailing the problem we were told to use another bowser which we did with the exact same result zero… so do yourself a favour and leave your money in your bank and NOT NOT theirs!!!!!!

  8. I also invested with this online broker. I must admit, the guys are very willing to serve and i spoke them a lot. They do a good job trying to earn my trust. Salesmen… obviously and trained well how to sell their product: trading for you with much higher leverages then 1:10. But only when you let them do the job in stead of doing it yourself using their platform. 10% of the profit goes to them. It is very hard to look trough there smalltalk trying to convince you to put more money in.

    For now, they traded for me and made almost 1k from 7,5k in 3 weeks. That’s quite a good result though.

    As far as it is now, I initiated 2 withdrawls (for almost the whole sum) to earn my trust. It should be on my account/CC withing 10 business days as the website sasys. Let’s be clear, when I do a Wire Transfer, it’s on their account within 3 business days. I expect the same the other way.

    About them being unregulated… they say Hybrid Reserve operated under SingleBell LTD, wich is operated under supervision of FXPro Group Limited… I can’t find any evidence this last one is true… Not on their mainsite, not on the site of FXPro Group Limited.

    Will be continued.

    • Hi Martijn, did you end up receiving the withdrawal you made from them? Im in the process of withdrawing as well

      • Hi,

        I had a withdrawl and cashback once… it all looked fine…

        Until…. The real shit happened. They made profits like skyhigh and then, with 1 trade, everything was gone. They don’t respond to me anymore. They blocked me on whatt’sapp, marked me as spam on email.

        Oké, this firm is completely SCAM! But they are very smart in winning your trust. The always have answers to all questions you ask.
        1) they are not regulated to do the tradings
        2) they are trying to win your trust by saying this site is made from people who want to harm them. I am a real person who lost a HUUUUUGE amount of money. In fact, almost all of my money is gone…

        Of course, this is my own fault, my decicion but it doens’t feel good to know I lost the amount of a large house and i can’t get it back from them.
        I contacted the regulation offices and they told me there is no way to get this money back. I lost my pension, I lost the college money from my kids… I lost my house because of this, i lost my wife because of this…

        I lost everything as a consequence of one horrible decission, to trust these scumbacks!

        I am mad, humiliated, feel awfull… feel like shit.

  9. As mentioned above – quoted below:
    “Customer Service

    Well, I have to be honest with you. Their customer service is awful. It seems like there is something they hide. Not only they don’t show account type details on their website, they don’t give you information on live chat either. In fact, they even stopped answering me. God help their clients! ”

    I had the same experince using live chat , i asked about trading or being helped to trade where they take a cut for the assistance but they garantee x% growth per month which you can be paid out monthly/quarterly. None of this informatoin is online, its just a friend of mine who invested says he is getting paid the profits monthly, but i am very concerned whether he will get his initial deposit + back. He has had delayed payments and they stated it was his bank holding up the payments. They have offerred him a crypto wallet which is apparently linked to their underlying bank or whatever it is” sounds too strange to me.
    So getting back to the live chat experience. I was chatting and the guy told me useless information and then referred me to the website saying all the information is on the website. Bullshit support and bullshit information on the website, there is not enough information that will allow for any new investor to be interested or feel comfortable with them.
    Its ridiculous, and i wonder if the good reviews are really also bullshit made up reviews.

  10. I watched Shark Tank and they had a show on showing how if you invested in Bitcoin a small amount $250.00 U.S you could start making money. So I followed what they had and it lead me to Hybrid Reserve. I deposited my money into the account. I then had an email sent to me asking for my Passport, Drivers Liscence, copy of my credit card front and back. Proof that I owned my home with Utilities bills. Is this usual. They said they need proof if and when I make a withdrawl. I am a pensioner which I did tell them. So have I been scammed and will they give my money back.

    • that is the routine procedure. however, I recommend you to read my review and comments below before depositing money to this broker.

  11. Hi I have deposited $250 US to this trading company Hybrid reserve and had a phone call by a over the top person trying to convince me of the company’s good points, I found that this was not the company I initially wanted after getting a bit Irrate, (I explained that I clicked on a facebook utube regarding shark Tank about 2 young men that had a new product creating a storm) And this is what I got !!! .Hybridreserve tried to bag them out, and stated lots of companies lie about how much money you can earn and that they would help me learn all the tips on trading, then asked me how much do I want to invest 10, 20 thousand !!! I explained again I was looking for a different company, and only want to see how it works and also the company I wanted apparently did all the work for you, then He asked me how old I was, and how much pension I get, (I EXPLAINED I’m still working so wouldn’t have a clue what the pension would be ! I have asked for a refund on the site but when putting in card number it disappears, so I dont even know if they have my details to perform a refund . SIGNED – (FRUSTRATED) .

  12. I accidentaly joined clicking on an add and entering my details. I was not aware I was openng an account. They called and convinced me to make a deposit. I became scared and pulled out TRYING to withdraw my money. It took weeks then found my credit card was credited then debited on the same day. So in essence they still owe me my initial deposit. I can’t get hold of anyone.

    Can anyone help to report this site?

    • Unfortunately, this Broker is not regulated by any watchdog that you can report to. Please read my review. I warn against opening account with unregulated brokers.

  13. when i joined,i was worried about this company,thinking that it was fake.Now i am very excited after Tom has been calling me and taking me through . Now i know that this company truly exists. Thanks to Tom.

  14. I opened my account in July this year, through one of the Tesler adds and spoke to my current account manager Tom M. , at first it was quite a new experience and fairly confusing, but as I followed Tom, more things became clear and now I’m happy to say that I’m finding my neck around trading, although there is always a lot to learn and I’m not yet a millionaire,there is a progress which I’m happy with, every time I’m contacting Tom online, he’s happy to assist on the internet or give me a call when it’s possible! to beginners, I suggest to try to work with an account manager to understand how profits can be made and be in control of it,
    even though i’m not invested with a significant capital, my account manager stands by me and does everything to provide me with the service and advise I can appreciate! I can recommend this trading platform to anybody who is willing to participate in financial markets!

      • I started trading with Hybridreserve from September 2018 and within 2 months i lost my 550$ without gaining any profit , i lost all my investment today in addition i am not able to communicate with this company officials as they are not responding my mails , its a SCAM – suggested to all users not to deal with this company as they will give you grantee of 30% profit from your invested money and they will show you minor profit in account and again ask to increase your investment and one day they will take out all your money with a reason of you lost all investment on your last trading then they will stop communicate with you. they will call you from UK number and talk to you for more than 30 minutes to convince you that market is trending and you can make big money but all these discussion never happen in reality and one day you loose all your money.