The comparison between Pepperstone vs IC Markets is practically one of the most demanded and read articles you can come across when trading in forex. The fact that both companies are Australian in origin, both are regulated by ASIC and both are presenting very competitive trading conditions make them both worthy of a challenge.

Yet the focal point here isn’t much of a challenge rather than a reputation issue. Both reputable forex brokers are known in the markets for their names, but it’s who can attract more investors with better offers.

In that context, it only makes sense to point out the similarities and differences between the two well-regulated forex brokers.

Founded in 2007 and presenting 2 account types to its traders, having the raw spread accounts in the lead of the most trading accounts, IC Markets is making sure to have an account type for everyone, the beginner and the expert.

Make sure to check IC Markets review for more details about IC Markets trading conditions and more.

And like IC Markets, Pepperstone is one of the biggest names in the forex market and known for its perfectly suitable trading conditions, being established on Australian lands in 2010, Pepperstone provides its investors with 2 different account types, the razor, and the standard accounts, with low spreads up to 0.0 pips.

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Pepperstone vs IC Markets Regulation

Regulation is the setting stone for any forex broker to form a reputable name for itself and to shine in the middle of the massive forex market and the endless broker houses claiming to provide the best trading conditions. And due to the high level of importance that regulation and licenses has in forex, its only natural that the first thing we talk about in this Pepperstone vs IC Markets review is the regulation for both brokers.

And here we have two, well-established best regulators, forex brokers with regulations from ASIC ( the Australian Securities & Investments Commission). Both Pepperstone and IC Markets are making sure to secure their investor’s funds and provide a smooth trading experience. Since ASIC requires very detailed specifications for license possession.

Some of these requirements for the broker to gain the license is the necessity of the broker to keep segregated accounts for the clients’ funds separate from the company’s operational accounts to ensure safety against bankruptcy or other unexpected financial crises.

Another requirement is the need to obtain $1 million to prove financial stability and to be allowed to legally operate in the market. And so, these are all proof of how trustable both the regulators are.

But adding to that, Pepperstone is one step ahead since it also possesses the FCA regulations as well in the UK.

Spreads and Account Types

Pepperstone vs IC Markets Spreads and Account Types

Both brokers offer very competitive spreads and account types. Including demo accounts for beginners in forex.

🔏 Comparison PointsPepperstoneIC Markets
✒️ Account typesPepperstone offers 2 account types, a razor and a standard account with the option of demo accounts.IC Markets offers 2 account types, raw spread (on cTrader and Metatrader) and standard accounts.
✒️ CommissionsThere is a commission of AUD$7 per round turn 100k traded on the razor accounts whereas the standard account has no commissions applied to the transactions.The raw spread vs standard account are having $7 and zero commission, respectivly.
✒️ SpreadsSpreads ranged from 0-0.3 pips on the razor account and 0.6 pips on the standard accountThe spreads in IC Markets are very competitive and can reach as low as 0.0 pips in the accounts of the raw spread on both cTrader and Metatrader, and can reach up to 0.6 pips in the standard accounts.
✒️ Minimum depositThe minimum deposit is AUD$200 across all account types offered by PepperstoneThe raw spread vs standard account are all having a minimum deposit of $200.
✒️ Maximum leverage The maximum offered leverage is 1:500 on all accounts, the razor and the standard account. The maximum offered leverage is 1:500 on all accounts, the raw spread account types and the standard accounts.

This section of Pepperstone vs IC Markets When it comes to account types and the trading conditions within each different account type, we can find a low rate of differences between the 2 broker houses.

Trading Platforms

IC Markets vs Pepperstone Trading Platforms

When it comes to the trading platforms, this Pepperstone vs IC Markets review is the best place for you to compare both brokers in each major and minor aspect. Yet, both are making sure to provide their traders with all new and up-to-date means and technology for trade.

Both Pepperstone and IC Markets are providing cTrader, metatrader4 and metatrader5 as trading platforms.

While Pepperstone provides a smart trading tool for MT4 and MT5, it also has the auto chartist tool to provide its investors with an additional trading tool.

On the other hand, IC Markets provides the same types of platforms like cTrader, Metatrader4, and Metatrader5, in addition to web trader.

IC Markets also provides a virtual private server as a trading tool to allow the traders to run automated trades 24/7.

Trading Instruments

IC Markets vs Pepperstone Trading Instruments

When it comes to trading instruments, each of the brokers is making sure to provide plenty of choices to match all the trader types.

Pepperstone is providing forex, index CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, and currency indices.

Alternatively, IC Markets are not any less in offering a variety of trading instruments such as forex, indices, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and futures.

It’s very clear so far that both brokers are well aware of their client’s needs and wants and hence provide the services to match every trader’s style and approach.

Customer Service

IC Markets vs Pepperstone Customer Service

Customer service is, without a question, one of the major impacts on the trading experience and hence the satisfaction from the broker.

🔏 Comparison pointsPepperstone’s Customer Service IC Markets’ Customer Service
🔠 LanguagesPepperstone’s customer service supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai and Arabic.IC Markets support English, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Indonesian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, and Hungarian.
🎨 Website DesignPepperstone took the visual approach to design the website as there’s no doubt about the eye-catching website design it possesses.The approach followed in IC Markets’ visuals was clearly an efficient and informative approach rather than focussing on eye-catching design or animation.

Bonuses and Promotions

What is Pepperstone vs IC Markets Bonuses and Promotions?

While IC Markets has not offered bonuses to its investors, comes Pepperstone in the lead here as it offers its trader a friend referral bonus on its official website. 

Pepperstone offers a 2 refer-your-friend bonus available when you adhere to the terms and conditions for each of them. One of them is for pro clients and the other is for retail clients.

The broker also has an active trader program, where you can earn discounts on commissions ( depending on your trading volume). Your discount will depend on how many lots you trade each month, which would mean the more you trade, the higher your discount. 

Withdrawal and Funding Methods

IC Markets vs Pepperstone Withdrawal and Funding Methods

There are many different ways for a trader to fund or withdraw their accounts and with IC Markets and Pepperstone, the case is no different. It’s even better as both brokers offer a wide range of variable methods for funding and withdrawals.

IC Markets, for example, has a massive variety of funding methods including Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Neteller VIP, Skrill, UnionPay, Wire Transfer, Bpay, FasaPay, Broker to Broker, Poly, RapidPay, and Klarna.

And withdrawal methods are stated clearly with notes to the clients on the broker’s website for any extra details or bank charges for example international bank wire transfers might take up to 14 days and might incur intermediary and/or beneficiary fees.

Withdrawal methods in IC Markets include Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Meanwhile, in Pepperstone the funding and withdrawal methods are Visa, MasterCard, Poli, bank transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bpay, and UnionPay.

If we come to compare Pepperstone vs IC Markets in the funding and withdrawal methods, the conclution as the informatin i presented to you in this section is that IC Markets has more options for choices.


Pepperstone vs IC Markets Conclusion

With all the information mentioned in this article regarding Pepperstone vs IC Markets, the final decision and the only one that matters will be up to you, first and foremost. 

In my opinion, Pepperstone might have options that can’t be found in IC Markets and vice versa.

If bonuses and promotions are more important to you as an investor, then Pepperstone is the right choice for you. If you care more about a variety of choices for funding and withdrawal, then IC Markets is the broker for you. Both brokers offer demo accounts so if you’re still unsure, I’d advise you to try them with a demo account first.

But, by all means, both brokers are reliable, trusted, and leading names in the forex market. Your investments and your funding are safe at all times.



I’ve covered the main point of comparison that most readers ask about, but in case you still have any questions stuck in your head, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Here are some most asked questions that can cross your mind.

Which is better IC Markets or Pepperstone?

Pepperstone is better in case of bonuses and regulation, IC Markets is better in case of a variety of funding and withdrawals and customer support in many ways and different languages. Both brokers are licensed by ASIC. Ic markets vs Pepperstone is a famous topic in the forex market.

Which broker is better than IC Markets? 

Pepperstone is considered the first recommended alternative for investors looking for better trading options and experience. Pepperstone vs ic markets is one of the most known comparisons between forex brokers in the market.

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