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Started in 2009, Infinox Capital is a globally known forex and CFD broker in which its presence in over 15+ countries doesn’t go unnoticed. With grand customer service and trading conditions, the broker has made sure to always put their clients first. Infinox obtained its FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulation in 2009.

Their website is provided in so many languages to make sure to cover the needs of their multinational clients. English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, Portuguese, Russian and more are the languages that can be found supported on the broker’s databases.

I reviewed IC Markets based on the following criteria.

The client support is quite adequate where you can get in touch via several channels and means to ask for help or to get information. Email, live chat, phone calls and team viewer are all options to get the service you need anytime 24/5.

An award-winning broker with multiple badges upon its sleeve, from being one the companies to inspire to providing a great technical advantage and growth within their platforms. Infinox wall of fame is probably proof of their good name in the market.

I can easily say that Infinox has a good website but cannot say this is enough to choose the broker. So, I will show you what you should look for in this review. Here are some questions you can find the answers in this review: Is Infinox scam or a reliable broker?

The trading conditions they offer are also critical for traders. What kind of account types are offered by Infinox?  What are the features such as spreads, leverage or minimum deposit for traders? How do you deposit/withdraw in Infinox? Don’t open an account before reading this Infinox review.

Being in the forex market with many clients from all over the globe isn’t enough to prove the accountability and trustworthiness of the broker, especially in a grand market with unlimited fluidity like the forex market.

Being as big of a market as it is, the forex market provides great opportunities both for gains as well as losses. some might be intentional and others might be unintentional so that’s why taking great caution is an absolute must in such cases as the market would provide very fertile soil for scammers and manipulators to decide clients into depositing and then all the funds end up flying with the wind.

And so, in order for such a scenario to be prevented, the regulation through a financial jurisdiction came to force rules and conditions that must be followed in order to protect both the trader and the broker.

Some Regulations might be more strict than others, yet a regulation means a licensed broker that took the permission to carry on their businesses in a client-protected atmosphere.

And so, comes our broker here, Infinox, to obtain not only one but 4 licenses from different regulators in different parts of the world, to only prove to their clients and to the market their high level of dependability.

These licenses are:

  • INFINOX Limited is authorised and regulated as an Investment Dealer by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius under License Number GB20025832.
  • INFINOX Capital is a registered trading name of IX Capital Group Limited, authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (‘the SCB’) under Registration Number SIA F-188.
  • INFINOX Capital Ltd SA is an authorized Financial Services Provider and is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) under FSP No 50506.
  • INFINOX Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Registration Number 501057.

An insurance policy became effective on 1 April 2022 that’s worth $1M, and that’s going to continue until 31 March 2024 which provides extra integrity and credibility for the broker.

FCA requires client funds to be kept in disaggregated accounts for client funds. Besides, the brokers must hold EUR 730,000 minimum net capital to prove their good financial position.

Infinox is an FCA-regulated forex broker that’s why it is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FCSC). The FCSC provides compensation to brokers and customers in the event of the bankruptcy of the company. Under this program, there is a compensation of up to £ 50,000 (which varies according to investments).

Trusting a broker is not easy, you should be aware of it. If you carry a problem with the broker, you will need regulators to protect you. Due to regulators’ sanctions on brokers, brokers who do not want to lose their licenses cannot dare to scam you. That’s why I always recommend trading with licensed brokers.

Infinox Capital has four account types, which are the MT4 & MT5 STP and the MT4 & MT5 ECN accounts.

The STP account is a commission-free type of account where the spreads are reaching 0.9 pips and the availability to use the MT4 platform is present.

The ECN account is having even lower spreads to reach 0.2 pips yet a commission is added of £5/€5.5/$7.5 to the transactions of the Infinox ECN account. The option to use the MT4 platform is also available.

The possibility of having a demo account on both account types is possible as you can try both account types and their features within the demo category, meaning a risk-free trial where you don’t have to risk your funds and at the same time you can apply all different techniques and strategies to see which one works best with the account.

Both Infinox account types also have maximum Infinox leverages offered of 1:1000. As that’s considered to be a high leverage amount that can be a double-edged weapon. With high leverage, you can make great profits in case of wins, yet in the situation of any loss, it might also be a bit high loss. So it’s advised to be careful when trading with high-leveraged transactions.

A minimum lot available on both accounts of 0.01 means a micro lot which represents0.01 of the 1 lot amount. If you need more info about the lot and its different types and what the micro lot means, I’d recommend checking the article what is a lot.

The Infinox minimum deposit amount is £1 or equivalent in your base currency.

Infinox supplied different sorts of trading instruments and tools to help in aiding clients in diversifying their trading accounts and thus benefit in different elements of the market.

These different instruments include:

Forex: here you can with over 45+ currency pairs that include the major, minors and exotic pairs of the world’s most fluid and biggest market. The leverage offered for trading forex with the broker is 1:1000 with variable spreads depending on the currency pairs used to reach 0.2 pips on the EURUSD pair. Trading forex will give you the chance to go long or short based on how you guess the fluctuation of prices would go.

Equities (CFDs): there are 750 equities to use when trading with Infinox that’s has a great impact on the stock markets. You can trade stocks of big companies of the world from different sectors of industry. Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla and more are examples of companies you can trade with their stocks with Infinox. One of the advantages of trading CFD equities is the option to use a small amount of margin to make the trading process more efficient.

Indices: you can trade with indices on the same platform so you’d have only one place gathering all your opened and closed orders. S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, DAX 40, Dow Jones and more are examples of the available trade indices presented by Infinox.

Commodities: gold, oil, natural gas, agricultural products and more are examples of what’s waiting for you to use in trading when adding commodities to your trading portfolio. Gold and silver are considered safe haven commodities as they represent examples of metals that can be used for hedging. Brent Crude and WTI Oil are offered for trading too.

Futures: with low margin requirement and competitive trading costs, futures represents an attractive instrument for trading. Gold and Silver futures along with NASDAQ are present to offer a cost-effective trading instrument with lower fees than traditional exchange and the availability of leverage and no overnight charges.

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, DOG, ADA and more are examples of the 40+ crypto options available for trade. Where most traders use crypto to hedge their risks as well as the ability to trade 24/7 online the forex or other CFD market where they have a specific time of the market opening and closing. With trading crypto, you can copy proven crypto strategies via IX social as well as enjoy the liquidity benefits.

Infinox presents 2 of the most in-demand and well-known platforms in the market which are MT4 and MT5. Both were developed by the same developing mother company called MetaQuotes where MT4 is the forex markets’ most favourable trading platform, and MT5 and the higher updated version of it.

The reason why MT4 is so popular in the forex market is its ability to provide advanced charting that includes a vast range of trading tools as well as technical analysis options that simplify the information with built-in technical indicators, signals and analytical objects to frame entry and exit points.

Some of the MT4 platform features include:

  • Dynamic price charting with nine timeframes available
  • Direct news feeds and alerts
  • Cross-platform compatibility on desktop and mobile

MT5 on the other hand provides all these options and more which makes the trading experience much more beneficial. VPS hosting for example is one of those additional features that specialize the platform where you can virtually host the trading platform. You can also Trade signals and copy trading.

IX Premium Service is a service offered by the broker where you can receive premium education, access to experienced market experts, and account extras when you sign up. You can get one-to-one sessions with senior traders and analysis as well as getting a monthly investment report and market forecast webinar.

Infinox offers different types of funding and withdrawal options where you can choose the best option for you. These options include card funding and withdrawal, whether that was a credit or a debit card. Bank wire transfers are available too for both deposit and withdrawal.

E-wallet means of funding is having great popularity among traders from all over the globe because it provides fast and safe options for both transactions. E-wallet options include Neteller, Skrill, Perfect money, AstroPay and more.

Funding and withdrawing with cryptocurrencies is gaining great demand and popularity in recent days as traders consider them before the more traditional means of depositing.

Is Infinox regulated? is one of the most asked questions I get from readers. And after this Infinox review, I can surely say that yes, Infinox is a regulated broker with years of experience operating in the online trading industry. They have an FCA license in addition to 3 other big names in the financial regulatory organizations’ sector.

The broker is having 4 types of accounts which are Infinox ECN account on MT4 and MT5, Infinox STP account on MT4 and MT5 as well as the world’s most known and used trading platforms which are MT4 and MT5.

Competitive Infinox spreads and a maximum amount of Infinox leverage offered of 1:1000 can be applied to trading with forex pairs. Infinox minimum deposit is $1. Other trading instruments are present including Futures, metals like gold and silver, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies and more. All offer appealing trading conditions.

Multiple ways for funding and withdrawal make the trading experience smooth and memorable for the traders. As well as several channels to get help or support from the client support 24/5.

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Rating: 7.8