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Olive Markets

Hello everyone! I will introduce you to Olive Markets today. In this Olive Markets review, you will have all the information about the broker. Olive Markets is a forex and CFDs broker that offers competitive trading conditions to its clients.

This Olive Markets review gives you the answers to questions about the broker. For example; Is Olive Markets a scam or safe? What are the trading conditions such as spreads, leverage, and minimum deposit? Is Olive Markets regulated? What are the account types and deposit/withdrawal methods offered by the broker?

One of the most important things in the Forex market is regulation and investor protection. You have to be very careful before choosing a broker. Because it may be a scam broker. So, how can we understand if a broker scam or not? There is a simple way. You must choose licensed brokers.

Olive Markets is a duly regulated and licensed forex broker. Olive Markets is regulated by GLOFSA. Olive Markets is licensed and does not allow any risk to the security of investor funds.

Also, the broker says it keeps the clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts. It means the clients’ funds are maintained in dedicated, segregated client funds.

These funds are managed completely separately from the company’s own capital. This is an important point for the security of your money.

It also maintains a certain amount of money in bank accounts to meet customers’ withdrawal requests instantly. Olive Markets says that it starts with strong capital and has a financial structure that can handle the customers’ requests smoothly.

olive markets spreads

Olive Markets offers its clients three different account types. These are Silver, Gold, and VIP account types. You are able to choose the type that suits your trading style.

Account TypeMinimum DepositSpreadsMinimum Trade SizeMaximum Leverage
Silver$1000.7 pips0.011:300
GoldN/A0.5 pips0.011:300
VIPN/A0.4 pips0.011:300

The Silver account: where you can get a first deposit bonus and you have a micro lot being the least amount of lot you can start trading with. Market analysis is provided in addition to 24/7 support. The maximum leverage allowed on the silver account is 1:300. With a spread level of 0.9 pips allowed for forex transactions.

The Gold account: buy and sell signals are provided on this account type as an additional service included for clients trading with the Gold account. You can also get market private training to provide you with a complete vision of your strategy and all the possible ways to improve your trading.

The VIP account: portfolio risk analysis is an extra feature added specially for clients trading with the VIP account, in addition to market analysis and special monthly campaigns. Clients who are trading with the VIP account can get automated buy-and-sell signal support where clients set the level they desire to have the buy or sell

Competitive spread levels are offered through the 3 different account types. The option to trade via an Islamic swap-free account is possible within Olive Markets which traders from Islamic countries or those following Islamic beliefs find to be the most suitable account type for them. In case you’d like to open an Islamic swap-free account, you’ll need to send a request for the broker to open such an account.

Besides, the option to open a demo account is possible via all account types where you can trade in a risk-free environment that is suitable for all levels of trades in the market. Beginner traders find it best to test out their newly acquired knowledge and try out trading without risking real money in the process. Professional traders find it best to try out new trading techniques and strategies where they can apply new methods and ways of trading without risking real funds.

Olive Markets is offering the Sirix trading platform in addition to Olive markets’ own trading platform and trading application that can be used on all different formats of devices whether that is Androids or iOS.

some of the advantages offered via the Olive Markets trading platforms are:

  • You can control your account on any device without having to download the app with the web trader option.
  • AI support that automatically detects your pending orders such as Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop and Sell Stop without specifying the order type.
  • You can directly place an order for the amount you want without having to create a lot of accounts.
  • The ability to manage your transactions very easily through an intuitive interface.
  • The ability to install applications on Android, iOS and Windows devices thanks to the support of multiple devices.
  • After determining the investment amount, the amount of collateral that you need to communicate is calculated and offered in advance.
  • Pre-calculation of the potential profit and loss amount at the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Sirix Platform is one of the easiest platforms in the financial markets even though it’s not as known as the MT4 or the MT5. The Sirix platform is offering different features that are listed as follows:

  1. Very straightforward home screen with all the information available and clear.
  2. Balance sheet indicator, the profit and loss status of your account, balance, assets, used collateral, free collateral and margin level can all be viewed from the home screen
  3. The Markets tab is where you can see all investment products and track their prices. Also here you will see the bid and ask prices as well as the spread.
  4. The transactions tab includes synonymous product and buy-sell buttons. If you think that the prices will increase, you can trade in the buying direction, and if you think that the prices will decrease, then you can take profits by trading in the selling direction.
  5. Pending orders can be accessed from the home screen where you can determine the price you want to enter the transactions with. You can also set the Sell Limit, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, and Buy Stop from the same tab.
  6. Indicators tab where you can track the chart and price movements related to the investment product.
  7. Positions screen where you will find your open and closed positions, profit-loss status and pending orders.

Olive Markets offers different trading instruments that help traders in diversifying their trading accounts in addition to providing means for hedging and a variety of choices for forex traders to invest in different markets.

These markets include:

Forex: being the biggest market in the world, the forex markets provide different ways to trade currency pairs from all over the world with high liquidity and a variety of opportunities. Olive markets all trading in majors, minors and exotics. With 52 currency pairs offered and 1:300 maximum leverage presented on forex trading.

Commodities: different commodities offered like precious metals including Gold and silver, energies including oil and natural gas, and agricultural products that involve cotton, wheat and more are all present for trade with olive markets in which you get to choose the best tool for you. Commodities allow trades to trade on the rise and fall of prices to allow them to make a profit in both cases of price movements. An average of 1:100 is offered on trading commodities and the option to try all these instruments within a demo account.

Shares: NYSE, NASDAQ and more are offered for shares trading where you can invest, adding to that the shares of major companies like Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla and more. A leverage of 1:10 is offered on shares trading with low spreads and the chance for traders to speculate on the price movements and gain profits.

Indices: 12 Global indices are available for trade with Olive markets where you can have 1:100 leverage and the chance to distribute the risk and gain profit from the growth obtained from trading indices. You can test out trading indices on a demo account type where you get to try out the instrument in a risk-free environment before trading in the real markets.

Cryptocurrencies: With the major currencies in the market like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, you can trade crypto with Olive markets with a 1:5 leverage and fast execution of the transactions and the ability to trade on the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies.

Olive Markets offers a %15 welcome bonus when you deposit. It is available for all account types. It is a non-withdrawable bonus. In this way, it is possible to try the company advantageously by doing more transactions with less money.

The broker says they will fulfil your withdrawal requests on the same day. You can make your deposits using Bank transfers, Credit cards and Cryptocurrencies.

The deposits and withdrawals are safe and fast.

Olive Markets is a reliable forex broker that is regulated and offers competitive trading conditions. It also has a wide range of trading products.

There was no problem and delay when depositing. The orders execute fast. The platform is really good. The spreads and minimum deposit are low.

So, I would suggest trading with this broker. Also, Olive Markets is one of the best brokers that I ever traded.

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