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Hello guys! I am here with TDMarkets review today. TDMarkets is a Forex and CFDs broker established in 2015.

The company behind the broker is TDM Holdings Inc. It is registered offshore, I gave all the details about it in the regulation section of the review.

Africa’s Favourite broker. TD Markets provides access to the industry-leading platform, Metatrader 4. This platform, easily accessible from any device, facilitates your trading experience by offering numerous tools, including indicators, expert advisors and open-source algorithmic trading scripts.

TDM Holdings Inc. gives clients access to a selection of markets, enabling trading in Forex as well as binary options.

In this TDMarkets review, you will receive all the answers to the following questions: Is TDMarkets scam or good forex broker? What are the account types within the platform? What are the trading conditions such as spreads, leverage, and minimum deposit? Is TDMarkets regulated?

It’s crucial for any trader to know that when they’ll be trading with a specific broker, their funds would be safe and secured in addition to being away from any scams and inclusion in the operational funds of the broker itself.

These are all logical things to worry about when trading in such vast and huge markets like the forex and CFDs where liquidity is high and the decentralization of the markets makes it an easy target for scammers to invade the market and take advantage where possible.

Luckily the broker here is regulated yet it’s not any strong or strict regulation which is why TD markets have gained a poor grade on my list.

TD Markets is an Authorised Financial Services Provider with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority FSCA with a license reference of FSP49128.

No compensation scheme seems to be set in place where it protects the traders and their funds in case of any financial crisis and scams or even in case the broker itself went bankrupt.

However, the broker claims to have a protocol set in place where the segregation of accounts is ensured whereas having the accounts saved with major banks. As well as negative balance protection, which, even if the markets move extremely rapidly a negative balance by a customer will not be due to be paid back by the customer.

Anti Money Laundering Protocols are also set in addition to the ability to make withdrawals all around the 24hrs per day where client withdrawals are processed in 24 hours showing TD markets commitments to ensure the clients have the assurance of access to their funds.

Two kinds of accounts are offered at TDMarkets where they both provide different trading features and different characteristics to different kinds of traders.

The first account type is The TDM Gold account. TD Markets minimum deposit for the Gold account is $50 which means that’s the least amount you can start trading with. Maximum leverage of 1:500 is presented. Forex, Metals. CFDs. and crypto all are instruments offered for trading within the Gold account. EAs, scalping and hedging are all techniques allowed to take place within this account. With a zero commission policy on trades on this account, the spread is variable and takes the range of 1.8 pips on forex majors. 100% is the margin call percentage along with a 50% stop-out level. No trading restrictions are applied and the micro lot is the minimum traded volume allowed.

The second account type is TDM Pro account. Whereas TD Markets minimum deposit for the Pro account is $1000. A commission is applied of $8 per lot and variable and raw spreads are offered of 0.1 pips. With more than 1000 instruments including forex. metals, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Maximum leverage of 1:500 is offered in addition to no trading restrictions and a micro lot as the minimum trade lot size.

A demo account is presented for clients who would like to experience the trials of the forex market before getting into the real market and trading with real funds. The advantage the demo account provides for the traders is that it ensures a risk-free trading environment so a medium of trials and testing out different principles would be possible. The demo accounts allow newbie traders to test out their knowledge and try out TDMarkets and expert traders to try new techniques and trading strategies.

TDMarkets offers its clients the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) like most brokers.

MT4 is still the most popular trading platform despite the release of its new version MT5. The reasons for this are that it is easy to use and allows traders not only to make transactions but also to analyze market dynamics.

It has various functionalities, advanced chart tools, the Expert Advisor option for automated trading and allows users to make back-testing strategies.

The advantages of TDMarkets’ MetaTrader 4 are listed on the broker’s website as follows:

  • No Dealing Desk Execution – real, fair trading with no intervention.
  • Excellent spreads for all currency pairs – EUR/USD as low as 0.7 pips.
  • Execution – the fastest execution available.
  • Any trader types, including scalpers, are acceptable.
  • Unrestricted use of experts.
  • No re-quotes
  • Minimum contract size 0.01

TDMarkets offers a leading industry platform, MT4, accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This platform includes high-level charts and analytical tools, an integrated risk management system as well as sophisticated market orders, such as stop and limit orders or trailing stops.

To download the MetaTrader software, fill out the demo sign-up form. Once completed you will be prompted to download and install MetaTrader.

Multiple trading products are offered to the clients as the variety of the products ensures the presence of options and risk diversity to the trades which is a major need for trades since the high liquidity in the forex market and hence high risk. Via this TDmarkets review, let’s check the trading products available.

These instruments include:

Forex: the broker is offering more than 63+ currency pairs that include major, minor and exotic pairs with raw to low spreads and the broker is also offering super speed when it comes to execution at the best available prices in the market. With Dedicated Support Teams and Personal Account Managers.

Cryptocurrencies: trading cryptos present the opportunity to trade 24/7 since they are not affected by central bank policies and are regarded as a highly accessible instrument. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and more are examples of tradable cryptocurrencies with TDMarkets.

Energies: oil and gas are examples of tradeable energies with the broker as they represent a crucial factor in the functioning of the global economy. Prices are driven by demand and supply as opposed to speculation. Brent Oil, WTI and Natural Gas are offered to provide options to diversify the portfolio of the traders. some of the advantages trades consider when trading energies include, the easy monitoring of prices and the ability to trade any market direction meaning they can trade on the rise and fall of process and make a profit out of both positions.

Indices: trading indices allow investors to speculate on the price movements of stock Indices. Indices are traded in large volumes and they are prevalent among investors. Australian S&P/ASX 200 Index, China A50, DAX Index, USA Dow Jones IA Index and more are offered to trade.

Metals: gold, platinum and silver are available whereas each presents traders with a unique set of opportunities and benefits with prices rooted in demand and supply. Precious metals are the ‘safe-haven’ assets which evolved and became more tradable as economic developments and political unrest caused increased volatility across other markets.

Shares:  A contract for difference(CFD) is a contract for difference and a popular form of derivative trading. The value of CFDs is based on the underlying financial assets and traders profit from deviations in the price. With TDMarkets , you can trade the shares of the major companies of the world that include Apple, Amazon, Alibaba Group, BMW, Facebook, Mercedes and more are available for trade.

ETF: These are traded on an exchange like stocks, in addition, there are some benefits for trading ETFs including portfolio diversification and trading versatility at a low cost. Ishares Taiwan Index ETF, Ishares South Korea Index ETF, SPDR Gold shares, Ishares Core S&P 500 and more are presented for trade with TD markets.

TDMarkets offers a few funding options available for you to choose from to fund your SMART Account. Below you can view details for each option. These options are Bitcoin, Credit & Debit cards and Bank wire transfers.

There are no minimum deposit amounts and charges for the Bitcoin funding option.

TDMarkets is a regulated broker via FSCA which isn’t the strongest audit for the forex brokers in the market, however, it still gives some sort of regulatory directions to the brokers which is a good sign. And so now I think I question that I get a lot which is ” is TDmarkets regulated” would have to be answered with yes, the regulation of the broker is set in place and secured.

Throughout this TD markets review, it was clear that the broker is offering 2 different account types with different features and trading conditions. In addition, the option to open a demo account which is quite useful to traders who would like to try the broker within a risk-free environment. TD Markets minimum deposit for the Gold account is $50 while in the Pro account the TD Markets minimum deposit is $1000.

A maximum leverage of 1:500 is offered white spreads are competitive and the commission is low. The trading platforms offered are only one which is a bit tricky today the broker is providing options of choices in that regard however since TDMarkets is offering MT4 which is the most used and popular platform in the forex trading market, It makes me think the broker is s seeking the best options to be offered.

Different trading instruments are offered which all present a chance for portfolio diversification to the traders and that’s a necessity in the forex trading industry due to the high risk which required distribution of the risk for optimal profits.

If you didn’t find this broker’s offers acceptable, you can check my top forex brokers list and find a better one.