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Unbiased TethEx Review 2024

In today’s review, we’ll look at Tethex. This article will answer your questions regarding Tethex’s legitimacy through its operations, global money transfer claims, and constant profit claims, while evaluating the functionality and security of the Tethex card.

We’ll also investigate the possibility of a pyramid scheme in its investment program and discuss concerns that comes from Tethex’s unregulated operations, warnings from financial authorities, and customer reviews.

Key Points

  • Lack of Legal License: Tethex operates without a legal license or registration, handling financial transactions without proper licensing and registration is a scam on its own.
  • Global Money Transfer Claims: Tethex claims to offer worldwide money transfer solutions, but their operations have been rejected by Turkish banks and are not available in Turkey, a country they showcase on their website.
  • Tethex Card: The main product is the Tethex card, an anonymous cryptocurrency card that connects to Apple Pay or Google Play, powered by Telegram’s bot payment system. There are three types of Tethex Cards (Classic, Gold, and Black), each with different features and costs.
  • Investment Opportunities: Tethex offers investment opportunities with promises of constant daily profits, including an approximately suspicious 20% return claim.
  • Tiered Investment Structure: The investment program has a tiered structure, suggesting a possible pyramid scheme where earnings are based on recruitment rather than product sales.
  • Cashback and Bonuses: The cards offer cashback on purchases, and the company provides various bonuses to attract and retain users.
  • Affiliate Program: The referral program has a multilevel structure. This structure had a warning from Russia’s central bank for its resemblance to a pyramid scheme model.
  • Operation: The unregulated nature of Tethex’s operations and the lack of traceability in transactions signal safety concerns.
  • Warning from the Central Bank of Russia: The Central Bank of Russia has issued a warning indicating that Tethex could be a pyramid scheme.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews suggest issues with withdrawals and a lack of transparency and accountability from the company.

What is TethEx?

Tethex offers payment solutions, and in its marketing materials, it markets the ability to send money anywhere in the world.I’m not sure if I should trust Tethex as a company since I haven’t seen any legal license or registration. This is not a new concept, as it has been practiced since the Middle Ages. However, within the last decade or so, it has become possible to do so within minutes.

The main product of the company is the Tethex card. The Tethex card is an anonymous cryptocurrency card that connects to Apple Pay or Google Play. It is essentially powered by Telegram’s bot payment system, but how it works exactly is a mystery to me.

Tethex is also famous for another reason, which is how I’ve heard of them too. Tethex offers investment opportunities with constant daily profit opportunities. Now, it sounds more than suspicious. Think about this: Tethex offers a 20% return, which means that your $1000 would become $708,801.87 after only 3 years. This is unrealistic under any conditions but we’ll dive into that later on.

tethex passive income

To invest in Tethex or use their services, you need to obtain a Tethex card. After registering on the Tethex platform, you would need to link the Telegram bot and fund your account using USDT (Tether). You can apply for your own account later on from the app interface. The Tethex card is designed for users to utilize their cryptocurrency holdings for everyday purchases, similar to traditional bank cards but with more benefits, anonymity, and flexibility.

The Tethex card is designed to be used in any country as it can be easily connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, for now, it is only used in Russia and is soon to be expanded into Turkey. However, the situation in Turkey is uncertain. I’ll dive into more details in the safety section.

Tethex Investing Conditions

Tethex’s investment program offers various levels starting from Bronze up to Diamond. In this tiered structure, the daily maximum percentage payout increases correlated to the amount invested.

tethex investment plan

The Bronze level starts at a $100 investment for a 0.91% daily return, and it goes up to the Diamond level with a $100,000 investment for a 1.15% daily return. The structure implies that as you invest more money, you are eligible for a higher daily return percentage.

However, this tiered structure may be a sign of a pyramid scheme, where you’ll have to lure more people into the scheme to actually earn something rather than from the investment itself. We’ll talk about this later on, but it’s good to remember the investment program.

Tethex Cards

There are 3 different types of Tethex Cards: Classic, Gold, and Black, each with different offers and costs. The Classic card is the basic version, with the lowest issuance cost and higher top-up fees, but it does not offer cashback on purchases.

The Gold card has a medium issuance cost and lower top-up fees. The Tethex card also offers cashback on personal purchases and a small balance accrual at the end of the month, which means that you can redeem every bit of the advantages.

The Black card is the premium option, with the highest issuance cost, lowest top-up fees, higher cashback on purchases, and the highest balance accrual.

The cards are designed to be chosen depending on how often you plan to use the card, the benefits you want, and how much you’re willing to pay for them.

tethex cards classic gold black-min

Cashback on a card works like a rebate, which means that with every purchase, a percentage of the amount spent will be returned to you. This will help reduce the overall cost of your purchases and is especially useful if you are spending a lot of money. For those who use their card often, cashback can add up to significant savings over time. It can also encourage cardholders to use the card more frequently, knowing that each transaction returns some of their money.

Tethex Bonuses

These financial structures often require a cash flow and user base to operate and offer bonuses as incentives to attract people. Tethex does the same, offering a structured bonus plan.

  • Contract Bonus: Earned when someone in your team sells a contract.
  • Income Bonus: Derived from the investment income of the team.
  • Career Bonus: Granted upon achieving new status levels in the program.
  • Curator Bonus: Receive 10% of a direct referral’s rank bonus, unless they outrank you, in which case you must attain the same rank to receive it.
  • Director Bonus: Attaining a Director rank entitles you to up to 15% of commissions from your referrals’ earnings.
  • Office Bonus: Special privileges granted to partners who establish Tethex representative offices.

Tethex also encourages affiliates by offering bonuses for selling Tethex crypto cards and promoting Tethex products. These bonuses are generally distributed based on both sales and recruitment efforts within the network.

tethex bonuses-min

Tethex Ranking System

Tethex’s referral or affiliate program is also a multilevel structure, with various levels a participant can achieve, such as Agent, Promoter, Adviser, up to Co-Founder, each with a corresponding percentage for bonuses.

tethex multi level structure percentages
tethes multi level structure deposits

There are similarities between a pyramid scheme and Tethex’s affiliate structure. It seems like the primary way to make money is through the recruitment of new members rather than selling products since the product is a virtual wallet that enables untraceable transactions.

Is Tethex Safe?

Tethex claims to make money transferring easy, which is doubtful since they are not regulated by any financial authority. Worldwide transfers can only be made by licensed and authorized institutions. The process raises suspicion of being a scam.

Let’s brainstorm who might need to transfer money globally without any trace. One possibility is avoiding taxes and other expenses, maybe even money laundering, since the source of the money is not traceable. We could also consider financing terrorist organizations. The service that Tethex promises doesn’t seem realistic to me.

tethex turkey telegram
tethex turkey telegram

If I have to base my belief on a logical basis for this review, I found Tethex’s Turkey Telegram channel. In the channel, there is a message, and I’m just translating it as it is.

“Our team worked on the technical and legal aspects of the Tethex Card throughout last week, with accounts in USD and EUR. We are striving to create the best product for all our users, regardless of their nationalities and geographical locations. We believe that access to card usage should be possible for all partners and that it should provide freedom of fund usage when combined with cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, our current banking partners do not share our view and are not ready to offer a strong and universal solution for cards using Apple and Google Pay. We have found new partners, but the implementation of the new card program will take approximately two months.

Therefore, the company management has decided to stop the current card program and refund the funds on all customers’ cards to their personal accounts. Additionally, the card fee and the fee for loading funds to the card account will also be refunded.

For this purpose, the technical department will work until March 27, 15:00 Dubai time, during which balance verifications and transfers will be carried out. In addition, AML filters will be implemented for transactions between external wallets and users’ personal accounts.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, you can contact technical support or send an email to”

TethEX Türkiye Telegram Channel

Transferring money and making transactions without a trace can lead to serious crimes, and thinking that it will be fine would be naive. I don’t think it should be allowed. If you want to use your phone as a wallet, there are plenty of reliable options, one specifically offered by Telegram itself.

The real deal is to transfer your money through their account, and this is suspicious if you ask me. Also, I don’t know how they are capable of affording these bonuses and cashback. Do they have this kind of liquidity? If they had it, they wouldn’t have any issues with Turkish banks, and I don’t really believe that they’d found another reliable partner.

Founder and Location

tethex russia

The main entity behind Tethex is a Russian IT company with the same name. They offer services for web development, web services, chatbots, and mobile applications for businesses. The company is located in 420111, Republic of Tatarstan, city of Kazan, st. Tazi Gizzata, 6/31, premises 1021, office 411.

tether visitors

Not revealing the founders is a red flag in itself, but the Tethex we are reviewing is located in Dubai, even though most of the visitors are from Russia and their marketing materials are in Russian. Even though I couldn’t reach who the owner is, I found one comment on a Russian site indicating the founders were previously involved in schemes. By its nature, it’s hard to find valuable information on Russian projects. domain info

Tethex’s domain is and was privately registered on the 17th of November 2023.

Is TethEx Regulated?

It goes without saying that Tethex holds no license or registration in any country to handle financial transactions or offer a platform for investments. It would be a huge deal if they had the necessary permissions for worldwide money transferring instantly and without any trace, but it’s no surprise that Tethex’s operations are not regulated.

The Central Bank of Russia issued a warning indicating that Tethex could be a pyramid scheme. The Tethex scam involves promising people high and constant returns on their investments, but the truth is they use the money from new investors to pay the old ones. This circulation is called a Ponzi scheme, where there is no real product to profit from, and new victims are the source of income. These kinds of Ponzis always fail, and when it fails, your money will disappear. When you think about the scheme running globally, you’ll be left to deal with legal authorities of a foreign country.

tethex issue

Tethex uses all the channels, including Telegram, social media, and more. The warning from Russia’s central bank lists a bunch of websites and social media pages that are linked to Tethex. It says that this warning was put out on February 13, 2024.

Tethex Customer Reviews

It was challenging to reach real customer reviews as the Telegram groups were blocked for users to message, and they were mainly active in Russia. However, thanks to Google Translate, I was able to find some reviews. I won’t publish all of them, but here are some for reference, along with an explanation of what customers think about Tethex’s operations.

tethex customer review about withdrawal -min
tethex customer review about withdrawal english -min

There are multiple customers from several nations, including Africa and South Korea, where customers have experienced issues with withdrawals.

Many customers expressed fear and regret about investing in the scheme, with some noting that they had dragged their friends into it as well.

tethex russian review
tethex russian review

Customers are also complaining about the lack of transparency and not finding anyone responsible in times of dispute. This concern exceeds the need for knowing the location and the founder. Customers are having a hard time reaching out to customer services too.


In conclusion, Tethex is a company that offers payment solutions and investment opportunities, but there are several serious red flags about its operations that raise doubts about its legitimacy. The lack of a legal license or registration, the warning from the Central Bank of Russia, the unrealistic promise of constant daily profits, and the tiered investment structure resembling a pyramid scheme are all signs of a scam.

The Tethex card, while offering convenience and anonymity, is currently limited in its usage and surrounded by uncertainties. The failed expansion into Turkey also showcases how the operations are not based on a legal basis.

Like a typical pyramid scheme, Tethex’s investment program and bonus system further suggest a focus on recruitment rather than product sales. The lack of transparency about the company’s founders and location, coupled with a warning from the Central Bank of Russia, indicates a fraudulent and unsafe operation.

Customer reviews also indicate issues with withdrawals and a lack of accountability. Overall, the evidence suggests that potential investors should exercise caution and engage with Tethex only after thorough research.

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