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Tickmill Review 2024

Forex can be a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs, and your forex broker might be your loyal companion and a seatbelt in shaky times.

Today I’ll share my experiences with one of the best forex brokers, Tikmill, a multiple award-winning forex broker. Tickmill has earned its place in recent years as one of the top three brokers chosen by people.

In this 2024 Tickmill Review, I’ll share my thoughts about Tickmill with ins and outs. We’ll take a deep look at why Tickmill is one of the best forex brokers in 2024 and in what ways it’s losing to its competitors.

I examined Tickmill based on expert reviews, as well as my own experiences and comments I found online.

Whether you are a beginner forex trader or a forex expert, who knows every fluctuation, This Tickmill review will equip you with knowledge that’s necessary to navigate your way in the curvy roads of forex trading in 2024.  

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Why Tickmill Stands Out

Finding a reliable forex broker is one of the most important aspects of trading. It would be unjust not to pay attention to Tickmill’s awards. Tickmill has been awarded with the “Best Forex Spreads” and “Best Forex Trading” in 2022, and “Best Forex Broker” in 2024. 

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Reliable forex broker is a diamond in the rough. These awards showcase Tickmill’s trustworthiness. Even though Tickmill is one of the most reliable forex brokers, it’s still beneficial to approach with caution, as there are some scammers using the names of Tickmill and other Forex brokers.

Review of Tickmill’s Wordwide Presence

Tickmill operates all around the globe through a network of satellite companies, each of them regulated and respected by trusted financial authorities.

  • Tickmill Europe Ltd: Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). License number 278/15.
  • Tickmill Ltd: Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles. Registration number 09369927.
  • Tickmill UK Ltd: Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. Registration number 733772.
  • Tickmill Asia Ltd: Regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) in Malaysia. License number MB/18/0028.
  • Tickmill South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. License number 49464.

The exceptional reach that Tickmill has, especially as an FCA regulated forex broker, makes it one of the best regulated forex broker in many countries and enables it to operate with a wide range of financial instruments.

The Advantages of Trading with Tickmill

  • Regulations: Tickmill has licenses from respected regulatory authorities from many countries. Tickmill offers a secure and trustworthy trading environment for traders all around the globe.
  • Tickmill Fees: Tickmill offers a cost-effective trading environment with cost-efficient forex fees. With no deposit and withdrawal fees, Tickmill stands out as one the most cost-efficient forex brokers.
  • Tickmill’s Trading Instruments: Tickmill offers a broad range of tradable instruments, supporting tools, and various account types. This diversity gives traders the flexibility to find the most fitting environment.
  • FCA Regulation: Tickmill is regulated by FCA in the UK, which makes Tickmill stand out as a reliable place for forex traders.
  • Reputation:Tickmill holds a clean track record with no major regulatory incidents or fines since 2014. 
  • Mobile Platform: Tickmill is fully digital and easy to use on mobile. Tickmill’s mobile app allows forex traders to be updated with the latest market news.
  • Expert Analysis: Tickmill provides traders with expert analysis in their platform along with variety of trading tools. Traders can also access Autochartist integration, with advanced chart pattern recognition and trading signals. 
  • Customer Support: Tickmill is fast and constant when it comes to dealing with problems. Tickmill offers live chat support that provides relevant answers, and it is available in multiple languages.
  • Risk Mitigation: Tickmill is investor-friendly. UK clients have right to £85,000 in protection, while EU clients have €20,000 in protection. Tickmill also offers negative balance protection, making it impossible for traders to lose more than the deposited amount.
  • Tickmill’s Low Spreads: Spreads are one of the most important aspects that can directly affect your profits. Tickmill stands out as an award-winning forex broker with pips as low as 0. 

Cons to Keep in Mind

While Tickmill has its strengths, it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s important to be aware of these downsides to keep your protifs safe:

  • Proprietary Platform: Tickmill offers the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, traders who are looking for customized experience maybe disappointed. 
  • Customer Support Hours: Customer support is available only during office hours, from Monday to Friday. This might be a problem for users in different time-zones.
  • Security Measures: While Tickmill provides a secure trading environment, it lacks certain security features that some traders may prioritize. Specifically, there is no two-step login process, and price alerts are not included in web platform.
  • Design Flaws: You may experience difficulties adjusting the platform’s design on web browsers 
  • No Banking License: Tickmill does not hold a banking license. This is a consideration for traders who require banking services in addition to their trading activities.
  • Not Listed on Stock Exchange: Unlike some other financial institutions, Tickmill is not publicly listed on any stock exchange. This may interest traders who prefer to invest in companies with publicly traded shares.

My Experiences with Tickmill

Tickmill has been a reliable forex broker for forex traders since 2014, and I’ve had my fair share with them in my 14 years of forex trading. This Tickmill review includes my personal experiences, as well as trusted expert opinions, to provide you with the most comprehensive explanation of what Tickmill is about. Tickmill has something to offer for every forex broker whether you are forex beginner or an expert forex trader

Tickmill‘s advantage is that its leveraging technology to enhance trading experiences. Tickmill offers a suitable platform for traders with basic experience and those eager to improve their skills in many ways. Tickmill’s real trade execution speed is extraordinary, it can reach up to 0.2 seconds. Making it useful for algorithmic trading. Tickmill takes pride in ensuring the absence of slippages even during periods of heightened market volatility. This is the outcome of a robust client request distribution system that swiftly connects with available liquidity providers.

Tickmill brings innovation to the industry with its implementation of AI in their technical tools. Tickmill offers Acuity Trading tools, that serve as an aggregator of news and fundamental information. It compiles data and performs analysis to present only the most relevant information for a given asset and timeframe. Which is important for long term security and short time decision making. Another useful tool is the Tickmill’s Signal Centre, which is a technical analysis tool to determine trade direction within specified timeframes. It also helps users to identify key levels for placing pending orders.

Tickmill’s trading conditions were primarily designed for expert traders, but it’s also accessible for forex beginners with classic accounts as well. Although it’s worth to keep in mind that the Tickmill’s bonuses are available primarily through the group’s entities operating outside of Europe. Tickmill exhibits a transparent User Agreement and an exceptional profit withdrawal process.

Tickmill has managed to establish itself as one of the top forex brokers, being people’s favorite since 2014. With multiple awards in their hands, they’ve built themselves a reputation in the industry as an innovative and user friendly forex broker. The entities within the Tickmill Group are known for their transparency, low fees, and strong regulation by trusted industry authorities.

Tickmill’s extensive collection of research and educational materials, including third-party tools is highly diverse. Additionally, Tickmill’s account types provide an environment for accommodating the needs of different types of traders.

While Tickmill deserves a high praise, there are a few minor inconveniences to consider. One of them is that, it does not offer a proprietary platform for CFD trading. However, these inconveniences are relatively minor and do not significantly detract from the overall positive trading experience that Tickmill offers. Tickmill does everything right in the most necessary departments.

And, who should use Tickmill? Tickmill offers valuable environment for both novice and expert forex traders. I, myself had lots of fun on the platform in the past and I still do. With Tickmill’s extensive arsenal of educational and research materials, including articles, market analyzes, webinars, and seminars, caters to traders with varying styles and experience levels. Tickmill does everything to equip you with the profitable knowledge.

Another advantage Tickmill offers is that in the UK, it extends offers to include futures and options trading. This is an excellent opportunity that gives you a space for managing risk, speculating on price movements, and making diverse portfolios in financial markets.

Tickmill is a great choice for forex traders because of its award-winning low fees, free deposit and withdrawal options. Although it may not be the ideal platform for investing into stocks, funds or bonds. Tickmill is regulated by FCA which makes it a reliable forex broker.

Tickmill has rightly earned its reputation as an industry leader, with its diverse offerings, commitment to transparency, an extensive range of educational and research materials, user friendly platforms, useful analysis and tools and policies to protect traders.

Tickmill Review: Exploring Tickmill’s Account Types and Features

The following section of this Tickmill 2024 review is about Tickmill’s account types and Tickmill’s trading conditions. Tickmill’s trading conditions are great. Tickmill offers different types of accounts suitable for traders in all levels. 

Tickmill provides a variety of account types in order to serve a wide range of forex traders in all levels, because they are aware that the forex traders have variety of needs. Tickmill has an account designed particularly for you, whether you’re a forex trader beginner or a forex expert trader.

Let’s take a closer look at Tickmill’s account types:

  • Tickmill’s Classic Account: Tickmill’s classic accounts are the best for beginner forex traders. Tickmill’s minimum deposit is $100 for classic accounts, it provides a transparent spread and is fee-free. It provides a great environment for those who want to begin forex trading.
  • Tickmill’s Pro Account: This account type is primarily for expert forex traders, who work with large trading volumes with high-frequency trading strategies. Spread are almost 0, order executions are instant, and there is a fixed fee per lot. Minimum deposit is $100 for Tickmill’s Pro Accounts.
  • Tickmill’s VIP Account: If you are the king of this jungle, VIP accounts offer a near-zero spreads with instant order execution along with fixed fee per lot. To have this account you need to have a minimum of $50.000 in your account.
  • Tickmill’s Islamic Accounts: This is for forex brokers seeking a swap-free trading.

How to Open a Tickmill Account: Step by Step

Opening a Tickmill account is a straightforward and speedy process. It’s entirely mobile-friendly, and the verification is incredibly fast. You can open a Tickmill account with these steps in less than an hour.


Choose from one of the Tickmill’s satellite companies  suitable to your country of residence.


Provide your personal details, name, date of birth, and contact information.


Select a regulator that suits your location. Tickmill is regulated in many countries


Verify your email address.


Enter your address, tax number, and nationality.


Answer questions about your employment status, financial situation, and trading experience.


Complete a brief CFD quiz.


Choose your account type (Classic, Pro, or VIP) and base currency.


Verify your identity by uploading a copy of your national ID, passport, or driver’s license and your proof of residency by uploading bills and bank statements.

Tickmill Review: Leverage

Leverage is crucial for your trading strategy and risk management. Tickmill offers a variety of leverage options to match your preferences. In Europe regulatory requirements and retail clients can access leverage up to 1:30, defending on the asset type, with the opportunity to reach up to 1:300 as a “Qualified/Professional” trader. 

For traders outside of Europe, Tickmill offers more generous conditions, offering leverage of up to 1:500. This will allow you to choose the leverage that fits best to your risk tolerance and trading style.

Tickmill’s Trading Platforms and Instruments

Tickmill offers a variety of trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, MT4 Webtrader, and the Tickmill Mobile App. This diverse range of platforms ensures you can trade on different devices easily.

Tickmill also offers a broad selection of instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, individual stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. The comprehensive range of assets means you can diversify your portfolio and explore different trading strategies.

Tickmill stands out as a versatile broker that caters to traders of all levels with multiple account types, swift account opening, flexible leverage, and a wide variety of tradable instruments, Tickmill covers all of your needs whether you are a beginner looking for asafe option or a professional forex trader implementing high frequency strategies

Tickmill Review: FEES

When choosing a forex broker, one of the key factors that traders consider is the fee structure. After all, fees can significantly impact a trader’s profitability. Tickmill fees, stands out as one of the top forex brokers by being extremely cost- efficient which makes it an attractive choice for traders looking to optimize their trading costs.

A Closer Look at Tickmill’s Fees

Before putting your trading capital and trust to a broker, it’s essential to understand the fee landscape. To assess Tickmill’s fees, I examined various components, including spreads, commissions, and overnight fees. Let’s take a deeper look at Tickmill’s fees in this Tickmill Review 2024.

Spreads on Tickmill

One of the primary cost components for traders is spreads. The spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a currency pair. Tickmill spreads are one of the lowest in the industry.

Tickmill Spreads

You can check spread values for all the instruments from here.

Classic Tickmill account spreads are extremely low when compared to the its competitors. Especially with the absence of commissions taken into account.

Tickmill’s Swap Rates

Another important factor to keep in mind when trading is swap rates. These are the costs or credits that can be associated with keeping a position open overnight because of fluctuating interest rates. When you have a buy position, you might incur charges, which are referred to as “swap long,” and for sell positions, you could encounter charges known as “swap short.”

Tickmill’s recorded swap rates are also competitive when compared to the rest of the industry.

Tickmill’s Comissons

Tickmill offers three main retail account types: Pro, Classic, and VIP, with a Futures account available through its UK satellite company . The Pro and VIP accounts feature a combination of raw spreads and fixed round-turn commissions, while the Classic account combines commission free trading with floating spreads. These diverse options allow forex  traders to select the account type that best suits their trading style.

  • The Pro account features a fixed commission of 2 currency units per side per lot. For example, if your account’s base currency is USD, you will be charged $2 for opening and another $2 for closing a trade worth 100,000 units of the underlying currency. This translates to a total of 4 currency units as a round-turn commission per traded lot, which is below the industry average.
  • The VIP account offers even more favorable conditions, with a round-turn commission of 2 currency units per traded lot.

Non-Trading Fees

Beyond trading fees, non-trading fees are also an essential consideration, and Tickmill ensures its non-trading fees are as trader-friendly as possible.

There is no maintenance fee, or in other words, inactivity fee on Tickmill. Meaning that, traders won’t be subjected to unnecessary costs during periods of inactivity.

Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge on Tickmill which makes them even more cost- efficient.

Tickmill’s fees are highly efficient for forex traders all around the globe.When you are trading forex, minimizing costs is essential if you want to maximize your profits. Tickmill’s fee structure is tailor-made for cost-conscious traders. Whether you’re an expert forex trader, executing high-frequency strategies or a forex trader beginner looking to build your skills, Tickmill’s competitive spreads and commissions are perfect for you.

Tickmill’s fees are consistently below the industry average. Its spreads, commissions, and non-trading fees are designed to provide cost-effective trading. For traders, this translates to the potential for higher profits and a lower cost of doing business.

Tickmill stands out as one of the top forex brokers that takes its commitment to competitive and affordable fees seriously. Whether you’re trading major currency pairs or diversifying your portfolio with commodities, stocks, or cryptocurrencies, Tickmill’s fee structure aligns with traders’ expectations.

With the absence of non-trading charges and the added flexibility of swap-free trading through Islamic accounts, Tickmill ensures that your costs remain under control.

Tickmill also offers a demo account for traders to refine test and improve their skills in a risk-free environment with no minimum deposit condition.

Tickmill’s transparent fee structure, combined with its account types, offers a trading environment suitable for traders of all levels of expertise. It really does not matter if you’re a forex trader beginner on a tight budget or an expert forex trader, Tickmill’s competitive fees could be what you are looking for in order to .

Tickmill Withdrawal and Deposits

When choosing a forex broker, it’s crucial to assess the ease and efficiency of the deposit and withdrawal processes. Hidden fees and delayed transactions can be a trader’s worst nightmare. In my Tickmill review, I examined these aspects and more to ensure that you are well-informed about what to expect when conducting financial transactions with Tickmill.

How to Deposit Money to Tickmill: Step by Step

Tickmill’s minimum deposit is $100 for both classic and pro accounts. In this section of my Tickmill review, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of how to deposit and withdraw funds with Tickmill:

Step 1

Log in to the client area from Tickmill’s website. On this screen you’ll see your wallet and deposit button.

Step 2

Click on deposit on the wallet screen, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll chose the deposit method.

Step 3

Keep in mind that, Tickmill’s payment methods may vary according to your country of origin. The common part is that filling the informations correct and checking the related boxes.

You’ll need to fill out all the relevant sections like amount, funds and currency. After that you’ll be directed to a third party service provider and also keep in mind that service providers will be different according to your country of origin.

Step 4

Your deposit will appear on your screen within minutes, but in some cases it may take 1 business day.

You can’t trade directly using the funds in your wallet. You’d have to transfer your funds to your Tickmill trading account by clicking the transfer button in the first picture.

How to Withdraw Funds from Tickmill?

In my experiences Tickmill, only allowed the withdrawals with the same payment method that I choose to deposit.

Be sure that you don’t have any open trades before your withdrawal request.

Log in to your account, and go to ‘Trader’s Room’. You’ll see three options like in the first in the first picture. Click on ‘Withdraw’.

Tickmill requires $25 minimum withdrawal balance and has a zero charge policy. However your payment method and third party services may cost you minimal amounts.

And, how long will it take for funds to be transferred from Tickmill to your bank account? Usually, Tickmill accepts all the requests within a day. The time needed for funds to be in your account is depended on the method that you’d preferred. It usually takes 3-7 working days for bank withdrawals and 8 for debit credit cards.

Fee Transparency: Tickmill does not charge any handling fees for deposits and withdrawals. While it’s essential to note that third-party banking fees may sometimes apply, Tickmill itself keeps your transactions free from additional costs.

Swift Transactions: One of the most notable features of Tickmill’s deposit and withdrawal system is the rapid processing times.

My overview of the Tickmill deposit and withdrawal process.

Tickmill deposit and withdrawal procedures are both simple and swift, with various funding options available, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and more, Tickmill usually processes withdrawal requests within one business day.

Pros of Tickmill’s deposit and withdrawal process.
  • Reliability: Tickmill is a well-established and highly reliable forex broker in the OTC derivatives industry, with a history of receiving numerous awards for its high-quality service.
  • Regulations: Tickmill operates through well-regulated entities in many countries, which offers clients a significant level of protection, making Tickmill a reliable forex broker.
  • Tickmill Fees: Tickmill stands out as one of the top forex brokers in the terms of fees, ensuring cost-effective trading conditions for forex traders.
  • Tradable Instruments: With Tickmill, forex traders have access to a wide variety of tradable instruments, which allows flexibility in trading strategies.
Cons of Tickmill’s deposit and withdrawal process.
  • Platform Limitations: Tickmill offers a choice between MT4 and MT5, which, are not the most smooth platforms.
  • Tickmill’s Customer Support Hours: The availability of customer support is limited to office hours.
  • Selectivity in Services: Futures and options trading is exclusively available to clients of Tickmill UK Ltd.

Tickmill Review: Array of Tradable Instruments

Evaluating a forex broker‘s suitability goes beyond examining fees. Tradable Instruments are also crucial, as they form the foundation of your forex trading journey. In this section of my Tickmill review 2024, we’ll take a look at different asset classes and instruments available to forex traders. This analysis will help you, determine if Tickmill aligns with your specific forex trading needs.

Tickmill’s Tradable Instruments

Tickmill is one of the top forex brokers in terms Tradable Instruments, offering an extensive array of financial instruments. Here’s an in-depth look at the wide range of assets and instruments that traders can access:

  • CFD Currency Pairs: The selection includes a diverse spectrum of 63 currency pairs, encompassing major, minor, and exotic options. This variety allows forex traders to explore diverse forex trading opportunities.
  • Commodities: Tickmill provides access to 6 commodities. Precious metals like gold and silver, as well as vital energy commodities such as crude oil. Tickmill is designed for traders who have a strong preference for trading commodities.
  • Indices: Tickmill offers an impressive collection of 17 indices, spanning Europe, the United States, and global markets. This provides forex traders a broad range of opportunities to diversify their portfolio across various international indices.
  • CFD Stocks: For those interested in stock trading, Tickmill features a substantial selection of over 533 CFD stocks. These stocks represent an array of industries, including tech giants, financial institutions, retail companies, and more.
  • Bonds: Tickmill satisfies traders who have a bias for bond trading by offering access to 7 European bonds. These bonds can serve as a valuable addition to a diversified trading portfolio.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The cryptocurrency enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of 9 major and minor cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin and Litecoin to Ethereum and Cardano, traders can engage in crypto trading with ease.
  • Futures: Tickmill has a substantial portfolio of 55 futures contracts. These contracts span across forex, commodities, indices, and other categories, allowing traders to engage in futures trading effectively.
  • Options: Tickmill’s offerings extend to 6 options, which includes options for Nasdaq and S&P 500. These options serve as valuable tools for advanced traders looking to hedge and maximize their trading strategies.
CFDs: Advantage price speculation

One of the most used instruments in Tickmill’s tradable instruments is Contracts for Difference (CFDs). These financial derivatives empower traders to speculate on the price of an underlying asset without the need for physical delivery. For instance, taking a long position on gold CFDs can lead to profits as gold prices rise, all without the need to purchase physical gold bars. The distinct advantage of CFDs lies in the ability to enter and exit the market almost instantaneously, facilitating traders to capitalize on even the slightest price fluctuations in the underlying asset.

Tickmill offers arsenal of trading instruments. Whether you’re into Forex, Stock Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies, or Stocks, Tickmill has a way for you.

Tickmill Review: Research Offerings

When choosing a forex broker, traders must consider the availability and quality of research tools and materials, especially if you are a beginner forex trader. Research aids can provide essential insights into market dynamics and trading opportunities. In this section of our tickmill review 2024 we’ll explore Tickmill’s research offerings, going deep into their content, accessibility, and effectiveness. These aspects will help forex traders to make cognizant decisions based on well-informed market analysis.

Tickmill’s research tools and materials offer a diverse and multifaceted approach to support traders. Let’s explore the various components of Tickmill’s research offerings:

Pros of Tickmill’s Research Materials
  • Autochartist Integration: Tickmill enhances its research arsenal with Autochartist, a pattern recognition tool. This tool assists traders in identifying potential trade opportunities based on chart patterns, helping you with your decision-making.
  • Expert Analysis: Tickmill provides traders with expert analysis. This professional market analysis is valuable for traders of all levels, from from beginner forex traders to forex expert traders, helping them gain insights into market trends, developments, and potential opportunities.
  • Economic Calendar: Tickmill’s economic calendar stands out for its comprehensiveness. It highlights upcoming economic releases and significant events that can impact the financial markets. This tool allows traders to plan their strategies effectively.
Cons of Tickmill’s Research Materials
  • Poorly Designed Charting Tools: Tickmill’s charting tools, while functional, suffer from a suboptimal design. You may find them less user-friendly.
  • Limited News Feed: The default news feed provided by Tickmill is somewhat limited and not optimally structured. Finding relevant news can be challenging, as it doesn’t provide in-depth information, often leading to external sources for more details.

The Accessibility of Research Tools:

Tickmill ensures that its research tools are accessible through multiple channels, making them available to traders with varying preferences:

  • MetaTrader Trading Platforms: Traders can access research tools directly through the MetaTrader trading platforms.
  • Autochartist in the Client Area: The Autochartist tool is available on the Tickmill’s website, in the Client Area, providing traders with convenient access to pattern recognition analysis.
  • Client Tools Section: Research tools can be found in the ‘Client Tools’ section on Tickmill’s website, offering a centralized location for traders to explore these resources.
  • Tickmill’s Blog: For traders looking for insightful market analysis, Tickmill’s blog is a valuable resource. It serves as a platform for experts to share daily posts covering market events and trading opportunities.

Trading Ideas: Tickmill goes beyond standard research by offering trading ideas. Tickmill has a team of experts who regularly publish blog-like posts. These posts not only explain market events but also present trading opportunities, often accompanied by charts. This feature is particularly useful for traders, especially for beginner forex traders, looking for actionable insights.

Fundamental Data: Tickmill’s research includes fundamental data, focusing primarily on macroeconomic data relevant to forex trading. Tickmill provides an economic calendar through its website, offering historical macroeconomic data. The calendar’s filtering capabilities enable traders to refine data by country, data type, and importance, optimizing research process.

Charting Tools: Tickmill provides charting tools with 31 technical indicators to assist traders in their technical analysis. These tools are accessible via the MetaTrader trading platforms. However, it’s worth noting that the design of these tools is somewhat outdated, and some features may be less intuitive for users.

News Feed: While Tickmill offers a news feed, it’s characterized by its low-quality default structure. Navigating the news feed can be challenging as it lacks a supportive organization. When users click on a headline, it typically redirects them to external sources, such as, for more extensive news coverage.

Additional Research Tools: Tickmill Advanced Trading Toolkit is available as a free add-on for all clients using MetaTrader platforms. This toolkit includes a customizable mini-terminal, a news feed management app, sentiment analysis tools, and a chart indicator pack, offering a complete approach to market research.

Tickmill Review: Education

In the world of financial markets, knowledge is the most powerful asset. To succeed as a trader, one must equip themselves with the necessary skills and insights. In this section of our Tickmill review 2024, we’ll explore how Tickmill’s education offerings provide traders with the resources needed to navigate the complex world of trading. These educational materials serve to traders of all levels, from beginner forex traders to expert forex traders, empowering their trading journey.

Tickmill has an outstanding score in the education category, offering a rich array of educational resources suitable for traders at all levels of expertise, but especially for beginners who are wondering how to learn forex trading. In this section of the Tickmill Review, we’ll dive into Tickmill’s educational opportunities.


  • Demo Account: Tickmill provides a risk-free environment for forex beginners who are looking to improve their skills and gain practical experience with beginner forex trading strategies through a demo account. This feature also allows forex trading experts to practice their strategies and familiarize themselves with the platform without financial risk.
  • Educational Videos: Tickmill offers a treasure of educational videos that cover various aspects of trading. These videos include platform tutorials, general educational content, and more. The quality of production in these videos is noteworthy. Videos are practical, informative and engaging.
  • Quality Educational Articles: Forex traders seeking in-depth knowledge can access plenty of useful educational articles. These articles cover a wide range of trading topics, providing valuable insights on how financial markets work.
  • Webinars: Tickmill hosts regular webinars, offering a platform for interactive learning. These webinars cover a spectrum of trading concepts and provide attendees with opportunities to engage directly with experienced professionals.
  • Demo Account: Tickmill’s demo account is a valuable resource for traders to refine their skills in a risk-free environment. It is an excellent tool for those who want to practice trading strategies and become proficient with the platform.


  • Tickmill’s education offerings stand out, with no discernible drawbacks. Tickmill has been commitment to providing comprehensive educational resources to forex traders since the beginning.

Tickmill’s Educational Resources

Tickmill stands out with its impressive selection of free eBooks, designed to empower forex experts and frorex beginners. These materials can serve as a beginner guide to forex trading if you are just wondering about the forex world.

There are plenty of forex trading strategies pdf’s you can learn and practice with the demo account without any risks.

Here are some of them:

  • Introduction to Fibonacci Analysis: With this forex trading pdf you can dive into the world of technical analysis. This ebook guides you through the effective use of the Fibonacci analysis method.
  • Knowing Your Trading Costs: Successful trading goes beyond strategy. This forex trading pdf is all about teaching you how to manage your expenses.
  • An In-Depth Look at Risk Management: Risk management is a cornerstone of forex trading. This forex trading pdf provides a comprehensive exploration of risk exposure control techniques, allowing you to navigate the markets with confidence while increasing your chances of success.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an IB (Introducing Broker): For those looking to find some solid forex trading strategies pdf, this guide offers a roadmap to beginning, growing, and enhancing your forex trading strategies.
  • Trading the Majors Insights & Strategies: In the world of forex, the major currency pairs play a central role. Tickmill’s forex trading pdf provides a deep dive into trading these majors, offering insights, strategies, technical indicators, and expert tips that can significantly boost your profits.

Tickmill’s Forex Demo Account

Forex is a risky business and you should be cautious with every step. Forex is especially a dangerous place for beginners, but Tickmill is a reliable forex broker and one of the best places to start for forex beginners.

If you are new to forex world and looking for a ways to learn without getting hurt, forex demo account is your go to option. Tickmill’s forex demo account is one of the best forex demo accounts out there.

How to Open Tickmill’s Forex Demo Account: Step by step

Step 1

Go to Tickmill’s official website, in there you’ll see 2 buttons at the right side of the page. Click on ‘Demo Account’.

Step 2

After clicking demo account, you’ll immediately redirected to the registration process. In this step you’ll be filling out necessary sections. Fill these sections with correct information and don’t forget to choose the forex leverage wisely. In my opinion best leverage for forex beginner is somewhere between 1:10 to 1:20. Tickmill offers leverage between 1:1 to 1:500.

Step 3

After selecting the platforms, account types and filling out other information, you’ll get an email from Tickmill, giving you necessary detail about your account and download link for MetaTrader 4 Platform.

For forex traders from EU or UK, you’ll have the option to select between MT4 and MT5, both of which are accessible on desktop, webtrader, or mobile app. You can download the desktop version directly from the link provided in your registration email, as mentioned earlier.

For UK traders who have chosen a demo futures account, there is also the CGQ platform available. MT4 is the only platform that is offered.

And you are done. This is how easy to open a forex demo account with Tickmill. In my opinion Tickmill offers one of the best forex demo account out there.

Is Tickmill a Reliable Forex Broker

Being reliable is probably the most important factor when choosing a forex broker. In this section of our Tickmill review, we’ll dive into the aspects that makes Tickmill trustworthy along with the concerns.

You need to be sure of that your hard-earned money is in safe hands. Several factors define the reliability of a forex broker, including regulatory compliance, financial stability, transparency, and history. Tickmill stands out as a reliable forex broker when we look at these aspects. In this section, we will explore the safety features that makes Tickmill a reliable forex broker.

Tickmill: A Regulated Forex Broker

Tickmill operates under the umbrella of five distinct entities, each subject to meticulous regulatory oversight. These entities, along with their respective regulatory authorities, are:

  • Tickmill UK Ltd: Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Tickmill Europe Ltd: Authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Tickmill South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Licensed and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.
  • Tickmill Asia Ltd.: Authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Labuan, Malaysia.
  • Tickmill Ltd: Regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles.

Tickmill’s strong commitment to safety standards is dependent on these licenses and regulations. These regulatory bodies are positioned at the top tiers of regulatory hierarchy for many forex experts.

What Makes Tickmill a Reliable Forex Broker

  • Segregation of Funds: Tickmill follows a crucial practice of keeping your money separate from operational funds. This strict separation means that your funds are solely used for your trading and not for any other purpose.
  • Negative Balance Protection: Tickmill provides negative balance protection. This means that even in the event of extraordinary market volatility or unexpected events, your account balance will not dip into negative territory.
  • Compensation Scheme: In the unlikely event that Tickmill or its entities face insolvency, certain clients are safeguarded by compensation schemes. This financial safety net provides peace of mind. Clients of Tickmill UK Ltd. are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and can receive compensation of up to £85,000, while clients of Tickmill Europe Ltd. are covered by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) and may be compensated up to €20,000.
  • Maximum Leverage Options: Tickmill recognizes the diverse risk appetites of traders and thus offers different maximum leverage options across its entities. For traders who prefer lower market exposure, the EU and UK entities provide a maximum leverage of 1:30 for retail accounts. Conversely, overseas entities offer a more substantial maximum leverage of 1:500, tailored for traders who are less risk-averse.

Tickmill’s strong dedication to safety is evident in the trust it has gained and the extensive regulatory structure it operates under. With its broad coverage from multiple regulatory authorities, it provides a secure trading environment for all traders and stands out as a reliable forex broker.

When choosing which entity to trade with, it’s important to consider market exposure and maximum leverage. These factors are carefully designed to match your personal risk tolerance with Tickmill’s multiple account types and safety measures.

Transparency is a key element of trust, and Tickmill is one of the best forex brokers in the area. By openly addressing the risks of trading, Tickmill demonstrates its reliability as a reliable forex broker. The safety warnings and informative disclosures serve as clear evidence of Tickmill’s steadfast dedication to the well-being of traders.

With a clean track record, free from major regulatory incidents or fines since 2014, Tickmill has earned recognition through awards and contributions to various initiatives. Tickmill appears as a stable, transparent, and reliable forex broker.

Tickmill’s Customer Support

The accessibility and responsiveness of customer support can often the seatbelt in a forex trader’s journey. In this section of our Tickmill review, we will examine the customer support services offered by Tickmill, evaluating both the strengths and weaknesses of this crucial aspect of the brokers service.


  • Tickmill provides traders with a wide range of communication options to connect with forex traders. Whether it’s through phone, live chat, or email, Tickmill’s flexibility allows traders to choose the most convenient method to solve their problems.
  • They also offer multilingual support to address the diverse linguistic needs of forex traders all around the globe, ensuring that language barriers are not an obstacle when seeking assistance.
  • Furthermore, Tickmill’s website includes a comprehensive FAQ section, which offers solutions to frequently asked questions. This resource is valuable for quick reference and can help traders with general queries.
  • What sets Tickmill apart is its accessibility to non-customers. It allows individuals to inquire and seek assistance without the requirement of being a customer of Tickmill’s. This level of accessibility shows their commitment to assisting traders in their decision-making process.


  • Limited Availability is the only notable limitation of Tickmill’s customer support. The service is available during the on weekdays from 7:00 to 16:00 GMT. Tickmill is leaving forex traders without support over the weekends and non-office hours.

Tickmill’s Welcome Account

If you’re a forex beginner seeking a risk-free way to kickstart your trading journey, Tickmill’s “Welcome Account” with $30 bonus could be your ideal entry point. This Tickmill bonus offers new forex traders from non-restricted countries the opportunity to open a live trading account with zero deposit. Here’s what you need to know about the terms and conditions of the Tickmill’s Welcome Account:

  • The Tickmill Welcome Account bonus is exclusively designed for new clients from non-restricted countries, excluding European Union citizens.
  • Existing clients are not eligible for the Welcome Account.
  • Only one Welcome Account is allowed per client.
  • The Welcome Account shares identical trading conditions with the live Pro account.
  • Traders have the flexibility to adjust leverage settings on the Welcome Account.
  • Trading is available for 60 days after opening the account, and even after this period, access to the Welcome Account for profit claims can be extended for 14 days.
Details About Tickmill’s Welcome Account
  • The Welcome Account is specified in USD and is automatically created after the registration process.
  • Tickmill bonus for welcome account is $30.
How To Transfer Profits
  • Use the same information you provided when you were registering the Welcome Account
  • Submit the necessary identification documents.
  • Tickmill’s minimum deposit is $100 (or the equivalent in another currency) to use welcome bonus.
What You Need to Know About Tickmill’s Welcome Account
  • You can’t link the new live MT4 trading account to any other promotions.
  • Third-party deposits are forbidden.
  • Any disputes or misunderstandings will be resolved by Tickmill Management.
What Tickmill’s Welcome Account is About

Tickmill’s Welcome Account offers new traders a risk-free chance to begin forex trading without the need for an initial deposit. Even though there are some restrictions and rules obey, this opportunity enables you to begin forex trading with real funds.

How to Connect Tickmill to Tradingview: Step by step

Step 1

Login to your TradingView account and go to any chart.

Step 2

In that chart click on ‘Trading Panel’. You’ll see several brokers. Click on Tickmill.

Step 3

A pop-up will be shown asking for your Tickmill username and password. Fill the Tickmill Account information and click on connect.

After completing these steps you’ll see a ‘Tickmill Live’ notification at the bottom-right of your screen. This is how you can connect Tickmill to tradingview.

An Overview of My Tickmill Review 2024

There are mountain of options when it comes to choosing the right, reliable forex broker for your forex trading journey. Your choice of a reliable broker may influence your trading journey significantly. It may turn your days into nights, or vice versa. Tickmill was founded in 2014 and as one of the UK forex brokers, and still stands out as one the best forex brokers. In this Tickmill Review, I’ve tried my best to inform you about anything that you may wonder when considering to start your trading journey with Tickmill.

No matter how many awards you’ve got, customer reviews are the most important factor when choosing the best forex broker. Tickmill has been a fan favorite for many years and my experience with them wasn’t so far off either. I’d classify Tickmill as a reliable forex broker. Tickmill is a regulated forex broker in many countries, including the FCA in the United Kingdom, the authority I trust the most, as well as other trusted authorities like, CySEC in Cyprus, FSCA in South Africa, DFSA in the United Arab Emirates, and more. I think Tickmill values forex traders, with industry low fees and aspects like negative balance protection, Tickmill sets itself apart.

Tickmill offers the industry-standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms for traders looking for a robust and well-thought trading experience. Other than being the best trading platforms in my opinion, These platforms support a variety of trading styles and strategies, making them suitable for both forex beginners and experts.

Finding a reliable forex broker is extremely important if you want to sleep at night. Tickmill has invested significantly in this area by providing a rich educational resources, including videos, articles, webinars, and a chance to practice with Tickmill’s demo account. These resources are like a treasure if you are looking for a beginner guide to forex trading.

I’ve never had problems with Tickmill’s customer support, yet it may have caused sleepless nights to some customers since it’s only available in office hours, which wasn’t a problem for me because office hours also happens to be trading hours.

My experience with Tickmill was swift and robust in almost every area. This includes the ease of financial transactions, which I value greatly when choosing the best forex broker. With Tickmill, you can choose complete your transactions with credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Since Tickmill is regulated in many countries and has many connections, transactions has never been a problem for me.

If you are a forex beginner, Tickmill Classic Account is probably the best choice for you. Tickmill’s minimum deposit is $100 for classic accounts. With transparent spreads and no extra fees, it’s a great choice for forex beginners.

If you are a forex expert dealing with larger volumes and high frequency strategies, Tickmill Pro account would suit you better. Tickmill’s spreads are almost 0 and there is instant order execution. Minimum deposit is 100$ for Tickmill Pro account and there’s a fixed fee per lot.

And if you are saying “I am not in danger, I am the danger in this world of forex”, Tickmill VIP Account offers you almost 0 spreads with instant order execution and fixed fee per lot. Keep in mind that, you’ll need $50.000 in your account to have Tickmill VIP account.

In my Tickmill Review for 2024, I’ve shared all the information I have on Tickmill. In my opinion, Tickmill stands out as one of the best forex brokers, offering extremely low fees, reliability through approvals from multiple authorities, including the FCA, and features like negative balance protection to ensure the safety of forex traders. For various reasons, Tickmill has consistently been my go to choice over the years.

Tickmill FAQs

How long does Tickmill witdrawal take?

Tickmill processes requests within a day. The time to receive funds depends on the chosen method which is usually 3-7 working days for bank withdrawals and 8 days for debit/credit cards.

What country is Tickmill from?

Tickmill’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom, as it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in London, England. They also have a representative office in Dubai under the regulation of the Dubai Financial Services Authority. The company was founded in 2014.

Is Tickmill Legit or a Scam?

Tickmill Ltd is regulated as a Securities Dealer by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). Tickmill’s is in compliance with the FSA regulations, meaning that your funds are held in segregated accounts to protect your assets

What kind of payment methods does Tickmill support for deposits and withdrawals?

Tickmill supports Bank Transfer, Crypto Payments, Visa /Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, SticPay, FasaPay, UnionPay, and WebMoney, but keep in mind that methods may vary contry to country.

How much is Tickmill minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit at Tickmill is $100. This means that you’d have to deposit at least $100 to be able to start trading.

Does Tickmill charge inactivity fees?

No, Tickmill does not charge any inactivity fees. If there is no trading activity or open positions for a period of time Tickmill will not charge any amount.

How long does Tickmill witdrawal take?

Tickmill processes requests within a day. The time to receive funds depends on the chosen method which is usually 3-7 working days for bank withdrawals and 8 days for debit/credit cards.

What country is Tickmill from?

Tickmill’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom, as it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in London, England. They also have a representative office in Dubai under the regulation of the Dubai Financial Services Authority. The company was founded in 2014.


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