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Vault Markets Review 2024

In today’s review, we’ll dive into every detail of Vault Markets. We’ll cover various aspects of the Vault Markets’ licensing and regulation, leverage options, fees, trading platforms. We’ll also review Vault Markets with its account types, bonus offerings and demo account.

We’ll also look at what customers think about Vault Markets by examining the customer reviews from several sources. We’ll address concerns about Vault Markets’ legitimacy along with trade manipulation allegations and withdrawal issues.

Vault Markets is an African forex and crypto broker that stands out not only for its good features, such as low spreads and fees, but also for its negative aspects, including concerns over its legitimacy and issues with withdrawals. In this review, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge about the broker.

Vault Markets Overview

Vault Markets is a forex and crypto broker from South Africa. The broker was founded in 2021 by 1st Fintech Capital (Pty). Vault markets is a FSCA licensed and regulated broker. Broker offers a broad range of CFDs across forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and bonds. But you are not here for these, I’ll write the key points from this review but to get the whole picture I strongly suggest you to read the whole article.

  • Vault Markets’ leverage options are quite high with a maximum of 1:1000 leverage available for specific account types. Vault Markets’ fees are also quite low when compared to other brokers. Now I have to say this, please read the whole article for Vault Markets’ spreads, but based on what I see on the platform, Vault Markets’ spreads are quite low, starting from zero pips on its Zero Spread account, and offers a unique Tradebacks feature that allows you to earn commission from your trades.
  • The main platform that Vault Markets offer is MT4, which supports features like copy trading, trading signals, and algorithmic trading like we all know.
  • Vault Markets offers a wide variety of account types, including special options with up to 200% deposit bonuses, swap-free accounts for Islamic traders, and accounts suitable for different trading strategies and deposit levels. The minimum deposit requirements vary account by account. The minimum deposit in specific account types go as low as $5 (.
  • Deposits can be made through multiple methods like wire transfer, cryptocurrencies, and local payment systems with no minimum deposit limit. Withdrawal options are limited with wire transfers.
  • Vault Market’s Customer support is available 24/7 for live chat and email.
  • Vault Markets keeps the clients’ money in segregated bank accounts and utilizes the use of two-factor authentication for enhanced account security.

What is Vault Markets?


Vault Markets is a broker that offers a range of financial instruments for trading, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The broker uses the popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Vault Markets was founded in South Africa, 2021, Broker had made significant efforts to establish itself as a credible broker within the African continent, despite being relatively new.

Vault Markets is no newbie in forex market. The broker started its life in a somewhat complex regulatory environment. It wasn’t directly regulated by major financial authorities but acted as an intermediary between clients and Karibu FX Financial Consultant Services Pty Ltd, a company based in Namibia. This indirect regulatory framework has raised concerns about legitimacy of the broker, but today is today and when I check from the FSCA’s official sites, I see that they are regulated. There’s still an ongoing debate regarding its safety as a trading environment, but we’ll focus on that later.

Vault Markets’ user satisfaction scores are notably low, these concerns are mainly over customer service quality, fee structures, and transparency. Vault Markets does not offer a demo account and lack of transparency regarding withdrawal fees has been expressed by many clients.


Vault Markets offers a variety of account types, including an Islamic (swap-free) account. Vault Markets supports trading in forex, CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. But the available forex pairs are debatable, Vault Markets claims to allow traders to utilize a wide range of currency pairs. But the reality between the number of available currency pairs and what is advertised is different.

The platform provides multiple options for deposit and withdrawal, including EFT, card payments, M-PESA, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. It claims to process withdrawals within hours without minimum or maximum limits, although some users have complained about not getting their money.

Vault Markets offers various educational materials like any other broker. I can’t say that there’s anything special but absolute beginners could benefit from their sources. However, the absence of a demo account limits the learning experience for beginners​​.

Vault Markets has always been the target of criticism for its lack of transparency in fees and the regulatory oversight of its operations. This has led to conflicting information regarding its services and customer experiences, raising red flags about its reliability​​.


Given the mixed reviews, I strongly suggest you to conduct thorough research and consider the platform’s regulatory status, transparency, and user feedback before engaging in trading activities. Maybe start low for and test the waters for a while. I can’t say that they are not legit ,but their operations are definitely suspicious in multiple aspects. Always prioritize FCA regulated forex broker with clear financial history and transparent operations to keep your assets safe.

Vault Markets might have the richest array of account types to accommodate different trading strategies and preferences, including accounts with bonuses, swap-free accounts for traders following Islamic principles, and accounts that offer zero spreads. Vault Markets does not fall short on leverage either. The maximum leverage in Vault Markets’ account types can reach up to 1:1000. I can not stress this enough but leverage is a double edged sword, be cautious when trading with high leverage. You can read my article on leverage to learn more on how to use leverage.

Vault Markets also maintains a presence on YouTube, so if you are not big on reading, you can check their services from there and find other clients to share experiences and thoughts.


For traders considering Vault Markets, the combination of competitive trading conditions, and the lack of security may feel like being on the both sides of a seesaw, but remember, most important thing when trading forex is the safety of your well being and your assets. As always, conducting thorough research and possibly starting with a small investment to test the waters is advisable for anyone looking to trade with Vault Markets or any other broker.

Is Vault Markets Legit or Just Another Scam?

Vault Markets Regulations

Vault Markets’ regulatory status and safety of funds have been the topic of considerable discussion since its founding. In this section of our Vault markets review, we’ll take a look at platform’s regulatory standing.

Regulations are the most important signifier of a legit broker. Being regulated by trusted regulatory authorities adds value to brokers reputation. For me, trading with fca regulated brokers is the best. If I had multiple levels of trust, it would be: scammers, I wouldn’t deal with them and let’s approach with caution. It’s always better safe than sorry and I would put Vault Market into category 1. Now I don’t know for sure if they are legit or scammers but there are more reputable and trusted options.

Vault Markets the absence of a strong regulatory framework is crucial to safeguard investor funds​​. Vault Markets is licensed and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. Other broker review platforms claim that their regulation is not legit since there is no official information, but actually there is official information.

Everybody can check Vault Markets’ validity from the official website of FSCA in South Africa. Vault Markets is subject to oversight of Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.

What makes Vault Markets special is their account types, one in particular is Vault 50 or 50% Bonus Account. However, it is crucial to note that Vault Markets does not offer demo account services, and I don’t recommend you to trade without testing the waters first.


Even though the broker is regulated I strongly suggest you to approach Vault markets with caution. Getting a license is not that hard, and it surely doesn’t mean that the broker is reputable and trustworthy. Vault Markets’ operational transparency, and mixed user feedbacks raises suspicion on its activities. The main concern among users was actually on the withdrawal processes, so let’s focus on this in our next chapter.

Vault Markets Customer Reviews

If you read my reviews, you’ll know that I don’t value TrustPilot reviews much because they can be bought and often do not reflect the truth. However, in Vault Markets’ case, it seems different, as I did not see any manipulation in customer reviews. Even though there isn’t any manipulation, the main concern is that the customer reviews are quite low. People are concerned about the legitimacy of the broker. Some reviews even accuse Vault Markets of being a scam.

Customer reviews from three different sources indicate concerns about the broker’s legitimacy, along with accusations claiming that Vault Markets manipulates trades.


Slippage occurs when there is a difference between the expected price and the broker’s execution price. This can happen during periods of high volatility, where larger orders cannot be filled at the current price due to a lack of liquidity.

vault market customer review- changes entry point -min

Customers accuse Vault Markets of filling orders at a worse price than the available market price, not passing on the positive slippage to the trader. This means that traders might consistently get worse entry or exit prices than what the market conditions truly offer.

By intentionally delaying the execution of orders, Vault Markets might execute the order at a less favorable price, especially if the market is moving rapidly, which is not unusual for forex. This delay can be presented as a technical issue, but it seems like there is a pattern in Vault Markets’ operations, and it looks suspicious.

Stop Loss Hunting

Stop-loss hunting is the practice where brokers manipulate the market price or create spikes in the price feed to hit stop-loss orders. By triggering the sale of the position, brokers benefit from the sold positions. Customer reviews indicate that traders have been experiencing fraudulent behaviors of Vault Markets.

stop loss manipulation-min

Vault Markets, or any broker, holds the capability of manipulating the price feed to temporarily push the price to a level where they can trigger stop-loss orders. Since Vault Markets can see the stop-loss levels set by its clients, it is possible to abuse this power and scam the traders just by manipulating winning trades.

Hidden Spreads of Vault Markets

Hidden spreads are another way that brokers turn the trades in their favor. But what are hidden spreads? This is when traders observe additional costs in their trades. Vault Markets markets its low spreads, but some customers have experienced additional costs with their trades. Forex is a volatile market, and spreads can fluctuate often. For example, some brokers might add their own markups to the spreads received from their liquidity providers. This additional markup is a hidden cost to the trader and is a source of revenue for the broker.

hidden spreads-min

Another way that brokers manipulate spreads is by manipulating re-quote prices during high volatility. The new spreads could be wider than the spreads initially quoted, leading to a situation where the trader enters or exits the trade at a worse rate than expected.

Vault Markets Customer Reviews: Scam Allegations and Withdrawal Issues

tiktok customer review vault markets-min
tiktok vault markets customer reviews-min
wikifx scam allegation vault markets customer review-min
vault markets scam allegation -min

Some customers have experienced withdrawal issues, complaining about not being able to withdraw money even after contacting customer service several times. This is a common issue with brokers regulated by less reputable authorities. If you had traded with an FCA-regulated forex broker, you’d be able to reach out to the FCA for solving your disputes. If the FCA finds the broker guilty, the authority may enforce actions like fines or license suspension. Let’s find out how Vault Markets deals with disputes.

How Vault Markets Solves Dispute

Vault Markets claims to have a structured approach for handling disputes, at least in their Client Agreement. In the client agreement you can find details on internal procedures for handling client complaints. If you want to report a complaint, you’ll be directed to send an email to the company, this is how Vault Markets recommend you to contact with them.


Vault Markets Customer Complaint Process:

  1. Receipt of Complaint: You must submit your complaint in writing, through email addresses or postal services. The Compliance Officer will acknowledge the ticket within five business days.
  2. Investigation and Resolution: The Compliance Officer or an appointed person investigates the complaint promptly, and responsible to provide a written response within thirty business days. This response includes the company’s findings and any proposed solutions or compensations. If there are exceptional circumstances that requires an extension, you’ll be informed about the delay.
  3. Escalation: If you are not satisfied with the initial response, they have the option to escalate the complaint to the relevant Ombudsman or regulatory authority.
  4. Engagement with Authorities: Before involving the FAIS Ombud, the Financial Services Provider (FSP) is given a six-week period to resolve the complaint. The Ombud will not consider complaints that exceed R800,000 and are already under legal action. If not resolved through conciliated settlement, you may issue the concern as a civil court judgment.

Vault Markets claims to solve problems in a timely manner. After you file a complaint, first you’ll go through Vault Markets’ Complaints Procedure for Clients. If a dispute cannot be resolved through these internal procedures, the agreement specifies that all disputes and controversies with the agreement shall be finally settled in court in Namibia. Vault Markets is governed by the Laws of Namibia.


Reason to be concerned on Vault Markets’ dispute resolution process:

  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws: The agreement is governed by the laws of Namibia, which means that clients from other countries might find it challenging to apply and execute the process with a foreign legal system or might find themselves at a disadvantage if they are unfamiliar with Namibian laws.
  2. Potential for Legal Action: The requirement to settle disputes in Namibian courts could cause extreme costs, time, and resources for international clients. This might deter clients from pursuing legitimate complaints or disputes due to the complexity and potential expense of international legal proceedings.
  3. Resolution Process: The reliance on internal procedures before escalating to legal action suggests that clients have limited immediate recourse to external bodies or independent arbitration, which might sound as more neutral but also raises concerns about the impartiality of the dispute resolution process, particularly in cases where clients feel that their complaints are not being adequately addressed by the internal procedures.
  4. The Lack of Information: Since there is no middle man in the dispute resolution processes, it’s hard to trust Vault Markets and have the confidence for investing your assets. The lack of trusted authorities and global recognition is not something you can ignore.

Overall, your sole supporter in any case of unsolved dispute between you and Vault Markets is the authorities of Namibian jurisdiction, the potential complexities of international legal action, and the lack of information on internal complaint procedures raises concerns about the accessibility, fairness, and effectiveness of the process.

Vault Market Red Flags

  1. Complex Operational Structure: Vault Markets’ complex operational structure involving multiple entities across different jurisdictions (South Africa and Namibia) complicates understanding the regulatory protections available to you and the legal recourse in the event of disputes.
  2. Regulatory Jurisdiction: The services governed by the laws of Namibia might differ significantly from the regulations in your country. This could misguide you on the lawfulness of the processes. The protection and rights you have under your local laws could significantly different.
  3. Data Security and Privacy: While there are mentions of data safety and confidentiality on their website and uploaded documents, the specifics of how your personal and financial data are protected are not detailed. Given the online nature of trading, data security is a significant concern.
  4. Communication and Notices: The terms around communication, including how notices are delivered, may affect how timely and effectively you are informed of changes or required actions on your part.
  5. Liability Clauses: The limitations on the company’s liability could also limit your ability to seek compensation for losses incurred due to the company’s actions or failures.
  6. Force Majeure: The broad scope of Force Majeure could let the company off the hook for numerous unforeseeable situations, leaving you with no way to address significant events.
  7. Execution of Orders: The document does not detail how orders are executed and how the company handles conflicts of interest.
  8. Jurisdiction for Disputes: Disputes will be settled in court in Namibia, which could be inconvenient and costly for you if you live in another country.

Vault Markets Account Types

Vault Markets’ 100% Bonus

The VAULT 100 account offers a 100% bonus on deposits with a minimum deposit requirement of just $5, this account type is suitable for beginner traders or the ones with low funds. With leverage of 1:500 and spreads starting from 1 pip, this account is suitable for traders who want to trade a variety of instruments including indices, currencies, energies, and metals on the MT4 platform. Vault Markets claim to has an instant withdrawal feature.

1:1000 Leverage Vault Markets Account

The VAULT 1000 account is designed for traders looking for high leverage, offering an impressive 1:1000 leverage with a minimum deposit of just $5. 1:000 leverage account is particularly designed for experienced traders who are comfortable with taking higher risks for the possibility of higher returns. Like the VAULT 100 account, it provides access to a range of trading instruments on the MT4 platform, with instant withdrawals.

Vault Markets’ 200% Bonus Account

The VAULT 200 account offers a 200% deposit bonus with the same low minimum deposit requirement and access to a wide range of trading instruments. The Vault Markets’ bonus account is suitable for traders looking to leverage a larger bonus to increase their trading volume or experiment with new trading strategies.


Islamic / Swap Free Account (VAULT SWAP FREE)

If you want to comply with Sharia law, the VAULT SWAP FREE account does not apply swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, making it suitable for Muslim traders. The minimum deposit requirement is relatively higher with $100, it still offers competitive leverage and spreads alongside access to the same wide range of instruments.

Zero Spread Account (VAULT ZERO)

The VAULT ZERO account is perfect for traders focused on cost efficiency, offering spreads from 0 pips with a $100 minimum deposit. This account is particularly suitable for scalpers and high-volume traders who can benefit lower transaction costs.

Vault 250 Bonus (VAULT250)

With Vault 250 Bonus Account, you can benefit from %250 deposit bonus. The account is designed for traders looking for significant leverage from bonus funds to increase their trading positions. It’s suitable for aggressive traders who are looking to maximize their trading potential with bonus funds.

Vault Matkets Micro Bonus Accounts (100% and 200%)

Micro bonus accounts are designed for traders making smaller deposits (starting from ZAR 50) but looking to benefit from a substantial bonus to boost their trading capital. The option between 100% and 200% bonuses offers flexibility based on the your preference for bonus size. These accounts are ideal for beginners or small-scale traders.

Vault No Stop Out (VAULT NO STOP OUT)

No stop out account type is unique as it excludes bonuses but focuses on providing traders with a safety net by potentially offering conditions that reduce the risk of a stop-out. It’s particularly appealing to cautious traders or those learning to manage risk effectively.

Vault Micro Account (VAULT MICRO)

With the lowest minimum deposit requirement ZAR 10, the VAULT MICRO account is designed for micro trading. It allows you to participate in the market with minimal financial commitment, making it ideal for novice traders or those testing new strategies.

Vault Markets stands out with its account types. The broker has an account type that offers something for every type of trader. From beginners to experienced professionals, those with a focus on Islamic finance, and traders looking for specific account benefits such as high leverage, bonus funds, or low spreads. You should select an account type that best matches your trading style, experience level, and financial goals, considering factors such as leverage, bonus offerings, and deposit requirements.

Don’t forget that safety comes first. Even though Vault Markets has its bonuses and ideal conditions there is no evidence that your withdrawal processes and trading experience will go smoothly. It’s best to approach them with caution.

Vault Markets Withdrawal Processes

Please be advised that there are a lot of controversies about the Vault Markets operations. This chapter of the Vault Markets review is based on the information given on the brokers website. Vault Markets claims to obtain an instant withdrawal process, but do I believe that? No. Withdrawal processes differ from region to region. Let’s review how they work in different regions.


PSP’s Available to South Africa

  • Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal Amounts: There is no minimum or maximum withdrawal amount at Vault Markets.
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: Vault Markets claims that withdrawals are approved almost immediately within hours. Even if that’s tru, in the best case scenario the actual time it takes for the funds to reach your account can depend on banking operations and business hours.
  • How to Withdraw: Withdrawal requests can be made through the trading portal or mobile app. Keep in mind business hours and bank processing times when requesting withdrawals.

Vault Markets offers several Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for South African clients.

  • Ozow
  • Paystack
  • Payguru

Payment Services Available in Namibia

  • Astrapay
  • M-Pesa
  • Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal Amounts: Vault Markets has no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits for customers in Namibia.
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: Vault Markets claims that withdrawals are immediately approved. With payouts usually occurring within hours, Vault Markets markets itself on fast payment processing.

PSPs Available in Other African Countries

For traders residing in Congo Brazzaville (CG), Congo Kinshasa (CD), Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and Botswana. You can use VPS to trade with them but the broker itself doesn’t offer any VPS services.

  • Astropay
  • CoinsPaid
  • Mpesa
  • Perfect Money
  • Zotapay
  • Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit required across all supported countries is ZAR 50.
  • Withdrawal Limits: There are no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits at Vault Markets.
  • Funding Using Bitcoin: Vault Markets accepts a selection of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, for funding your account.
  • Third-Party Deposits: Vault Markets does not accept third-party deposits.


Vault Markets can be lots of things but not boring. They’ve been in the forex market without lacking controversies since its founding in Africa, 2021. With its African FSCA regulation, the broker seems to be trying to be legit. They offer a wide arsenal of financial instruments including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. Vault Markets’ leverage options go as high as 1:1000. With low fee structure, including spreads starting from zero pips, position Vault Markets competitively within the industry. The broker’s primary platform, MT4, supports a range of trading activities including copy trading, trading signals, and algorithmic trading.

Despite its appealing features, Vault Markets has faced with allegations for its complex operational structure and regulatory clarity. Because Vault Markets was operating under an indirect regulatory framework traders and reviewers stamped them as scam. Now we are seeing a different Vault Markets, with its new website and operational structure. Vault Markets currently hold its FSCA licensing but user satisfaction scores and feedbacks are not very new. There are serious concerns over customer service quality, fee transparency, and the reality of offered trading conditions versus advertised ones.

Vault Markets offers very conventional and well-thought account types. Vault Markets’ options include deposit bonuses, swap-free accounts for Islamic traders, and zero spread accounts, among others. This variety accommodates different trading strategies and preferences. It’s better to keep in mind that the absence of a demo account and clarity on withdrawal fees has been a point of contention.

Vault Markets’ regulatory status under the FSCA provides a level of oversight but with the mixed reviews and operational transparency issues I suggest you to cautious approach. You should consider starting with minimal investments to personally evaluate the broker’s services, if you are considering it at all.

In conclusion, Vault Markets carries a potential as a broker. Its competitive trading conditions and account diversity makes the broker compellable. But I have concerns about its transparency, regulatory background, and customer feedback. After all it’s your decision, but I care about you, and safety is the most important thing when trading forex.

Vault Markets FAQs

How long does withdrawals take with Vault Markets?

Vault Markets claims that they are processing withdrawals almost instantly. However, even if the withdrawals are processed instantly, it may take longer for funds to be deposited into your account due to the processing time of the payment methods.

Does Vault Markets has NAS100?

Vault Markets offers variety of financial instruments including NAS100, forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and bonds.

Is Vault Markets legit?

Vault Markets is licensed and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa with the license number of 51478 . Vault markets regulation

Is there a Vault Markets demo account?

No, Vault Markets does not offer a demo account.


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